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  1. Latest arpege showing tomorrow as a hold onto your hat day
  2. Arpege showing the winds to peak during the middle of the night into Saturday. Sustained winds for nearly 36hrs as rochey alluded to
  3. Friday looks windy out west, could be periods of 70+ mph winds
  4. Buying a new rain coat may be required
  5. Hmmmm, haven’t been on in a while, had a look at weather for weekend ahead, stormy Friday and Saturday by the looks of it. Possibly a little snow this evening for a few based on radar
  6. Rain over in north west Donegal where we are for the weekend, wee flurry heading through dungiven early but didn’t see much else
  7. Based purely on no science or knowledge whatsoever of this event, the northerly movement looks continue based on the sat, the centre of the low looks to be 500 miles off the west coast tracking in a south easterly direction
  8. Can the northern extent push further north than shown on models? Seems to have push more north already
  9. Euro4 moved the low north, it’s also showing as warm snow, more commonly know as rain, big downgrade for some
  10. I wonder is there much precipitation in the cloud shown ahead of the low pressure, another few hours it will be pushing into the west
  11. A good covering over the north west
  12. He she comes on sat. Will be interesting watching it approach, he’s hoping it tracks north and we all get in on any action.
  13. For anyone interested you can watch tomorrow’s system approach on sat24. https://en.sat24.com/en/eu/infraPolair
  14. My wife said she’s expecting 2 inches tonight 🤗