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  1. We haven’t had one of these in a while, between wind, rain and possible snow next week is looking rather interesting compared to past few weeks
  2. The start of the week is looking rather windy, south of Ireland could be in for a battering
  3. Just in time Baltic to count these down. East doesn’t look to promising
  4. Election day could be interesting, excitement building in mod thread. Next week looks like a proper cool down with temps below 0 and low day time maxima
  5. Next week is not without interest for some of us on here, cold with any precipitation possibly falling as snow, elevation will help and we know what we can get from a north westerly direction.
  6. Monday evening into Tuesday showing some potential covering a good part of the country.
  7. Hopefully that’s the rain over for a few days, ground totally saturated and bad flooding over our way
  8. This looks quite intense, surprised after the rain fall yesterday that no warning out
  9. Can we see an upgrade on this for Wednesday and also count to T0 hrs
  10. Still showing on 12z boofer, the precipitation looks heavy so some lucky folk could get a wee covering
  11. Hi guys, with summer over and winter not to far away I’m back for the season ahead, hope everyone well and had a good last few months. Snow chances not to far away for this weekend
  12. Brexit? its good to see this forum alive so early in the season, winter is coming and tonight outside it definitely felt like it’s coming sooner. It could get rough overnight into Friday, be interesting model watching tomorrow into Thursday folks
  13. Rain, hail, snow, wind, thunder and lightening, sunshine ...... crazy day
  14. Came on for a wee look as haven’t been on in ages, thought winter was over, from next Sunday it looks like it’s going to being Ronan. Plenty of snow potential from Saturday/Sunday onwards with the following weekend potential offering a country wide event. Was rather looking forward to getting the garden sorted for summer but may have to delay those plans.
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