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  1. The league is a done deal! Why not go for the treble.
  2. Very long odds and unlikely to happen to many, but with such a sample size of millions why not the odd remarkable person?
  3. My question not so silly after all then lol.
  4. Thank you. Just my opinion but I would have thought that Governments(not just ours) would have sought expert impartial medical guidance on whether or not to apply any restrictions.
  5. Perhaps someone with a sensible answer will post a reply.
  6. Is that a yes or no? What are other EU countries doing, any restrictions there?
  7. Are there any restrictions on planes coming and going between the UK and China?
  8. Dry sunny and cold with little wind....nice. That's 4 days in a row below average for mid winter (CET) zone. January 1916, your still the king.....
  9. Moscow getting ready for the severe cold .that is approaching , could be severe and long lasting....
  10. Trying, but we are all still doomed then. Oh well.
  11. Horrific no hope depressing..... Some REALLY need to get a grip here. Your house is not flooded or being burned to the ground is it?
  12. My dads bigger than your dad syndrome taking over now.. lol.
  13. Pretty much sums up the last 3,000 years .. and counting...
  14. Beautiful day down here today, and now a bright crescent moon, very pretty.
  15. So far yes, lets not forget though that they were way out with October and November...
  16. How about you stop trolling all the threads with winter is over then, before its hardly begun!
  17. Obviously the weather doesn't listen to ridiculous incorrect statements........... Both October and November "these days" were BELOW the 61-90 average.
  18. Think I will wait until February to see what the weather will be like in errr ........February.
  19. Yep its December the 5th, and were already into February
  20. Turning frosty here....again, I can recall several winters of the past that were virtually frost free! Long way to go till spring, even then March can be cold and snowy.
  21. I think the UK has slowly been drifting south over the years, back in the old days it was probably near Greenland.
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