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  1. I think anyone who was out on loch lomond this afternoon may have had to run for cover as that thunderstorm drifted down by Ben lomond . I could see several cloud to ground strikes and plenty of thunder in the air all in all a perfect summer's day after maxing out at 23.4c Looking at the medium range forecast it looks like summer is going to get started proper next week
  2. Another lovely summer like day here in the trossachs early mist is burning off temp up to 22.2c As other people have been saying yesterday's storms were so localised that even though there was constant thunder for at least 4hrs i only recorded 6mm of rain yet not even 2 miles away flash flooding occurred. Thank you for showing some concern Daniel about how Scottish summers usually go but as long as the sun keeps shinning I'll remain positive you just never know what happens next
  3. I certainly enjoyed the beast from the east earlier on this year the boom from dunoon has a lot to live upto
  4. I certainly wouldn't mind the haar creeping up the forth estuary towards the trossachs it's been toasty today max temp 25.2c Don't know about anyone else but to me 2018 has got to be the best year so far for a weather enthusiast
  5. Cancel the holiday to Spain
  6. Winter 17/18 continues into day 169 with a max temp of 2.7c and sleet on and off through out the day I really think that we are going to pay for such a good winter when the dreaded midges wake up for the spring cold and very hungry
  7. Phone signal should not be a problem in and around the Aberfoyle area with the installation of a new phone mast this week. we now have 2g
  8. I recorded 11.3c here on Tuesday afternoon I've never known that kind of temperature to feel so warm . Just goes to show how good a winter/early spring it has been from a cold perspective .
  9. Haha When I was younger my parent's were always going mental at me for opening the doors in the house (close the door your letting all the heat out ) living in a house built in 1890s it actually felt like I was letting some heat in. And to realise life has come full circle I actually used the very same phrase for my daughter the other day .could not believe those words came out my mouth oh the shame
  10. Until I clicked on the picture I thought it was the classic train clearing the snow picture from winter 62/63 . Nice photo what height roughly would those drifts be
  11. To be fair it's only hesaid yousaid the transport minister that's saying it might be a red warning. Maybe a politician in covering their arses shocker
  12. O.k now i get it how the east coast contingent feel when snow is forecast from the west Any chance of sending some over to us snow starved westerners it's been nearly 2 weeks since the last fall
  13. Have you thought about changing your name to ticktabs only joking. I reallyhope you guy's get some snow 5years without snow that's pretty grim
  14. Liking the look of this especially the sunshine bit. living in the west of Scotland I've grown up loving rare weather conditions
  15. Morning everyone what a beautiful day (again) hopefully these blue skies are a sign of things to come this summer We're long overdue a good one.anyway it looks like an interesting week ahead I'm not expecting much snow over here in west stirlingshire but you never know .I can't complain it's been a good winter snow wise here in the trossachs without any deep freeze. I'd just like to add that @Mr Frost your voice of reason over in the mad thread is most welcome good luck in trying to bring stability into that area. some more good posts and the Nobel prize maybe heading your way .