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  1. Don't mind the odd iain, neither do I mind the odd bipolar dave, davy or David.
  2. Things that tick you off?

    Tell them, I do! Maybe you do too?
  3. What have you got up there, about 8 inches ?
  4. Well maybe every seven years or so the uk will experience a period of record breaking cold, who knows? The silly theory clearly stated that such events (dec 2010) would never happen.
  5. December 2010, just SEVEN years ago, the second coldest in over 350 years................. That alone should put the silly theory to bed!
  6. Perhaps too early to speculate, but a final number of 3.7 may not be far off.
  7. Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    There was a strong signal re SSW in Decembers models but since then the signal has been... lost.
  8. EFL Cup And The Emirates FA Cup Discussion

    Yeovil and Newport fans may disagree Mark.
  9. Methane Gas And Climate Change

    Puzzle, what puzzle, an area overpopulated by any species is simply not sustainable.
  10. John I asked about 5 years to have a guess at the cet for that month, you did indeed, but never participated further., could I ask again, if you have the time could you post your monthly guesses for the rest of the months as they come along? Genuine request, if it can be done,
  11. "Dimwits and sarcastic swine" You obviously have a deep seated understanding in how to "Trash" a thread.
  12. Again, cant see the tragedy, a bit melodramatic at times for sure, but its never going to resemble the canteen at the Met Office, is it ?
  13. Don't quite see what is so tragic??