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  1. Which is why I've taken the decision to spend a fortnight each winter high up in the Alps; 2.000 meters ASL should do. I've found a nice place in Queyras where I'm heading for in February to find a decent accommodation for the future.
  2. To be honest Stodge, who wants to have winter in late February and March when there is next to no chance of snow sticking, when fruit trees are sure to be damaged by frost, etc
  3. You are right I am on the French belgian border north of Lille and we have a good snowcover 10cms+ and it is still -2 degrees. (-5 this morning). We have an amber warning from Meteo France for 5 cms more to come overnight. Good luck for the southern coastal counties.
  4. To summarize Frédérick Decker goes for a less cold November than anticipated. December is forecast to be cold and snowy in the UK, January very cold and dry in the UK and very snowy in France with the cold even reaching Spain. In February the cold should relax somewhat.
  5. Yes we've had two weeks of frigid weather here (the hills of Flanders) but unfortunately there was no snow. I've just seen on TV that the departement of Lozère is buried under one meter and a half of the white stuff. Incredible really, when I think that I was there just the same week last year and we had nothing. As Spikecollie says let's move on and get into spring.
  6. Yes but they are usually transient events when snow sticks for a couple of hours before melting away in the sun. Not my cup of tea, really.
  7. 2013 was a rare event. Otherwise the snow never sticks in March, it's simply too late in the season!
  8. Yes, Winter is over... Another rubbish one, the fourth in a row without a proper snowfall. I'm utterly fed up when you consider the potential it had, hadn't been for the Westerly QBO. The worst of it is that we're in for a period of mild southwesterlies to be followed for sure with snow in March and harsh frost when everyone is waiting for spring! Agrrrrrr!
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    Tis a pity all the houses look the same!
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