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  1. I’m seriously concerned about what’s just happened......i’m starting to get roped into this all now after a good read of MOD thread.......Spirits are the highest i’ve seen in a long long time in there.....the pleasantness is uncanny
  2. Had a quick look after the positive comments above. They are discussing charts that would be classed as FI at any other time of winter? Think i’ll wait until 24 hrs out before telling the family, but spring looks a while off yet
  3. What timeframes are we looking at guys? Really don’t feel up for a read of MOD thread this mornibg
  4. Had a read of the last 8 pages of the MOD thread and now i'm an emotional wreck........i just want it to be spring TBH We have had numerous cold shots, snow, frost, wind, rain this winter.....been an exception of the norm of recent years.....excellent imo. BUT.........I'd say if there was a chance of heavy snow again I'll yet again be roped in.
  5. Any sign of an easterly up that direction?
  6. Temps as per the MetO automated at present and as was earlier on today, 2 degrees to reach a max of 5 approx 4am then dip to 1 and heavy snow for 4 hrs. MetO just lowered impact on Majority of NI
  7. Still just rain guys? temp has went up to 4 degrees here at present
  8. It’s certianly slow moving this evening.
  9. The front has now started reaching the far west of Ireland, some greens showing up but the main front is rain. Will be interesting to see how it develops as it pushes further east through the evening and into tonight. Will be interesting at my locations from 5am onwards. Would be good to see pinks appearing in the west as it progresses eastwards and for the cold air to uncut and give decent accumulations for east Tomorrow morning rush hour will be fun if the attached comes off.
  10. As temps drop this evening and into darkness this could also be a possibility?
  11. The front is just approaching the west of Ireland, based on SAT24. It doesn't seem to be moving to quick. Would be great to get the colder air dig in a lot earlier than 5am. Could be a few surprises tomorrow morning.
  12. Sat24 still showing ppn coming in from the west, broken up but with temps well down and it being dark still could get a few more cm’s overnight for some