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  1. Enough wind there to blow a ???? man off his sister. Seriously though, looks like we are in for a period of interesting weather, crazy wind speeds with potential blizzard conditions. Scary for the west coast. As Ronan says, ECM update be interesting
  2. Thanks, use that one yes, there was another one that showed precipitation, much the same as net weather radar, can’t find it but was good to use along with sat24
  3. Hopefully the big blob currently out Strabane direction makes it this far MS. Can anyone remember where to find the radar that shows precipitation further out west than the net weather one? I can’t find, would be good to see what potential there is overnight
  4. Band of precipitation moving north east direction, back edge heavy sleet based on radar
  5. Snow symbols appearing on MetO app for my location Tuesday, I know I know, but good to see when flicking through GFS charts
  6. Monday and Tuesday going by GFS look good, hopefully see MetO onboard and can start polishing sledge
  7. Next week looks interesting from Monday through to Friday, will get a couple of charts up later
  8. She’s getting windy and will only get worse throughout the day with warnings in place. Haven’t had a decent look at the mod thread, any sign of cooling down?
  9. That’s class, what times the next one due out? ?
  10. That’s pretty cool, hopefully merge and not break up as much
  11. Yup Wonder how much moisture is in the cloud below heading our way
  12. Thanks BFS/BHD, only a couple of miles east of international so apprentice this update. radar starting to look interesting, precipitation moving West as sleet over the Atlantic, looks heavy, interesting night to come
  13. Nothing exciting on the radar either, hopefully precipitation increases later. Over east nout all day
  14. Not looking good by that report Donegal, the euro4 still showing some potential, hopefully MetO wrong, but doubt it ☹️
  15. Saturday looks snowy, would make it feel a bit more festive
  16. The next couple of days showing good snow potential for Ireland, Scotland and Wales based on the updated Euro4
  17. Yellow wind warning out for tomorrow for Co. Antrim. wet, windy and possible snow chances this week with Saturday looking quite snowy for many
  18. We haven’t had one of these in a while, between wind, rain and possible snow next week is looking rather interesting compared to past few weeks
  19. The start of the week is looking rather windy, south of Ireland could be in for a battering
  20. Just in time Baltic to count these down. East doesn’t look to promising
  21. Election day could be interesting, excitement building in mod thread. Next week looks like a proper cool down with temps below 0 and low day time maxima
  22. Next week is not without interest for some of us on here, cold with any precipitation possibly falling as snow, elevation will help and we know what we can get from a north westerly direction.
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