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  1. And if you stand on the right hand side of the car with the wipers set on auto you get a nice cold shower as well which I found out last week sorry for being of topic has anyone got all season tyres fitted to their car and if so any good recommendations size 245 45 19 T.I.A
  2. Drizzle and mild the usual west of Scotland summer weather lasts for 2-3 months the midges do love it though
  3. Lovely spring morning here in the trossachs. 4cm snow fell in just over an hour drip drip drip now
  4. Frosty is there any chance you could leave a note saying there’s no cold left for the incoming mild party to this thread.
  5. Not a bad winters day here in lochard forest looking west towards the arrocher alps only complaint not enough snow but that’s just getting picky.hope I’ve done the picture justice 1st time uploading
  6. At least there is a chance of getting some kind of weather. What a strange winter it has been hardly any rain here in west stirlingshire hardly any wind a couple of skiffs of snow some frosts and even a few sunny days probably about the most boring winter I can remember SO FAR. Loved the photo from the top of Ben venue @bienviroment the other day
  7. There’s a rumour going around that the mods tracked down his i.p address then jumped in a car with duct tape and cable ties
  8. In my honest opinion Netweather is by far and away the best free to view weather website on the net. And if you choose to pay a small fee to upgrade it then it’s even better. The knowledge that I’ve picked up from it is invaluable to myself over the past 5 years or so.especially now seeing the absolute crud that the bbc and the like serves up. just like any banter there’s a time and a place for it .If I want a laugh I’ll pop into this thread and if I want to try and further my knowledge of the weather then it’s over to the mod thread. I certainly wouldn’t like to be a mod at this time of year . Personally I think they do a difficult job well
  9. Yes I can see it but it’s not Elizabeth it’s Victoria that’s got to be a sign of a Victorian type winter ahea
  10. With all those lovely charts starting to appear for the end of the month I have to ask where is frosty? Come on Carl it’s time to give up the heat and sunshine in the Caribbean and return to good old Blighty
  11. Is this likely to have any impact on the intensification of this system
  12. 1st air frost of the season this morning at -1c and A very useable day maxed at 14c
  13. Steven Gerrard seems to be doing o.k with Glasgow Rangers
  14. Could whoever flicked on the Autumn switch please turn it of again.I mean w.t.f 2 nights ago at this time it was 24c now tonight it's 10c with a windchill
  15. Hello Just popping in from up north to see how you guys are getting on with the storms and i couldn't help but to notice the page number on this thread 321 someone must have really upset the mods in here.come on mods i know the hot weather can make people lethargic but that's no way to treat the people of yorkshire
  16. And living at 8000m asl it must be nice and fresh up there. If this summer weather continues much longer your house could become a very busy place indeed
  17. The clegs are coming absolutely horrendous in the trossachs just now .it's usally the midges that are the worst but this year it's the ninja like clegs that's biting
  18. The all time irish temperature record of 33.3c must be in danger of getting beat if those charts become reality .
  19. Even if there is just because I'm white that's where the similarities with snowflakes ends. ❄ I have also got a lot of other things that go on in my life to worry about
  20. I think anyone who was out on loch lomond this afternoon may have had to run for cover as that thunderstorm drifted down by Ben lomond . I could see several cloud to ground strikes and plenty of thunder in the air all in all a perfect summer's day after maxing out at 23.4c Looking at the medium range forecast it looks like summer is going to get started proper next week
  21. Another lovely summer like day here in the trossachs early mist is burning off temp up to 22.2c As other people have been saying yesterday's storms were so localised that even though there was constant thunder for at least 4hrs i only recorded 6mm of rain yet not even 2 miles away flash flooding occurred. Thank you for showing some concern Daniel about how Scottish summers usually go but as long as the sun keeps shinning I'll remain positive you just never know what happens next
  22. I certainly enjoyed the beast from the east earlier on this year the boom from dunoon has a lot to live upto
  23. I certainly wouldn't mind the haar creeping up the forth estuary towards the trossachs it's been toasty today max temp 25.2c Don't know about anyone else but to me 2018 has got to be the best year so far for a weather enthusiast
  24. biggreyface


    Is that the direct result of the squall line coming through next week to break the unseasonably heat
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