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  1. Their data is adjusted to allow for urban warming, have a look at their site. (so it says anyway)
  2. Seems they ignored urban warming this month...
  3. So you didn't make a forecast then! Anyway, I went for above average(7.3) with a cold last third bringing the CET down, which is what has happened, final figure could be 7.9, so not a bad forecast. (had far worse)
  4. Lost me here Roger, I know what my prediction was. Scorcher must be very close with his entry..... if you read his truly insightful posts........... So was asking him to remind me of his entry for November, I reason it must be very close to the outcome.................
  5. Your cet prediction must be pretty close then, remind me what it was?
  6. This thread is very different though SB.
  7. Maybe, maybe not, but........... it is the "Hunt for cold" Thread ...............
  8. There could well be a 0.5 downward correction this month.

    Meto Uk Further Outlook

    I suppose if they were to 'tell it like it is' they would just say "We don't know"
  10. How far the cet will drop to months end is probably reliant on clear nights. imo.
  11. Just for you MWB I posted this before the models went cold ...Hence my 7,3 Fred (blast from the past) is on the same track as me.