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  1. Some will never learn at all, they would be beat to review charts every 3 days for their own sanity. Things still looking positive for the further at present, it will be a rollercoaster of emotions until such times as snow on the ground and cold locked in. Exciting times for a coldie. We’ve experienced a fantistic summer, here’s hoping winter produces something memorable
  2. A shift north by 100 miles would keep those in the south happy
  3. Monday 26th, date for diary, snow ball fight, location tbc but Ireland somewhere, raise hands, who’s in?
  4. No Monday blues if this occured, going to be an interesting winter ahead. Love viewing the precipitation type charts
  5. I’d leave it until the start of next week Pom before looking, in the mean time stock up on logs and get the snow shovel polished
  6. Some excitement MS in MOD thread, could be a repeat of 2010? How do you think we will fair?
  7. Cold rain here Rochey, guys west of me could be getting a bit going by radar. Hope we get a good pasting at least once this year, you did well last season
  8. Friday looking nasty for us, some of the trees still have a fair few leaves, won’t take much wind to release them. I would expect an amber warning from metO and metE tomorrow if these charts still showing
  9. Worst wind here in a long time, trees down and debris everywhere. Stay safe folks
  10. Garden winterised and all, gonna be windy and wet
  11. Hi folks, winter is coming But before all that, what a summer we had, heat, sunshine, more heat and more sunshine and a hose pipe ban, fantastic. Tomorrows storm Helene looks to be weakening as it reaches us, rest of the week looks interesting as alluded to by parrot above. Looking forward to autumn and winter now as the weather past few weeks has been mweh. Also looking forward to this forum livening up.
  12. Currently I like rain, am dreaming of rain, I miss rain.....I want my grass seed soaked in, spending hours watering is painful. I’m going on holiday on Thursday morning, the winds better not disrupt my travel to 29 degrees, sun shine and San Miguel
  13. Too warm here, gravy running out of me.