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  1. Think I will wait until February to see what the weather will be like in errr ........February.
  2. Yep its December the 5th, and were already into February
  3. Turning frosty here....again, I can recall several winters of the past that were virtually frost free! Long way to go till spring, even then March can be cold and snowy.
  4. I think the UK has slowly been drifting south over the years, back in the old days it was probably near Greenland.
  5. When was snow in southern England in early December ever the norm?
  6. Today is the 6th day in a row with BELOW average temps, CET zone.
  7. LOL. Within 7 days the odds will fall, massively so if snow is a real possibility. Get in early this year perhaps.....
  8. Over the years GFS 'better' at handling a northerly?
  9. As ever time will tell feb, IF we can get a cold xmas with some snow then I would be happy. Worth an early punt on Aberdeen,Norwich etc.
  10. Very nice, get the theme to within 96hrs then.... I went cold, CET 3.4
  11. One month ahead is pushing the boundaries of science imo, let alone 3. No forecast (3 month) can be good or bad, it will either be right or wrong or mostly right or wrong lol.
  12. Cold or mild start, 'some' will always look for the negative, as sleety says nobody really knows.
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