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  1. Just been out for a quick walk, to see the cavalry leaving Tranent for the outer reaches of East Lothian! Farmer @Northernlights usually delighting in sending me photos of epic snowfalls up in the North-East, so East Lothian's turn this time Real day after tomorrow stuff!
  2. I saw that last post!!!!! Strawberries please NL :-D

  3. I believe your prediction for gales & snow was the 14th March. As it's now gales & snow on the 12th, that's nae bad NL! :-D

  4. You are in trouble! Nowt to do with being young, 100% to do with not having the Y chromosome deficiency :-P hahaha

  5. Snowing here at 4.00am this morning and a covering down to sea level On the Black Isle Hills to the north pretty white!Currently 0c!

  6. Mrs Northernlights would probably give you a boot up the backside if she could see what you've been writing. What's it worth not to show her......? :-P

  7. Northernlights, I am seriously unimpressed. 6.30am!! Only got to bed 1am, up late trying to mark the 1st years' many variants on Keplar's 3rd Law. Oh, & jealous, a finer example of polar low I have not seen for a long time, such lovely radar. Wish me & the Pong were home to go sledging. Please take photos! x

  8. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Oooooooooooooo Northernlights, got two inches of snow here & it's been snowing all morning, Blackford Hill looks real pretty! Even better, my friend in Aberdeen says it's raining there!

  9. Yep good sir, got the email. Most impressed, hehe x

  10. Did you get Baggys e mail

  11. Was most exciting seeing the white stuff today, even if only for a little while :-) What were you doing up at 5.30am?! Sad git! Speak to you tonight x

  12. Weather Nut, MPhys(hons) daughter of Northernlights, says hi ! Go have a looksee at the newscientist.com, some really cool videos of the real Northern Lights in 3D. Stunning!x

  13. Howdy, been reading your post & today I am very very glad I do have to go into work - it's actually at the stage of being dangerous. Apparently gusts of over 100 m.p.h recorded here today.

  14. Lovely colours in the trees in those pics, winter be here soon!

  15. Howdy Northernlights, love the pic of the hedgehog & the moggy you nicked off Bags!!

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