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  1. Gorgeous day, hit 24.1c in the sunshine about 2pm. Felt humid. Now cloudy and cooler with the wind picking up. Been a much warmer few weeks which has been welcome.
  2. Crazy storms seen in the last couple days, great photos and vids on here. The last very very warm day, max of 29c (at my unofficial temp gauge) and humidity making that feel intense. Was not comfortable to wear uniform for work in. Tomorrow more like the low 20s, perhaps mid 20s at work in the far SW. The sun is certainly lower in the sky these days
  3. Currently 27c here, getting uncomfortable. Muggy. Tomorrow may go 1/2c higher still
  4. Yeah I jinxed it. My power is off and the lightning has arrived albeit a fair distance away for now
  5. Those storms look to be dying a death when I ‘animate’ it on the netweather radar but we shall see
  6. Could be a direct hit down here later on. I love storms but sadly the animals do not so bit of a double edged sword. Very muggy today, already approaching 22c
  7. Vile, so so wet (nearest station is at 33mm in last 36 hours) Nightshift this evening and confirm it feels very autumnal. Looks like it’ll relax midweek and hopefully we move into a warmer pattern thereafter
  8. Cracking photos of the lightning posted above. Too far to my West but saw on social media it was some show, a couple photos from Kirkcudbright:
  9. Wind his picked up here. My nearest weather station was 28.0c at 1300. Touch and go...
  10. As others have said, roasting! nearest weather station, Threave, at midday (15 miles West) reported 27.2c Carlisle was at 27.8c at the same time. V good chance we will get 30c, perhaps even fairly widespread. As much as it’s nice, not great to work in and I prefer 22-25c. Shame it’s to be 15c on Sunday!! One extreme to the other
  11. 25.3c here the max today. Very warm to work in. Met office are forecasting 29c tomorrow (usually an underestimate), sadly I will have to leave about 1pm for work but I’d think we’ll be there or thereabouts to 30c down here. Hopefully it goes with a bang, shame it will be so fleeting re photo - Grass getting long in the ‘hay’ field looking South, over that hill would be the coast if you could see past criffel
  12. Better day than anticipated here, a very pleasant 21c with occasional bouts of hot sunshine. Muggy (as always!) I’m driving up to SE Glasgow later so look well positioned for any storms that may come in. Nothing in Dumfries as yet but can see on the radar the heavy stuff is just across the Solway...
  13. Yeah can see and hear it but tracking slightly too far to the North but looks like somewhere Lockerbie/Moffat area will have had/be getting a soaking
  14. Monster storm here between 5pm and 6pm. Frequent lightning and thunder which caused panic to the dogs. Torrential rain I was trying to get a nap in pre-nightshift so not the best, never recorded any of it. Lovely day before and after it at a 23.5c max with sunshine
  15. Frequent lightning near work (Newton Stewart) with loud thunder getting ever louder. Hailstones in the mix too. 20c When I left my house about 13:40 was 23.4c, bright and very muggy.
  16. @Mr Frost - apparently there was torrential rain and lightning at home. Basically all around me Hopefully more tomorrow by the sounds of it!
  17. Heavy rain up in the hills towards New Galloway, took a wee run up. Looks v heavy nearer home but don’t think anything overly exciting lightning wise
  18. @Mr Frost - Funnily enough I work 50 miles West of Dumfries so those storms are maybe 20 miles north of me. Can see some monsterous clouds to the hills to the North (Merrick/Cairnsmore etc). However was clear blue sky on the fairly long commute to work and I would conservatively guess temperatures are 23/24c and feeling humid.
  19. Muggy, largely cloudy but bright. Currently 20.8c And feels very ‘close’. Looks like we’ll get low 20s most of the week which is quite nice. Hopefully a thunderstorm or two thrown into the mix!
  20. 25.6c is probably going to be the peak. Totally clear and still feeling humid which is more a sign of July/August than the first half of June
  21. Sounds grim @Hawesy By contrast a lovely Blue sky start here, low was 13c. Already about 18c here, should be reaching 25c comfortably in my sheltered back garden. Looks to be a more summery week ahead!
  22. Crazy how chilly you guys are further north. Sun broke through about 1pm and by 4pm was 20.2c. Now damp and 15c Looks like a humid few days ahead
  23. Much warmer than expected today at 21.2c in very strong sunshine. Welcome rain in recent days
  24. Despite a welcome fresh breeze, still pushed north of 23c here in unbroken sunshine. Yet again got a truly horrible sleep off nightshift so looking forward to a cooler late evening hopefully
  25. 25.6c currently, what an amazing day to be inbetween nightshifts. Gonna try and nap later on as I feel like death. At 6:30am the car was reading 16.5c, only in true summer do we get that. Sky was what I would call ‘light’ to the East by 03:30 and even at 0100 you could easily see where the sun was below the horizon, would be more obvious further North.
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