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  1. SW Saltire

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Yes, that is some snowman certainly! There was years of conversation in the Scottish Politics Thread (RIP) and I posted a little over the last year or so. It’s a shame there is no real thread like that anymore. The thread covered lots of topical events and not just ‘Politics’ per se. But concisely, yes I graduated somehow, got on a grad scheme. Hated sales so am now in the emergency services (the ones that everyone hates! Haha). After living in Stirling for a couple years post uni, back home due to work. Hoping to transfer and move in with my girlfriend in 18 or so months. She’s refusing to live outwith the A720 Bypass so i’m f****d 😂 Hope things are good with you 🙂 (and that extends to the rest of the Scottish Politics/regional thread contingent)
  2. SW Saltire

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Took me so long to get that.... (Quickly updates profile from 5+ years ago!) 😫
  3. SW Saltire

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Car was saying -4.5c somewhere near the village of Broughton on the A701 at MIDDAY today in bright sunshine. Coldest temperature during a sunny day I can remember in a long time.
  4. SW Saltire

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Highly unlikely (unless you count south as Cumbria/NE and i’d suspect it would be the usual suspects ie 200/300m asl). Certainly nothing here in Dumfries, just icy from that main band. Not even a flake of snow and 3.5c. Showers packing in behind and I believe those are snow (Friends say it’s snowing out west ie A75 but struggling to lie). In such a marginal set up I believe the Irradiance of the sun is a factpr at play here. Hopefully come 1500hrs onwards we get some precipitation as that’ll co-incide with a dip in temperatures and therefore less marginal. Meant to say, glorious day yesterday heading down the beeftub (A701 Edi - Dumfries). Have to say through my car windows I was awffy warm and it had me looking forward to Spring/Summer. Either we get HLB in Feb or I’d prefer just a predominantly sunny and dry warm-up. These 850s of -5/-6 are depressing. Drip, drip, drip during daylight
  5. SW Saltire

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Coldest day of the year (and probably previous night). Car was reading -5c at 1am when i got home. Neighbour said it was -6c at 06:30. Got up to 0c before freezing fog engulfed us. About 1600 the snow came on, leaving a wee covering. Currently -1.5c. We do well out of any westerly component, always going to be winners and losers. First lying snow of the winter here on the western fringe of Dumfries Not amazing but i’ll take it!
  6. SW Saltire

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Surprisingly a good inch at work in Newton Stewart. One of the least snowy places, second to Stranraer. Only place on the radar that appears to be getting it. Nice to see although shame it won’t last
  7. SW Saltire

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Snowing here in the SW. Not going to lie as 3.5c and incredibly light but first flakes of the season but i’m fine with that as tomorrow/Sunday are slightly milder anyway. Hopefully Tuesday’s low is more favourable or failing that we wait for the resultant easterly (and I start praying i don’t get left out)
  8. SW Saltire

    Scotland/Alba Weather Discussion 2019

    Cannot wait for winter to start! My childish fixation with snow is unrelenting and I would love the next 6 or so weeks to be cold and snowy. Looks like it will not be the classic ‘cold but dry’ (showers) type cold spell. More LPs coming in and meeting increasingly cold air. Hibernate for the next few days and by mid-next week we will hopefully have some snow innthe forecast
  9. Certainly almost of snow here now in the heaviest bursts. 1c. There is still hope for you lot further north with a little elevation. M74 is bad now near Moffat with Black Ice and out West (A75) the sheer quantity of water is the main ause for concern
  10. Surpringly poor in terms of snow today. Didn’t expect much here in the South-West but not even a flake is poor. Rain was on and off from 0200-0500 Stranraer and further east. Back home was 1.5c at 0800 when I got to bed. Absolutely no snow and just atrocious conditions. Looking forward to some proper cold around the turn of the year - fingers crossed
  11. Amazing longevity of this spell. Preferred yesterday at a high of 24c and sunny to today at 20c but cloudy and sticky This is a beautiful spell though, really never that hot. Valencia was reading 37c Monday on their city themometers in the shade and at 5am was 26c. Given the fiery sun over there it felt even hotter most of the day. Almost unbearable for me personally. 100f is basically my limit I’ve found, over 40c is too hot I had no air con so safe to say pretty sleep deprived. Returning home was gloriously cool and comfortable in comparison
  12. Can confirm yesterday was poor for the East coast Car (slightly inaccurrate I know but I had been travelling for a fair few minutes) was reading 31c when I left Dumfries and I cried as it fell and fell. 25c at Moffat, 22c Abington, 19/20c passing the Pentlands and 16c and cloudy in Leith Much better when I left this morning though. Back in the tropical south, another glorious day, cooler than of late. Warm now though at 25.2c and slowly rising
  13. Is it not to improve after the next two or so days, a southerly develops...? GF lives in Leith and I don’t want to be cold haha Gorgeous here in Dumfries. We’ve done incredibly well out of this summer so far but that’s always the case being fairly far West Too warm to be on nightshift. A max of 29.5c here. Was 28.5c yesterday. Looking perfect going forwards at a very warm 24/25c Off to Valencia for a few days end of next week but don’t think I really need to! (Provided we get some rain) Long may it continue
  14. Can only add to the ‘glorious’ comments only thing that isn’t glorious is trying to sleep after a night shift in this weather! Maxes have been >20c for over a week now, many days 22/23c In the last 3 days the heat has ramped up though with 24.5c, 25.5c and today is already 24c so heading for 26 probably The light at this time of year is extraordinary. 2300 - can still see yellow where the sun has set Driving home at 0230 the sky turns light blue and then yellow to the East as the sun rises and i’m almost as far south and West as you can go in Scotland working near to Stranraer Looks like temps will fall by 5c or so here for a few days but that’ll still bring 20/21 which is pretty perfect
  15. Thanks man, yeah I don’t think i’ve seen snow that deep (bar in photos from 1995/1996 when we lived at height and that was continuous snowfall). Plus there were monster icicles. It’s the drifting of the snow that is the killer. It’s really dreadful in pockets and I can easily see how it could get you stuck or make you crash. Best advice really is to not travel