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  1. Gusts have been increasing here over the past couple of hours,with some that are making the tiles rattle.no idea of speed,can hear my metal garden furniture being thrown around and electricity pole down the street is leaning..
  2. Xcweather has us down for 67mph at 6pm, metoffice says 54mph, not sure what to expect?
  3. Eerily quiet here at the minute, not a breath of wind. Local forecasts last night just said its going to be a windy day, they havnt made people aware in my humble opinion of the potential. Whatever is coming later for my area I am going to get the full impact of. I hope everyone stays safe across the country today...
  4. Just seen on sky news that 13000 homes are without power in the south west. Thats not good!
  5. Wind has been picking up here over the past couple of hours, getting some stronger gusts in the last 30minutes, hoping we dont get this storm too badly as it moves across the uk, house is very exposed
  6. it was snowing!! 5 minutes of full-on blizzard, then slowed to nothing. too wet and mild to settle...yet...
  7. snow! quite a blizzard for 5 minutes, too wet and not settling
  8. Noth Leics-30 minutes of intense thunder and lighting, started very quickly from seeing dark clouds approaching with the odd rumble, all of a sudden it was overhead (or very close) with constant flashes and loud thunder with a very heavy hailstorm, hail stopped and turned to rain for a few minutes now the sky is clearing, the storm stopped as fast as it started.
  9. Location Leicestershire- Just had a thunderstorm pass right over, very intense for approx 30 minutes, accompanied by a heavy hailstorm turning to rain which has now stopped.
  10. I can confirm that in north Leics we had spells of heavy rain and gusts through the evening with a period of torrential rain lasting around 20 minutes sometime between midnight and 1am (was trying to sleep through it so had the duvet over my head and didnt check the exact time). Guttering couldnt cope with the rain and i could hear it overflowing. Major amount of noise from wind and rain. Kids have informed me that they heard thunder.. I'm sorry I am unable to offer anything other than a subjective report and nothing technical.
  11. so, it would appear that gusts are increasing through the night peaking at 9am tomorrow morning for my area, but meto is showing the 9am gusts at 42mph and xcweather is showing 60mph, which is more accurate?
  12. It was either a quiet night from 2am or the brandy helped me sleep through it, woken at 7.30am with an unexpected gust, 30 minutes of moderate gusts followed, now down to a blustery bright morning. we have been very lucky (despite my dread and mild panic last night) and have not been hit badly by this storm like many areas. Thank you to all who post on here, without this I would not have been so informed about this storm prior to yesterday, if I had just watched the tv weather forecast I would not have known what was going to hit the UK. hope everyone stays safe today
  13. so sorry to hear you have damage to your home, a frightening storm and a very unpleasant experience for many
  14. wind dropped to a reasonable level, occasional gust but lower than we were getting earlier. wish I had some equipment to monitor the wind speed properly. guess it's too late to ask santa..
  15. keep losing the network, flickering power, overhead power and telephone/broadband both connected to same pole at the bottom of my drive which has a bit of a lean on it... Rain and wind both suddenly stopped for 5 minutes,went eerily quiet. rain is back, but wind less severe
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