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  1. Never realised SEPA had a station 2 mile from my house (Newtonairds)... 250mm this month. 480mm for 2020 so far (hahaha)
  2. Leaving from Liberton at 8:30/9 to Dumfries. Class, should see some snow! Not sure what road to take but I know A702 (From Crawford South) has only just re-opened an hour or two ago so not that one
  3. I always think Forests are magical covered in heavy snow, something about them
  4. Yes can confirm snow lying in Southern Edinburgh
  5. Saw a real fork lightening on the M74 near to Abington and there was intense hail that covered the roadway but other than that roads were perfect. Quite a lot of snow in some parts but basically zilch in low ground Edinburgh but hey ho
  6. As if by magic, went from 4c to 1.5c and turned to full on snow. Sludge left on some surfaces so I think this will be the start of it. I was actually in pain after fighting with 3 horses and no gloves on. Hands went an ugly colour of red
  7. I’d be buried if even 10% of what has fallen was actual snow and not wet frozen sludge. Westerlies are what bring rain (and loads of it here) but are rarely cold enough for snow Still, I’ll quickly get ready and leave to head north. I’m sure conditions will be a tad different in the Amber area come 5pm
  8. Snowing now here, not lying yet but that change in 850s has made the difference A tad apprehensive regarding my journey north later but shall be going A702 with care (The issue will be if some idiot crashes)
  9. Amber weather warning out from 15:00 - 21:00 for snow - from Moffat to Lanarkshire etc
  10. As others have said, v heavy sleet 3c. Shame, just too marginal
  11. It’s actually impossible to comprehend the ineptitude and incompetence of people. To have a flood gate and not shut it is frankly criminal, someone should be getting the sack. Had a multitude of people ask me last night if the road was shut when a 20 foot tree was blocking both carriageways and ‘How am I going to get around this?’ Nah am standing here in the pouring rain for my own enjoyment. So self-absorbed
  12. Yup, the stupidity of the general public is really something else. The same down here and the response is ‘I didn’t realise it would flood’. A wild night last night, a fair few trees down. Also was rolling on the ground after some (C)*** tried to headbutt me. So quite wet aye Hopefully we see some snow in the next two days!
  13. Yes those were my thoughts. Not being funny but we have events like this multiple times a year. Will we see flakes of snow which may lie - Aye Will said snow be almost immediately on the melt on lower ground - Also Aye Love a good storm though so i’m excited for that.
  14. I am keen to hear your updates. Will be going Dumf to Edi on Tuesday evening so will decide what road - 701, Dalveen Pass + 702 or realistically given I have no winter tyres Moffat and then 702 - to take. Absolutely love the Beeftub (701) usually, door to door 90 mins Hopefully Wet bulb temps get a bit more favourable for my location as it’ll be another wet snow/sleet fest on current stats sadly
  15. I’m aware of 850s but 500s.... what is typically conducive to snow?
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