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  1. Sunday it was a shepherds pie with yorkshire puddings.
  2. Quite an interesting event. Massively inconvenient and damaging, but it was beautiful to watch. MetO model called it the most correct. ECM was going for almost all of it sleet. GEFS had the timing of it wrong. Only the UKMO were committed to the intensity and it falling as snow, even the timing were spot on. This is all run to run as well.
  3. Well, scrap that. Comes just below my knee and I'm not small. The city is trashed, as most people switched to summer tires already and the snow, because it is wetter than our usual winter snow, has downed trees all over. And tomorrow, no doubt floods, as it heads up to 8 degrees.
  4. Probably have a good foot and half here this morning. Meh, i was wearing shorts last week. I'm a seasonal weather lover. This for sure is not seasonal
  5. Has been snowing here since the early hours and is expected to continue for another 24 hours or so. Which is a shame, since we had a great start to spring. Hoping the fact it is hovering at 0-1 degrees means there won't be too much damage to the fruit crops. Moldova had a decent winter, but ironically, this is likely the heaviest precipitation single event. Not really accumulating much away from the sides of paths, grass, etc. Not quite cold enough for it.
  6. So, its November and we look forward to the first snow of the year. According to the GEFS 06z, my little part of the World is going to experience a snow storm on the 20th and 21st. BUT HANG ON! It's the middle of April!
  7. Easter Sunday is approaching. How do you and your family celebrate, if at all? Here it is a trip to church in the early hours, either 4am or 5am, to have the first food of the day blessed. This Sunday, we also have a whole lamb carcass to prepare and pretty much eating and drinking all day after.
  8. I don't come across many drunks :-) But no, they aren't drunk. I'll add to my list people who put on the emergency stop when walking on a busy street :-)
  9. Slow walkers. Especially ones who position themselves to block people getting past and walk in random directions.
  10. Steak and mushroom pie with broccoli and cauliflower on the side :-) Apple, walnut and cinnamon placinte in the evening.
  11. Ohhhh the control from the GEFS 06z is a thing of beauty for my location and not terrible bad for the UK either. Only a few of the members showing cooler outcomes for the UK, which is encouraging.
  12. I commit a lot of hours and don't often take holidays, but I genuinely like what I do, so it doesn't drag me down. Also, my end $ is linked to the effort I put in. Already mortgage free at 33. So, I work a lot, but like it and don't feel like I'm missing out on something, but maybe that will change one day.
  13. Quite stunning! GEFS suite also very good for much of Europe, especially me!!!, but for the UK temperatures are strugelling to get into the teens out into the latter stages of the run.
  14. Enjoying a nice 18 degrees here today and we had a good winter. We also had a dry summer, autumn and winter though, as compared to average, so I suppose the country could do with some rain, which the GEFS seems to be looking to give towards the weekend and beyond. At this stage people will seek to avoid an overnight frost, as most are starting to plant already. Luckily most here don't even know what GEFS is, otherwise they would be a little worried at the output at T210. I hope the UK has a good Spring/Summer. You deserve it after your shoddy winter.