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  1. Stunningly beautiful. I think that should bring some surface temperatures to 20-21 to my part of the World next weekend.
  2. Picky lot you brits :-D Warm, but not too warm...
  3. For impacts, yes....seems to have a month of life left into it. Current model projections seem to be going towards neutral after that. For cold weather lovers, a move towards an El Nino for the winter would be preferred. In the mean time, for a good Spring and Summer, the demise of the La Nina should be wished for.
  4. Oh, this is an interesting one. The English seem to have a certain reckless attitude when it comes to snow. No idea why. In Moldova, obviously everyone has winter tyres and as such, problems are unlikely to happen. However, if there are yellow or amber warnings, people take notice and modify their plans accordingly. Even with 4x4 equipped with winter tyres, they will avoid traveling at all costs. The vast majority of people in the UK don't have winter tyres and although they are fantastic and would overcome most issues, they would be wasted for the typical UK winter, except for those living at elevation. However, it is somewhat of a disgrace that emergency services appear to be so ill equipped and there probably should be change there. In regards to the warnings, not sure. The MetOffice made people aware with yellow, amber and red warnings where appropriate and in advance. If you were planning to travel on an amber warning but only changed your mind when it went to red, you probably need to have a good luck in the mirror in general.
  5. Now now, Nick. Far be it from me to ramp, but didn't the UK experience its coldest March for some 100 years in 2013? Sure I read that somewhere. Quite true in one part. The longer time ticks, the more special the event needed.
  6. To be fair. People are wetting themselves over day 16 to 30 guidance. Ergo, MetO likely going by glosea and maybe in part EPS 46. Checking other shorter range models and their own every so often to make sure its not a million miles away.
  7. @Banbury Yes. Sorry, I actually thought my previous message was a banter thread one, but replying to yours would be taking it even more off topic in there :-)
  8. Well. I respect the UKMO output and I would rate it above GFS at the range, it is hard to dismiss the GEFS over a single operational. Not that I have a vested interest either way. Couldn't care less what comes my way. Double digits would be nice. Missing the outdoor cycling.....
  9. Quite... Yet....how did the UK avoid cold air when high pressure was sent up into the arctic like that? That's quite a feat for T360 hours of output during an SSW when high pressure is around. Of course, won't happen. Still interesting though.
  10. Thinking this run will likely give big heights over the UK and Western Europe that will be stubborn to shift. Let's see though :-)
  11. GEFS Mean anomaly. The trend is not your friend this morning, if the GEFS is to be believed. Colder air not making it far enough west and if it did, what does isn't cold enough. Then need to rely on the percentage play being significantly wrong to give a cold easterly. Disclaimer: I make no claims that the GEFS is close to being correct.
  12. ECM Control is also not good for those wishing cold. The Mean seems to suggest both the Op and Control likely don't have much support among their own suites. So, depending which way the wind is blowing (he he he, sorry), you can either decide that means are the way to go, or Operational's have seen the light (sorry again).
  13. Has anyone ever told you that you are all heart?
  14. They aren't innocent. Victims I suppose... :-)