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  1. Sounds good ms, looks like tomorrow on could give a few white showers. Where do you think the low will track? Looked to be heading to far south for us?
  2. A day in the house worrying about shed roof collapsing under snow load for quite a few, West looking best
  3. Potential from Sunday then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday .........
  4. Tuesday looking good Serious amount of pinks on 18z, next week looking really interesting
  5. 12z run, 18z outputting now, hopefully looks as good
  6. Jeezzz, had a look through 6z, next week looks a bit mad, for the week and it just keeps going
  7. Nice covering yesterday boofer, GFS modelled well imo. Whats your thoughts on weekend going forward? Haven’t looked at charts myself
  8. Last Tuesdays (15th) gfs for today Today it snowed, quite heavily for some Round of applause for GFS ? With regard to your post, it’s possible
  9. https://en.sat24.com/en/eu/infraPolair the link will take you to sat24 ronan, it will give an indication of cloud cover, it’s an assumption that it will bring more snow
  10. The cloud cover to the west of Iceland is heading this direction if you want the loop on sat24, wonder how much precipitation, if any, is in it and what the consequences are for us
  11. Ones reporting from upstairs in the house, other from downstairs ?
  12. Hopefully missing a couple of 00’s Could do with temps dropping, dew points also sat looks primed
  13. It does look like any precipitation over the next 36hrs will be white stuff. Tonight’s viewing schedule:- SAT24 Netweather radar
  14. The front looks to be pushing temps up slightly as it progresses across from the west. Hopefully undercuts later sperrin, keep everyone updated as will reach you first
  15. Morning guys, in a good mood today with the snow potential this evening and tomorrow, no Monday blues ? I’m glad you posted that Pom, i was awake so got up and couldn’t find the moon anywhere, thought u was loosing it Euro4 showing loads of chances tomorrow for snow, would warrant a MetO yellow imo, would also increase confidence in the event
  16. Super Blood Wolf moon visible from 5 am tomorrow if anyone interested.
  17. I’m confident we’ll do alright, some places could get quite a pasting based on precipitation charts It will be a case of radar watching tomorrow from late afternoon to see how far off the first band of rain the cold air is, imagine it was frontal, looks plenty of precipitation heading in first
  18. The initial front looks like all rain then we have this follow in behind
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