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  1. Hoping for a good summer, if you live further south, same old every year, its all just for likes.
  2. Is there any chance the Model output discussion thread can be what it is supposed to be, and not be filled up with off topic nonsense?
  3. I'll be sitting on a cloud by then, cumulus preferably.😊 Don't think any official stations got to 29C today, someone will come along with an exact maximum i'm sure.
  4. Yep, same here to the east of London, very warm, but still a few degrees short of what i'd describe as hot. After dark Wednesday, into the small hours would be great.⚡⚡⚡
  5. Safe for another year, it goes on...
  6. Interesting it is, next week looking very good with the warmth hanging on and the models toying with some storms too, perhaps only for the South East mind. Long way out of course, but i'm optimistic.
  7. Not to me, it should have gone up twice, but instead sticks with 16.1. It has done this before.
  8. First half yes i would agree, as for the second half, perhaps not, nothing showing that leads to anything being underway.
  9. If only you were taller, very much taller i mean. soz😁
  10. Due out 31st August, tis expected to be astonishingly accurate... 😁
  11. Long way off and the usual subject to change, but at face value that's a nice early summer chart, not hot by day and cool at night, obviously that also means no convection/storm potential. imo.
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