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  1. A slight tan built up with sensible exposure over time? Pros and cons again, but some people only feel happy if they have a tan in summer, in this day and age what price would put on happiness ?
  2. Getting sunburnt is not healthy, daily short exposure to sunlight is beneficial though. As with all things in life its about striking a balance, the pros and cons if you like. All things in moderation as the saying goes. And its now dark!
  3. Following on from yesterdays Autumnal GFS todays is feeling even more generous, ground frost for favoured spots.
  4. @192hrs GFS/ECM/GEM all go rather autumnal.

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    Not sure Pete we were travelling down to the kent coast that day, and it felt hot and humid, after that , on arrival the booze took hold.

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    Perhaps its my memory but I remember that day being hot, 80+ ?
  7. GFS 12z goes off on one with a short lived v warm plume, ECM says don't be daft.
  8. This 'forecasting' game can be a tricky business, looks like you could be 3c too high with your prediction, where did it all go wrong?
  9. We are well into August now and there is no sign whatsoever of heat wave conditions returning, sure some warm blips will come along but lets be honest, there has been a major pattern change. Its raining across many areas now, way different to the past months.
  10. Because I'm not interested in any more hot spells thanks!
  11. Interesting latest met text update for rest of August into September, hinting at the 'chance' that summer(heat) maybe over.
  12. Summer still with us, but these ever encroaching darker evenings are a sure sign that Autumn is just around the corner for us all.
  13. That's of little use to a Mole though And back to Dean Martin for me and the Moles 20c here, a pleasant summer evening and a nice break from high night temps, wont be needing the fan.
  14. I've gone all Dean Martin now. A v nice 23c today.