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  1. Thanks Recretos, that's a good explination, I don't like the term 'heat lightning' either... and it's not right to use that here, this was in Scotland, we have no heat! haha.
  2. Yeah thanks guys, however Cheeky_Monkey's thoughts are similar to my own, also very little cloud that night, and at one point lit up the room I was in, like right over head, but no thunder... it was strong flashes of lightning, I never saw any forks for example, but very unusal (so unusal it make me join this forum to mention it).
  3. As the title, Lightning storm with no thunder in West Lothian on 14.12.13, watched this from Polbeth around midnight - 1am (sunday)... at first thought it was a powerline sparking in the distance (till my girlfriend said there are none over that way), but at one point the entire room lit up, so it was real close... it then moved off towards Livingston. All of this happend with not one sound of thunder at all, I was amazed by it, and eventually told to; 'get away from the window and sit down, its late'.Still don't understand it. Weird weekend, saw 4 shooting stars over Friday / Satruday too...
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