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  1. When are the very warm temperatures going to arrive then, cutting it very fine to happen last 3rd August now... Silly of me to believe the Daily Express.....
  2. Must have been a family decision........and without doubt, a unanimous one.
  3. Is it actually allowed to confirm that summer ends this month. With that being only 2 weeks away, is it okay for some to say that, to them it never got started and the continuous jam tomorrow charts posted at day 10 will soon be showing in September....And that is Autumn! Expect to see some magical movements of goal posts soon, with September to become the late August...
  4. Good call from MH, he obviously has a good understanding of the teleconnections , better than keep updating with jam tomorrow forecasts.

    3 Word Story

    Your own thoughts

    3 Word Story

    For the vaccinated.
  7. Any chance of a new thread in the morning? This one has become almost unreadable, to the point that anyone looking in would be met by an avalanche of off topic posts and theatrics.
  8. That's hot! But i think the WMO will debunk it. Well, maybe..
  9. unintended positive consequence of the leave vote.
  10. Cut down on the hamburgers would be my suggestion.
  11. Another huge day here in the SE, it hasn't rained for two days now!
  12. August can be a bit of a let down for sure, but.. take heart, someone in the MOD thread has forecast the last 10 days of the month to be very warm for NW Europe. Can't go wrong with that, considering the area in question covers about 500 thousand square miles.....
  13. Yes, mostly sunny and pleasantly warm. Wouldn't mind a bit of heat though, before summer is done.
  14. Anyway, last post was lost, or hidden... if the world plays nice and bans F1 racing and everything else, then how many people does the IPPC think this planet could sustain, going forward obviously........?
  15. A short lived thundery plume has been played about with from all models, for some time now and would be welcomed by me, to add NO model shows any chance of extreme heat from Spain heading our way, that will all slip away to our south and east.
  16. I think the IPCC reports that it us humans causing the problem? Did the report suggest that perhaps less humans on the planet would be helpful?
  17. Is the GFS smelling the coffee yet.🤣

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    2. Allseasons-si


      @DAVID SNOW,smelling a carrot at the end of a dangling string as always🤣

      wait,...is that in winter🤔



      Hiya Tams, glad to see you take an interest in all my posts.....💋


    4. lassie23


      have the posters in the MOD thread smelt the coffee yet or just the GFS

  18. I make the provisional CET to be 15.6, so a bit below Hadley.
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