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  1. Looking good for the south east, must be great for northern areas lol
  2. Could be a lot worse for you, outlook pretty average.
  3. What's gone wrong with the 'background' signals... #Tomorrow..
  4. Come back when the final June figure is known and ask me how I knew.
  5. Hadley running high imo, perhaps a 0.4 downward correction this month.
  6. Last weekends spectacular light show was by far the highlight, not a lot since, but still thunder heard on some days, not bad for May.
  7. The much speculated front loaded summer...

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Not this time for me, late July and August will see to that.
  9. Any heat/humidity looks confined to the SOUTH EAST, and NOT way up north, no need for name changes .
  10. Oh well time will tell I suppose.
  11. Doesn't look too bad to me, low to mid 20s at most, with coolish nights.

    Premier League Discussion

    I gave up after the Iceland game. And just to cheer my fellow utd fans up, Everton have won more PL games than city and the villa have played more.