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  1. Looks like the good weather is coming to and end this week and rain forecast from Wednesday. Was great while it lasted Hope everyone safe and well
  2. Hopefully not, enjoying the dry and sunny (ish) spell, good drying around the garden to get a bit done outside. Stay safe folks
  3. 9 degrees, blue skies, sunshine.....roll on summer
  4. Red warning from metE for tomorrow’s wind. Eiro4 still giving chances for snow
  5. I would have thought this would have stirred some interest in here. Euro4 showing wintery precipitation through tomorrow as front approaches from the west. Saturday is of interest on the Emerald Isle.
  6. Based on GFS, Saturday is the next day with potential for snow to fall for some
  7. Sat24 but I’m not sure it’s correct that it’s showing rainfall as we should currently be under a deluge based on the below picture.
  8. Just looking at that sperrin, wonder what’s behind it and can they last to reach the east coast ?
  9. I’ve just set off on night shift on railway in Scotland, all the signs on motorway showing yellow snow warning, currently 2 degrees but feels a lot colder. I am like Michelin man that many layers on ? home should do good tonight, have warned the wife
  10. Overnight into tomorrow NI and Scotland could get a right awl pasting. Thursday also could give a spell of heavy snow for the borders
  11. This is what Euro4 showing for Monday for you guys
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