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  1. Hi guys, what sort of time are max gusts supposed to be passing through The Lake District? Thanks
  2. I know what you're going through. 7 to 8 years ago my back was going every couple of weeks. I was in excruciating pain on a cocktail or tramadol, morphine, codeine and diazepam. Had the facet injections which helped but I eventually had surgery to have my lower spine pinned (screws) and facet augmentation surgery and touch wood have been fine since!
  3. It's been snowing on and off all day here (Kingston) giving the grass etc a powdering, however it's much heavier now and the road surface is starting to cover over which is good!
  4. Looking at NW Radar, we've got what, an hour of snow left in SW London the way it's moving and then that's all folks?! Coming down quite heavy now though.
  5. Anyone trying to get home to Surrey, Hampshire etc, London Waterloo will be closing at 6pm today.
  6. Yup, temporarily closed to clear the snow from the runway.
  7. Anyone still up in London, Southwestern Railway pretty much running no trains out of Waterloo now.
  8. I can't see anything meaningful making its was this far over. Had a good covering last night though.
  9. Anyone know what time the Met Office online weather forecast video gets updated?
  10. Just now in Surbiton. Nice! Any more before the morning?
  11. Are those bands of snow coming in off the North Sea likely to hit inland?
  12. Haha small world! I'm off work today so trying to occupy my mind. Booo just as it was starting to settle it's stopped!
  13. Been snowing quite heavily in Surbiton for a while now, but only just starting to settle. Hope it continues and we get some coverage!
  14. Coming down in Surbiton, Kingston all of a sudden