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  1. Just been out for a quick walk, to see the cavalry leaving Tranent for the outer reaches of East Lothian! Farmer @Northernlights usually delighting in sending me photos of epic snowfalls up in the North-East, so East Lothian's turn this time Real day after tomorrow stuff!
  2. AuroraStorm

    Scotland - Weather Chat - Spring 2016 Onwards

    Forked lightning so good yesterday it fried Farmer Northernlights' broadband! He's currently struggling through an unplanned internet detox (with extensive family support/long suffering ) until Messrs BT get into action.
  3. I saw that last post!!!!! Strawberries please NL :-D

  4. I believe your prediction for gales & snow was the 14th March. As it's now gales & snow on the 12th, that's nae bad NL! :-D

  5. You are in trouble! Nowt to do with being young, 100% to do with not having the Y chromosome deficiency :-P hahaha

  6. Snowing here at 4.00am this morning and a covering down to sea level On the Black Isle Hills to the north pretty white!Currently 0c!

  7. Mrs Northernlights would probably give you a boot up the backside if she could see what you've been writing. What's it worth not to show her......? :-P

  8. Northernlights, I am seriously unimpressed. 6.30am!! Only got to bed 1am, up late trying to mark the 1st years' many variants on Keplar's 3rd Law. Oh, & jealous, a finer example of polar low I have not seen for a long time, such lovely radar. Wish me & the Pong were home to go sledging. Please take photos! x

  9. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Oooooooooooooo Northernlights, got two inches of snow here & it's been snowing all morning, Blackford Hill looks real pretty! Even better, my friend in Aberdeen says it's raining there!

  10. Yep good sir, got the email. Most impressed, hehe x

  11. Did you get Baggys e mail

  12. Was most exciting seeing the white stuff today, even if only for a little while :-) What were you doing up at 5.30am?! Sad git! Speak to you tonight x

  13. Weather Nut, MPhys(hons) daughter of Northernlights, says hi ! Go have a looksee at the newscientist.com, some really cool videos of the real Northern Lights in 3D. Stunning!x

  14. Howdy, been reading your post & today I am very very glad I do have to go into work - it's actually at the stage of being dangerous. Apparently gusts of over 100 m.p.h recorded here today.

  15. Lovely colours in the trees in those pics, winter be here soon!