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  1. Rumbling in Worcester at the minute. No rain. Looks to be heading east north east
  2. had rain most of the afternoon, tiny bit of sleet at approx 3:30pm when traveling to teweksbury, temperature was 3-4 degrees c (according to car) left teweksbury at 9pm temperature was 12 degrees, got back to worcester it was 10 degrees ( again according to car) with mist starting to form wind has now started picking up in worcester, just got back from going to get something eat and now the temperature is 2 degrees (once again according to car) now i know car thermometers are not the most accuate but that is a good sized drop in just over an hour
  3. Haven't turned the heating on yet but the amount of spare parts that have started going out of work im guessing quite a few people have already, british gas have already started their winter "profile" and woseley also usally this doesn't happen till the end of september
  4. to be honest i thought the neighbours were watching the perfect storm or day after tomorrow
  5. pressure currently 969.9 at malvern wells weather station, wind coming from southwest direction, gusting at approx 30mph and it's hammering it down with rain again
  6. BAW781C looks like it's setting up for birminham touch down along with EZY80AN and EZY33JP which have come from bristol Wonder if EIN386 will be diverted, looks really bad down london way lol i perfer simulation pilot
  7. must be having it bad at bristol then, just clocked 3 being diverted from there to birmingham, one circled 3 times
  8. got one that looks like it's been diverted to birmingham from bristol airport EZY79HY there seems to be a few who are a few hours late of landing at bristol circling
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