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  1. I work in Stratford-upon-avon and its raining heavily - I'm about to start my commute back home to Oldbury though!
  2. Finally I've spotted some 'snowflakes' in my iPhone weather app!! First time this winter ?
  3. lol nothing of any significance happening here! (I'm just west of West Bromwich).. I'm literally a few hundred metres from that line of showers!
  4. Not a flake here, just West of West Bromwich.. Looks like we are between the action!
  5. Ok, why oh why are people driving about in this weather?? I’ve seen some shocking driving on my road from my bedroom window! People still speeding, overtaking other vehicles etc..
  6. Yeah it does have a very 'siberian' feel out there! I was walking through Birmingham city centre yesterday during a mini blizzard and it felt sooo cold and bitter! a real experience
  7. Meanwhile in Birmingham we have a millimetre or so in the drifts lol Snow is just blowing around in the wind like powder!
  8. I teach (no snow day for me!) just by the Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham and there really isn't much happening - Just very, very cold, light and blowy snow and very windy! We seem to be in a bit of a 'no snow zone' this time!
  9. Yeah me too I loved those iconic weather symbols, and when they used to splash the odd extra snowflake around you knew we were in business!
  10. Hi all, I'm really not getting my hopes up but it would be a lovely birthday present if we were to get snow on Wednesday I think it was 2004 when I last saw birthday snow, I lived in Cardiff then, right on the coast and we got a good covering!
  11. I had a light covering in Tipton and now it's all gone .
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