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  1. Hit about 28c here today, car was saying 30c (which was incorrect) but rather impressive for so late on. Heat feels far less intense than late June/July. I also like how in the mornings and at night it does cool down a decent bit
  2. This must rank right up there as one of the wettest 15 hours I’ve ever had here. 50mm or more has fallen, on and off all night and since I woke about 8am it has never once stopped. Proper heavy rain, you can’t even walk to the car 10 feet away without feeling soaked. The rain just feels stuck over us, radar seems to suggest it will eventually move away but maybe not for another hour
  3. Some of the heaviest rain i’ve had here in 10 years this evening. Almost came into the house it was running down the yard that fast Decent day here once the rain passed through, hit 21c and sunny but it has gone rapidly downhill. The true meaning of torrential to the point where it took 3 towels to dry half the kitchen as a window had been left open due to the earlier warmth Said shower is heading WNW towards Glasgow or just to the West
  4. Despite the storms being way way NE (some 30-50 miles) the Thunder is very loud. Huge dark sky to the East but lovely hot setting sunshine here still EDIT: Storms suddenly getting very close on the radar so could see a wee taste of what some of you will get later. Clouded over now
  5. Certainly not expecting anything here in Dumfries. Somewhere like Langholm and further East look far better suited. Looking at the radar there are some beefy storms around Lancaster and are heading almost due North We topped out at 29c here. ‘Hot’ but would say I’ve had hotter here. I’m sure on my very unofficial sheltered thermometer I’ve had 30/30.5 before however still right up there. The humidity is notable and I love it in the evening (as much as it’s hard to sleep in).
  6. Currently 28c here. Very very humid, the air is like ‘thick’ Safe to say that was one of the worst sleeps off nightshift I’ve had. Least i’m now off for 4 thankfully
  7. Nope. The July record from 1908 which was 32.8c in Dumfries. You’re referring to the 2003 all time record of 32.9c which was in Greycook in the borders. Yeah Min record is 20c odd so fair enough. Tbh this set up isn’t that great for Scotland (excluding the far East)
  8. Do we have any confirmation on what the highest ‘min’ was last night in Scotland? Aye not record breaking (don’t think we’re beating 32.8c at an official site) but pretty toasty. Quite glad we’re not hitting high 30s. I’m off nightshift again so not going to be a fun sleep
  9. Temp has risen from 20c when I arrived at work (22:00) to 23c now. Feeling tropical, maybe too far West at work to see the storms. Be just my luck that my house gets it (50 miles East)
  10. Hopefully get some juicy storms tonight, i’m nightshift so will try and remember to update about 1/2am when they hit down here. V interested to see if London does it on Thursday. From a Scotland perspective, I don’t think we’re beating 32.8. I’m surprised at how ‘low’ the highest min is but possibly not going to quite make that one either
  11. Depends what you do for a job? High up so hilly but not miles away from M74 or A76. Bit of a ex-mining village. In other words, inbetween Dumfriesshire (lovely area) and Southern Ayrshire (Cumnock, Wanlockhead, Mauchline etc - not as nice) really.
  12. Have to say it’s been far warmer down here. Saturday - borderline sunburnt and reached 20c. Sunday - very sunny again and 21c. Today is slate grey skies though As an aside, Pollen levels have been really high this summer so far. As much as I love fairly humid conditions above 20c the associated flies/midges and pollen is horrible
  13. First properly warm day of the year here, wall to wall sunshine. Would fall into the ‘Very warm’ category. Sadly the sun hits my thermometer about 15:30 in peak summer so I cannot say what the absolute max was but it was reading 25c when I left at 1pm. Car was consistently showing 27/28c so I would think 26c was reached. Always do well here in an Easterly but no accurate weather stations cover us (Eskdalemuir is at significant altitude and 15/20 miles ENE), Carlisle probably the best.
  14. Great day yesterday, sat out in the sun until 8pm. Today started off cloudy but got a BBQ in at midday and the sun came out. Rose to 23c although not hazy again and themometer is reading 22c. Very comfortable as humidity feels quite high but there’s a keen wind from a SE direction
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