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  1. Unfortunately the down side to such a prolonged dry spell in Scotland is the inevitable hose pipe ban
  2. If only we could manage those sort of temperatures at Christmas it would feel more seasonal than the last few
  3. School the best days of your life (not) i can remember it like yesterday most people listening and learning me eyes focused out the window seeing what the weather was doing far more interesting. Like yourself HC i too look in the paper to see how my old teachers are getting on not the obituary part but the crime one only a matter of time until all the bullys and beasts are jailed
  4. Pretty normal and pretty routine then that is something you don't often say about the u.k weather at least that's what makes it interesting .
  5. Well this is certainly a winter to forget i certainly cannot remember a more boring winter than the one we are currently enduring. Even last years storms when i lost about a months wages after my workplace got damaged was far better than this I'd gladly take extreme weather over money any day just as long as i stayed alive
  6. Hello I've just been lurking around the regional threads to see what's happening in the u.k and I couldn't help but notice the amount of pages you guys have amassed today 44 pages in 8 hrs that is pretty busy and probably the reason why the power keeps flickering
  7. I wonder what country the driver was from ..... oh I don't think I'll bother with that one the lack of snow seems to have made some people a wee bit tetchy tonight Not much happening here just now some light sleet showers in between an awesome moon and starry night currently 0.8c
  8. Maybe someone who lives in West central Scotland BOOM!!!!
  9. Morning all there's not that much change in the models overnight ....ooops sorry wrong thread with all the bickering on here this morning I thought I was in the (winters over model thread )anyhooo currently-2c and foggy after an overnight low of _2.9c .I have to agree the last 2 weeks weather have been tedious to say the least
  10. I wonder if Ian f has contacted snowgrain yet to let him know there's a job waiting for him at the met office long range forecasting team.#legend
  11. Good evening it now looks like Christmas is going to be mild in the west of Scotland I think there's 2 options 1st one is mild and drizzly air off the Atlantic or slightly cooler drizzly air off the stagnant polluted continent . For once the mild Atlantic dross sounds the better option
  12. That is a grim forecast not totally unexpected. quite a safe bet as 9 out of 10 British winters fall into this category
  13. 850s of +10 for Scotland on the shortest day I'm pretty sure it was only +8 on the longest day .I was always a bit sceptical about man made climate change now I am starting to think that it's true and we have definitely broke the planet.
  14. So it now looks like uncle barty is coming round for chrisrmas he'll now doubt raid the fridge and the freezer and take anything that's cold away.Then after his unwanted 2 week stay he'll just get up and leave and all that will be left is the mild yellow and green stain from where hes been plonked.