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  1. Temperatures dropped below freezing above 80 N. Earlier than usual, but worth remembering it would need to drop to -4 or below for sea ice to start regrowing, so losses will still continue, but if the trend continues, perhaps the losses will finish a week or so earlier than usual. The extent is hanging in there fairly well. Curious to see if we will have a repeat of last year in terms of sluggish regrowth season.
  2. Yep, seems neutral conditions are the form horse at the moment, but after the El Nino that never was, kinda shows that this area has a lot more research ahead for it and I sincerely hope it is something that is top of the list when it comes to funding and research. Just worth mentioning that there isn't anything unusual about neutral conditions and it isn't written that it has to be either an El Nino or La Nina.
  3. It changed quickly, but I'd expect the next ENSO watch to up the chances of La Nina, lower the chances of El Nino, but likely still keep neutral as the form horse.
  4. Me too! I'd much rather have a nice 15 degrees at night.
  5. Night time temperatures starting to creep up here. Will get to a stick 24 degrees over the next few days at night time. Air con time!
  6. Hi, Yet to see any relation to end of grow season extent and the low come September. Now, it could be things change over the next 6 weeks, but it would seem to take a storm, some winds or some ocean currents to dip below 2012. Why? Look at the temperature.
  7. Hmph, dry summer here to continue. There is a perception that the day time highs haven't been so high this summer so far, but wanted to see if the perception meets reality. Can impact the wine of 2017, so its a very important issue :-D
  8. Do you have a similar one for precipitation? Also, can you post the last month anomaly for Europe? (temp and rainfall) Thanks.
  9. Looks like it was a two day weather system event and it has gone now. It would take something quite spectacular to stop this season being one of the highest growth years in the past 35 years, but one season is meaningless to look at with a view of drawing conclusions, of course, no matter which direction it is.
  10. BBC so called stars are paid

    The salaries of women in newsreader positions is going to raise some eyebrows. I always thought the BBC was left leaning, but it seems to have made an exception. No qualms about the apparent large salaries, if that's market rate. I genuinely have no idea why the BBC is still funded in the way it is, though.
  11. So what did you have for Sunday lunch?

    Sunday it was a shepherds pie with yorkshire puddings.
  12. Quite an interesting event. Massively inconvenient and damaging, but it was beautiful to watch. MetO model called it the most correct. ECM was going for almost all of it sleet. GEFS had the timing of it wrong. Only the UKMO were committed to the intensity and it falling as snow, even the timing were spot on. This is all run to run as well.
  13. Well, scrap that. Comes just below my knee and I'm not small. The city is trashed, as most people switched to summer tires already and the snow, because it is wetter than our usual winter snow, has downed trees all over. And tomorrow, no doubt floods, as it heads up to 8 degrees.
  14. Probably have a good foot and half here this morning. Meh, i was wearing shorts last week. I'm a seasonal weather lover. This for sure is not seasonal