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  1. It’s looking very likely that the atmosphere is going to crash in spectacular fashion before we reach 10 in a row 😁 another lovely day here although only managed 16c today down from the scorching 19c yesterday
  2. It’s-16 in Altnaharra at 11am looks like -20 should be easily achieved in the next 2days
  3. I can also report that there is a cm of the new strain of snow temp -0.2 Really strange day weather wise as other people have been saying looks like rain falling but there is some sort of accumulation on the ground (strange times)
  4. Good morning rain started about an hour ago here in the middle of the trossachs and amber warning area currently -1c not surprising at all seeing as it was -4c and raining on Hogmanay I must be getting older and memory getting a little foggy but I used to remember after a couple of frosty days and a frontal system approaching there would be at least a few hours of snow before turning back to rain now just super cooled rain I’ve just had a look in the mad house winter is over ( London and the south east) looks like plenty of polar maritime air heading our way which i
  5. IF and it’s a big if that predicted snowfall accumulation chart came to fruition. Boris would be flanked by the chief of gritting adviser and C .E.O of B +Q snow shovel department at the daily briefing stay at home curtain twitch lamppost watch
  6. So we’re talking about roughly 1 death to every 13 positive test that is a massive difference from china’s positive tests to death ratio
  7. 1st post on this topic so please excuse my ignorance. I have been lurking in here for a while and reading most of the posts it really does sound like the end is nigh.honestly anyone with even slight anxiety worries should avoid this place and other media outlets like the plague. presuming that I have got the numbers right China with a population of of 1.36 billion have about 85000 positive tests and unfortunately 3500 have perished.from those kind of numbers I really don’t see the need for the extreme measures and panic. In general I am very relaxed about most things but have to admi
  8. Doesn’t really matter about the warmth JUST STOP RAINING ?
  9. Couldn’t agree more catch thought it was just nostalgia.just the other day they had nearly all of Scotland north of Glasgow covered in snow with temperatures of 9c I mean what the actual F is that all about.Back in the golden generation Macaskil .Fish.Giles to name but a few you just knew that the 1snowflake symbol with all the country covered in the rain symbols meant snow above 3000ft Rant over away for a nice 16oz popeseye (rump in England) steak and chips
  10. Probably the same recording they’ve been showing since 7am this morning. Another example of how lame the bbc has become I really cannot believe you can get a criminal record for not paying for this utter tosh. oh and the weather here in the trossachs is pretty standard February fare
  11. Don’t know about climate change but I wish the weather would change. 6.2c moderate breeze yawn ?
  12. And if you stand on the right hand side of the car with the wipers set on auto you get a nice cold shower as well which I found out last week ? sorry for being of topic has anyone got all season tyres fitted to their car and if so any good recommendations size 245 45 19 T.I.A
  13. Drizzle and mild the usual west of Scotland summer weather lasts for 2-3 months the midges do love it though ????
  14. Lovely spring morning here in the trossachs. 4cm snow fell in just over an hour drip drip drip ? now
  15. Frosty is there any chance you could leave a note saying there’s no cold left for the incoming mild party to this thread.
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