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  1. Roll on spring......another 4 weeks until the clocks change again, winter has flown in this year......and what a good winter it was.
  2. Imagine being under it all day, it’s takening forever. do you think it will reach us? I doesn’t look like dying out
  3. Class rochey.....I had 16 snowflakes on the car this morning, which blew off as I got into it. Nothing to talk about here, 10 miles down the road and drifts are 2-3 feet deep. Saw pictures of Kildare, looks scary. One of our site fitters lives there, can't get him on the phone to see how he is.
  4. The PPN in the irish sea is creaping ever closed to NI, slowly slowly, but could start to give more accumlations in south down over the next few hours.
  5. Didn’t start snowing here, hasn’t started snowing here......and doesn’t stain glass window look like it’s going to
  6. 18z gfs has the ppn in the Irish Sea dying out before it would reach us in the north, it also has this band about 50-80 mike south of where is actually is now but
  7. There’s an awful lot of ppn building in the Irish Sea, I would nearly stay up for this. its definitely pushing more north edit:- and the automated have updated to heavy snow for 6hrs for my location
  8. If it would keep tracking up the Irish Sea sperrin......slowly slowly it is, it’s going to pick up more moisture as it does so, if we could get it north to iom then track west it would be interesting......very interesting.
  9. I have a jam jar of tennesy moonshine if you want one of them, puts hair on women’s chests, easy to tell if the wife’s had a slug
  10. Been thinking of using iom as marker for advancing ppn, track looks good at present. had to go and get drums of water filled there, now have to go to Tesco to get drinking water.....haven’t done this since 2010 big freeze. Seriously cold out.....hands are red and stinging from the heat in house
  11. Home and still no water but yet water at house down the lane. If there’s not a serious dumping here tonight I am gonna review my stance on being a snow seeker.....i’m contemplating turning into a warmy at present
  12. Reviewing radar, the system looks to be tracking north (maybe slightly nnw) to approx north wales and then turning to track east. Interesting night of radar watching for us north of the border.