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  1. Just focussing on the next 10 days as per BFTV updates. We are away today to enjoy the weather, back sat.
  2. Update using GFS 12z instead of 6z each time? The latter is often out of kilter with other models.
  3. That's why I said someone ' like' Sir Geoffrey... He had/ has many critics but to face the great WI teams , with no head gear/ limited protection and still stay, very brave cricketer imo.
  4. I think your keyboard is stuck Don Need to see evidence regarding "Much improved".
  5. Would like to see the stats showing how far it has improved over the last 10 years?
  6. These models that look into the future (3 months ahead) are purely experimental, so I wouldn't worry about what they show tbh, cold or mild or anything for that matter.
  7. Oh for someone like the great sir Geoffrey to open and stay!
  8. A long winter it is then, November through to March with echoes of 09, Dec 10, and beasts galore with even widespread thunder snow thrown in for fun. Enjoy.
  9. Long way to go of course but I cant see the CET finishing below 14c atm, probably closer to 15c and dry too.
  10. Your not alone, active cold fronts pushing in from the west engaging with the hot and humid air often produced great night storms running NE, (selective memory alert lol) also see 'decline in thunder '
  11. Not good enough to win the prem lol, how many years ................
  12. This from 11 days ago and it didn't quite stick on 17.5, now its correction time...... to please or irritate.
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