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  1. Frosty here first thing. Many reports on my fb about black ice. Lots of hail again yesterday. Ive seen more hail in the past few weeks than in the previous 10 years im thinking!
  2. This was taken from the Council's Facebook page earlier. Those railings tossed about like confetti are thick marine grade steel and about 3 ft at least in height! I wonder what high tide tonight was like.
  3. Interesting, I haven't felt that it was anything very fierce here despite the offical reports. very windy and gusty obviously but not feeling damaging, if you see what I mean. We aren't sheltered here the winds come generally straight off the coast. The wind seems to have dropped a bit but there's another shower heading for us shortly by the look of the sky.
  4. You are getting it much worse there I think than here You are getting it much worse there than here I think
  5. Very wild and windy overnight here. That's not a surprise to anyone I imagine. Not liking the look of new years day either. Today I will mostly be staying in doors. . and eating
  6. Hailing like crazy in Dunvant at the moment. 4th or 5th shower of the day
  7. Rain passed about an hour ago. Sone minor rumbles of thunder but nothing else. Windy still but much quieter
  8. Hi J10. We are in Dunvant at the moment, last winter showed just how local the snow can be! New house is on the Gower so much closer to sea level.
  9. Hello, very interesting thread. Newbie and guest here. Im in Swansea. Wet and windy at the moment but clearing. Im hoping someone could explain (in simple terms, im very new to this) what sort of storm and or snow we can expect xmas eve? Currently my new house has only felting on it and im a tad concerned!
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