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  1. The Thames at Kingston is a lot higher than yesterday, it's only a few cm from overflowing.
  2. @Reefseeker and @Mark wheeler, you guys in Surbiton? I am. The Hogsmill was high and fast flowing but fine (that was late afternoon when I took the dog for a walk). Mal
  3. The wind really seems to have picked up now, really howling and starting to whistle.
  4. A few people saying this will be worse than last weekend. Any thoughts on that?
  5. Was it me or we're there a couple if really strong wind gusts last night?
  6. For anyone down this way the A3 near Worcester Park and New Malden is closed due to fallen trees.
  7. Need to take the dog for a walk today, think I'll go sooner rather than later!
  8. Are we still expecting high winds tomorrow evening then? Today was just supposed to be breezy and it's rather more than that!
  9. Do we think this snow is going to make it to North Surrey / S.W London? Cheers, Mal
  10. It's settling here so that's good. Starting to settle into the road surface too now so hopefully it will keep going and increase!
  11. Been looking on my phone at out external Nest camera and didn't look too heavy but just looked of my window and it is heavy... Happy Days!
  12. Pretty heavy now here, settling readily on pavement. Also noticed the met office app has changed from light snow to heavy snow
  13. Very light snow just started in Surbiton near Kingston, but just a little bit blowing in the wind.
  14. Looks fairly light but has already settled on grass and cars and looks to be starting to settle on the pavement (Surbiton, SW London/Surrey).
  15. Hi guys, what sort of time are max gusts supposed to be passing through The Lake District? Thanks
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