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  1. Nope he was out with sean batty last night i think he's suggesting the measurement of something totally of topic
  2. I hope you won't be going anywhere knocker this thread would fall apart if it wasn't for your input . I've got to say that it's been a been a good addition to the forum this year .when the charts that are getting posted are probably going to happen 95% of the time . Just a thought that maybe we could rename this thread (knockers woodshed thread) only joking hope you keep up the good work.👍
  3. This is the kind of wind up that belongs in the mad thread Only jesting I'm pretty sure that by next weekend we'll have our own pictures of a lovely snow laden Scotland
  4. Moderate snow here just now giving a slight covering The radar looks a little bit better now.
  5. Winter is not over 


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    2. Ice Man 85

      Ice Man 85

      Winter was over weeks ago.

    3. Mokidugway
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      they think it's all over, it is now

  6. That wee room is exactly the place that I would stick the nuggets on the mod thread in until winter is over
  7. Aarrghhh why is living in Scotland so unfair blue skies and 7c almost spring like Then i look in on the south east thread and it's all about snow.and in a few months it will be all about heatwaves droughts severe thunder storms . Catch i wouldn't bother about Italy just go down sarf and buy yourself a 1 bedroom ex council house for your 1.7 mill and enjoy all the weather extremes
  8. Maybe a question for the slightly more seasoned people on this forum. One of the biggest snowfalls I've witnessed was in march either 86or 87 I'll always remember it for 2 reasons 1. It started snowing on the Saturday the day after the townsend torresen ferry sunk off zeebrugge 2.after almost 24 hrs of snow it turned to drizzle and with the wet snow on all the trees i remember standing at the back door of my uncles house and listening to all the branches and trees snapping every other minute unbelievable I've never witnessed anything like it since. I was just wondering if this may have been just a local micro climate event or a more widespread event my memory is getting a bit cloudy
  9. Awe does it not give you a warm fuzzy feeling seeing the excitement over the possibility of a few snowflakes in the south east of England. Reminds me of watching my children in the run up to Christmas
  10. Storm Georgina - Atlantic Storm 7

    Just like any other company when you lose a big contract (and a lot of money) it's usually the beginning of a slippery slope . When things like this happen bad luck seems to follow .like maybe a flood or a fire breaks out😉 I hope they have a good insurance policy. Certainly over the last couple of weeks the met office haven't covered themselves in glory
  11. I didn't realize we had someone on here that works as a bbc weather presenter
  12. Ahhh drizzle how i missed you Seriously what a week this has been I've only been a member on netweather since 2013 and I've never witnessed this thread buzzing like it has this week. absolutely brilliant with the commentary and the photos and of course the Scottish banter. Hopefully it will be the same again in 2 weeks time .I'm going back to work now to get some much needed rest
  13. -6.1c just now which I'm quite surprised at seeing as there's 17cm of lovely squeaky snow on the ground and the temp was already -4 at 4 o'clock this afternoon
  14. Another bleak mid winter day here in the trossachs ( well if your a mildie) Snow has been on and off all morning 5cm on top of half inch of ice from last night bringing the total back up to 15cm on the ground again . It really has been a great winter's week. I noticed they we're talking about avalanches in the alps next week obviously it's the Arrochar one's