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  1. Inaccurate data? Someone will be along to explain this....
  2. Don't think the 15C was achieved today and going by the GFS, as we do, Saturday and Sunday wont make it either.
  3. London over time will break all heat records, the continuation of build build build , more concrete and tarmac , more traffic and pollution, a further reduction of green areas, will cause this. That's lovely for those that enjoy heat, humidity, and above all dangerously poisonous air quality. Or course those looking from Darlington or west Yorkshire will say how great it is ...... Is it all about 'likes' ? ............
  4. Adding to damianslaws posts in the MOD thread, we have had many a heat wave in December too...
  5. BOIL, record breaking, err no, you should know that.
  6. UEFA Champions League

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I know. for my eye...
  7. An interesting April weather wise for sure, after a burst of mild spring conditions, GFS and Meto hinting at a return of cold conditions from the north for the last week and into early May.
  8. UEFA Champions League

    Annoyed for different reasons maybe? But I do hope you get them in the semis and beat them good and proper !
  9. UEFA Champions League

    Shame about the end, as for Liverpool they should fear no team left, probably the other way round for the other 3.
  10. UEFA Champions League

    indeed, extra time pens... Whatever the result, I hope your team brings the trophy back to England.
  11. UEFA Champions League

    Breaking news.... its all over.. Just for you SS in cold Darlo...
  12. Premier League Discussion

    Tend to agree Pete, i made the comment about fourth and Arsenal winning EL weeks ago, but was told i was talking crap.
  13. Premier League Discussion

    Do you think you will finish above Spurs? Looking at the run in I don't think you will(imo). unless they implode again..
  14. UEFA Champions League

    Just seen the video filmed from the front of the coach, shocking behaviour and it wasn't just one or two idiots, there were hundreds of faces filled with pure hate, very sad considering the awful tragedies of the past.