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  1. Anyway, there will be storms that I guarantee 100%. I can also guarantee that 100% of people wont get them. Good luck! And if you are able to chase and want your guarantee, then do so.
  2. Nah, but it could be the fact that it is very close, if not enveloped by the biggest UHI effect , yep, London.
  3. Way off the 40c that some said was possible for today. For the UK to get that number you would need every single parameter to align perfectly. That's why 40c has never been 'recorded' in the UK, sure it can be said that cloud scuppered it or a change in wind direction but that's what you have with an island and not with a land locked continental country.
  4. Far enough! Locations of the stations used to calculate the CET. Pershore college. Rothamsted. Stonyhurst.
  5. Only day 6 in a month of 31 days. Of course anything is possible, but ECM and UKMO both start to relax the heat from the west next week. The GFS may be different, but you have never 'rated' that model in 15 years on netweather. Stand by what I said, the far NW will pull down the CET.
  6. But you agreed with bluearmy re cloud and convection in the MOD thread. Anyway convection/storms with this heat would be great, certainly not a 'problem'. For me days of heat and no storms would be a disappointment.
  7. Some maybe forgetting that the NW station will no doubt limit the CET. You have to have the Prile to win, a pair just wont cut it.
  8. Too many days away to get excited, having said that all the ingredients 'should' be there. If Paul S starts to raise an eyebrow early next week from within the cone of silence then, I will take notice.
  9. I feel loved this week. Nice day down here, 25c sunny intervals. PS what's winter?
  10. Only 30c for Stoke on Friday. As Bruce said "Come on down"
  11. Clog up the model thread, now that made me laugh, its open season for clogging. What's the latest on temps for Heathrow on sea lol. A lot of members don't live in the South East.
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