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  1. https://en.sat24.com/en/eu/infraPolair You can zoom in and out boofer, just make sure to refresh ever half hour as it doesn’t update like the radar does
  2. You can see the cloud cover forming for this on sat24, looks like places are going to get a serious amount from it
  3. 100 mile north on approach would make a lot of happy people on here
  4. Watching the animation on sat24 there looks like a small bit of low pressure moving down the west of north scotland Still a lot of cloud about, hopefully moisture laden and merging on approach
  5. At approx 5.30 Euro4 should be in range to maybe give a clue
  6. A lot of cloud out west heading this direction on sat24, hopefully these showers showing at the minute merge as we move through today and overnight Precipitation doesn’t look to snowy for south England so far
  7. Snow warning issued for NI from MetO, West and north west from today into tomorrow
  8. Surely the band moving in the from the west now is snow We all missed the potential for a good covering last night, some precipation passed through
  9. 18z please be right for thurdfay, it’s moved things north, everyone run south and stop abruptly after 3 and we’ll change the axis of earth
  10. Does anyone know what’s going on, makes good reading but no consistency between any forecasts. Where abouts are you stormy?
  11. Hopefully we trump England in six nations this weekend ?
  12. Don’t understand Ronan, Euro 4 showing snow from tomorrow through Wednesday. Steve murr mentioned on mod possible 30+ cm for some se parts Someone phone MetO and ask what the crack is ??
  13. Spotted on bakebook, not sure how reliable but interesting anyway
  14. Even better for Ireland and NI, both of which rarely mentioned in this forum
  15. Precipitation moving in on the radar now, hopefully turning to snow
  16. 12z has Tuesday low similar to 6z keeping it further north, Ireland could do well. Euro4 update at 5 hopefully is good for us
  17. Hopefully any rain from the front over the next couple of hours turns to rain as it gets dark and temps drop. This week still looks up in the air for snow events, Tuesday possibly, Thursday more likely but still not set in stone. Radar and lamp post watching again. Good to see a fair few folk on this thread giving their thoughts, mod thread as alluded to before seems to consentrate in south / south east tuesday thursday Dublin snow shield back working again rochey
  18. Hopefully still showing Tuesday when in range of euro 4
  19. Ireland should benefit either way Steve? The low pushing south draws in more cold air then we watch for sliders? Enough cold air out west to generate snow from the low moving through if further north?
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