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  1. SW Saltire

    SW Saltire

  2. A cloudy but muggy day again here, 22c the max. Made it easier to sleep off nightshift in thankfully. Weather from tomorrow onwards looks stunning, Met office forecasting 26c for Monday now (climbing every day). Gonna be up near Grantown-on-Spey for a stag do end of the week and weather is to be glorious into the low 20s. A BBQ is planned
  3. Certainly been some good weather down here this past week, you timed it well as we’re often wet but warmish. Perfect summer weather with temps getting no higher than 25c or so. Wasn’t overly pleasant to sleep off nightshift though or to wear lots of kit in the blaring sun. I know through work that a high % of vehicles in the area are registered to places which suggest folk are enjoying staycations. Great for the local economy Not sure for how long it’ll be overlooked as lots of property is being bought by money from down South. Some photos from the past week (Not all taken by me). Some nice sunsets!
  4. Lovely keen breeze taking the edge of the temperatures, sunny and 24.5c To be cooler tomorrow which is rather beautiful as i’m nightshift
  5. Cracking day again here, hit 17.5c about 30 mins ago but has since clouded over with droplets of rain. 16c, humid. Much more summer like feel to things
  6. Lovely day to start my annual leave, 15.5c, strong unbroken sunshine and a drying wind. Despite this the ground is squelching as you walk such has been the monsoon like rainfall since the April drought. Heavy showers forecast to move up from the South tonight, much more ‘summer’ like. The grass is well behind where it normally is but recent nights keeping us in double digits or high single figures should cause a rapid change
  7. I wouldn’t go for Doge given it has such a high supply devaluing it. It’s also a meme coin. Ada (Cardano) is a good one. I suggest you look into ETH, XLM and Nano. We will have different coins for different things - ETH has created Decentralised finance (staking, loans etc). BTC is a store of value like gold. Cardano is just all round pretty solid. Nano is a possible currency, fee-less, Green, instant. Currently being upgraded as they suffered from spam attacks XMR is completely private. However I don’t think XMR, XLM and Algo will see the growth and gains that other coins will see. What I would say is: this bull market will end within the year. Secondly, get yourself a ledger and store your crypto ‘offline’. Unless you’re just putting <£1000 in. When the bear market comes - I would advise you to mainly have BTC and ETH. The small coins will lose 90/95% of their value. I’d expect BTC and ETH to drop by less but i’m no fortune teller
  8. Been a very dry last couple weeks, lots of sunshine but temperatures generally cool. I think the warmest was yesterday reaching 18c. We do need some rain but temperatures look like they’re going to become very disappointing again. Sadly the dry conditions have led to fires, the photo below relates to a fire currently ongoing behind my house set by a bunch of young boys who all ran away.
  9. Fantastic pics in here. Yesterday at 0600 dipped to -6c which would beat some recent ‘winters’ down here Snow showers came in during the afternoon with the temp being only 4c at 1700. Lovely start to the day today, -3.5c and sunny. However it’s clouded over and snow is currently lightly falling with the temp at 5c. Quite looking forward to the warmer temperatures in 5 or so days time IMG_3342.MOV IMG_3341.MOV
  10. No lying snow down here but certainly has been snow and hail showers which is very rare for so late on (down here anyway). Currently 5c with frequent showers of a frozen persuasion. Sun feels strong when sheltered. Can confirm the daffodils are very much still alive here. Was up near Sanquhar last night running some errands and took the opportunity to go over the hills, this was the view between Crawfordjohn and Leadhills. Was 0c at 7pm up there, typically 4/5c colder than down here.
  11. Another crystal clear day, low of -1c and a high of 13c. Very pleasant in the sunshine
  12. WHAT A DAY. Climbed White Coomb (821m ASL) in the Moffat hills via Grey mare’s tail/Loch Skeen. A tiring 15km hike as ticked off 2 other ‘Donalds’ in the process but what a day for it. Was 11c even at the top and now back home where it’s 19c and warm sunshine. Certainly doesn’t feel like the end of March My gf tells me it’s like 5c and wet in the central belt but can assure you i’m in shorts and t-shirt!
  13. Much brighter day with some sunshine. Briefly hit 13c before falling back Not quite getting the warm weather London is having but up to 15c tomorrow down here so we’re slowly getting there. If we do get a cold blast then I hope it’s of the extreme variety otherwise I don’t want to know. 5c, cloudy with a cold wind is useless
  14. Lots! Didn’t realise there was a shortage otherwise i’d have taken pics of some. They’re getting much bigger now Very wet start to the day here, now cloudy and 12c. Not seen a glimpse of the sun in several days...
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