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  1. "Slightly stronger than normal" Or, a tiny fraction away from the average? Pedantic alert.
  2. Agreed, and here we are again.. It was only SEVEN years ago that we experienced the second ever coldest December, records dating back to 1659. As I said on here years ago, follow the sun. (not the newspaper)
  3. Oh lord! The end is nigh. A late burst of summer, its as if the weather is struggling to find its new identity in its transition from summer to autumn. It will work it out for sure..
  4. Its hard to tell the difference lately, between the model moans banter thread, and the actual model output discussion thread, not that I mind of course, just saying.
  5. Serious telephone scam

    when you fully grow up, and maybe get to old age, you will find that the chip on your shoulder gone. hopefully!
  6. Serious telephone scam

    Glad you said that Snipper, I remember when my elderly parents were alive, although they were sound of mind most of the time, I remember a couple of nights when the mere fact that the phone was ringing induced blind panic! Don't want to say anymore, as a ban would be guaranteed.
  7. You're obviously a deep thinker Pete... Back on topic me thinks.
  8. I'll take that in these testing times, could October come in below too and make it 3 in a row? whiskers welcome.
  9. Probably a bit frustrating for those that pay money for a 3 month probability forecast , no sympathy though, as a 3 month forecast should be JFF. Even one month ahead is pushing the boundaries of accuracy.
  10. Premier League Discussion

    No tackling from behind then?
  11. Premier League Discussion

    Are you saying that Liverpoo only raise their game against the big clubs?. Will be an interesting test for united that's for sure.
  12. Have a look up the page to their July update, covering AUG/SEP/OCT. Their gonna need a record breaking warm October to rescue that probability forecast....
  13. This September was cooler than average Craig, you must have liked that?