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  1. Back to chasing 10 day charts then. “As you were Captain, steady as she goes”
  2. I'm sick. I get a real kick out of the disruption that snowfall brings. I mean, yeah I love the fun stuff, the snowmen with the kids, snowball fights etc, i love the sound of silence it brings, the muffled noises and orange glows of white streets but i also really love the chaos which accompanies it. Cars sliding, abandoned, stuck, people slipping and sliding all over the place, nothing moving, country at a standstill, gives me a real kick. That must be a sickness, it cant be normal. But I think its because it also brings out the best in people... helping others, talking, sharing stories, laughing etc. Or maybe i'm just sick. Who knows.
  3. 7 Feb 2009 my first daughter was due to be born. I remember staring out the window as the snow was hammering down and watching blue lights turning up at the bottom of our hill to close the road. (We we’re living in south London then, think it may have been a Thames streamer setup but not sure). I spent 6 hours from 6pm - midnight pushing abandoned cars out the way, helping drivers get moving to get home, keeping driveway and road clear, all just in case. Ultimately, my daughter arrived a week late and all had melted, it was quite a mild drive to & from the hospital as I recall. Anyway, good luck! Best of times.
  4. I’m very close to having to book a work trip to Dubai from 2nd - 7th Feb.... what views are there on the chances of that being a massive snowy period i’d miss out on and what lengths should I go to to get out of it?? I’ll probably have to book up on Monday so not too many more model runs left to decide.
  5. All i see is a foetus and a little piggy.
  6. The thrill is in the chase.
  7. LOL! I rather suspect someone might have broken the unwritten rules and told friends and family snow was coming!
  8. I fear this will be the winter of 10 days. Cold and snowy weather has always appeared to be just 10 days away and i'm sure I can trace that in this forum all the way back to December. It's winter, models should be modelling typical winter solutions in the future and then as revising as get closer to T0. This winter will be one which sees those typical winter solutions staying around 10 days away (bit IMBY but for the South at least!) Shame.
  9. And there's the kiss of death, commentators curse, whatever you want to call it!
  10. To be fair, I only happened to notice as I was trying to keep my own cold bias in check!
  11. Aren't there at least 2 or 3 members on the colder side that drag the mean down as well? Meaning that the mean is the mean if you get my meaning.
  12. https://www.kentlive.news/news/kent-news/forecasters-predict-exact-week-kent-2408964 Forecasters predict the exact week Kent will see snow as Beast from the East set for 2019 return Lucky Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells to get such a firm prediction with exact snow depths to 1/10th of a cm, a full 17 days out..... confidence must be close to 100% this is nailed on guaranteed! Accuweather says a cold snap is due in the next fortnight and will bring the first flurry of the year. In Canterbury, 4.4 cms of snow are expected on Sunday, January 27, with 3.9 cms predicted for Tunbridge Wells. East Grinstead, Uckfield, Crowborough, Lewes and Brighton also have a similarly confident prediction: https://www.kentlive.news/news/sussex-news/forecasters-predict-exact-dates-snow-2415103 At least I no longer need to bother wasting my time in the MOD thread over the next 2.5 weeks.
  13. Nice heavy snow, 6/10, Ashford kent. Will be short lived so watching on!
  14. For anyone expecting the last pass of that band, for me here it was probably the heaviest it had been - really strong finish just before it petered out. Now to find somewhere for a curry.