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  1. Keeping my eye on that same little bit of PPN. Hoping intensifies and lines up nicely.
  2. B O R E D B O R E D B O R E D Bored of this winter which seemed t o have so much potential Bored of this weather which promised so much but delivered so little Bored of this lockdown Bored of being stuck at home Bored of not being able to travel Bored B O R E D B O R E D B O R E D
  3. bandicam 2021-02-08 14-48-04-669.mp4 Is it possible that the precipitation leaving the continent will intensify over the sea and (IMBY perspective) reach the far south eastern areas of our region?
  4. Can see from the radar that the PPM just isn’t going to hit Kent. Most of it dumped in the sea already. It’s gonna be wet out there and cold in the morning.
  5. MO have me at >95% chance of Heavy Snow right now. Not a flake in sight. It’s pointless even trying to predict weather if after £££££££’s of pounds that’s the best they can manage.
  6. This proves what a hopeless waste of time it is to try and predict the weather. somewhere might get 1cm out of this but I doubt it will be IMBY now.
  7. Mrs Dave just stuck her snoz out the window and said “it smells like rain, not snow”! thoughts?
  8. I don’t think any of us will complain! Trashford would never win!
  9. Alexa reckons I’ve got a 35% chance of rain or sleet tomorrow! Only 65% chance of snow. @&#% off Alexa.
  10. Exactly. At this point, MetOffice is still ‘likely’ not yet ‘very likely. So subject to change until it goes to ‘very likely’.
  11. Looking good from Folkestone lookout! would love that wind to move more NNE for mid Kent streamer.
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