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  1. You're about to get nailed again with more heavy stuff soon - I'd say another 6 cm by darkness
  2. So that 80 minute streamer in Aberdeen around midday gave 5cm at my house - total is now 11cm.
  3. Heavy and prolonged snow shower been affecting Aberdeen for 1 hour now - several new inches of snow have fallen on top of what we already have. Will try and get a measurement later
  4. I thought this earlier too. Anyway, it looks like we could be in for a longer period of light snow this evening - large area of light blue heading our way soon
  5. Quite a cool looking streamer right through the Dee valley at the moment from Aberdeen to Braemar
  6. Yeah possibly although that line is generally north of Aberdeen at the moment and the southerly drift is only very subtle - anyway, that's it on now...
  7. A potential streamer to hit Aberdeen just before midday perhaps...
  8. Heavy snow shower in Aberdeen now giving whiteout conditions as it's now lying on all surfaces
  9. This is a bit more like it! Showers now moderate / heavy graupel/snow mix leaving it all white in Aberdeen city centre. Looks to be more of the same coming in behind, not quite a streamer but frequent snow showers now seem likely for the next while...
  10. Frequent light snow flurries - mixture of snow and graupel, now lying on most surfaces but not amounting anything other than a dusting. Wind has a bit more bite than it did yesterday. I wanna see some green and yellow colours on the radar out in the North Sea soon!
  11. Sporadic light snow all day in Aberdeen but nothing lying - precipitation too light and the ground too wet. Due points are tumbling now although the light snow it tending to break up leaving dry conditions and just the odd flurry of graupel which will lie now in any heavier, more persistent bursts
  12. I've actually heard that a place called Coalcleugh near Allenheads is the highest in Britain
  13. Incidentally, just at the highest point in Springhill Road, there is a post with what looks like a camera and/or a weather station! I'll maybe take a photo of it next time I'm there - would love to know what it actually is
  14. Well that does run parallel to the highest point but just a tad further east - I walked up that road tonight actually. There won't be much in it. Just like where the Northfield mast is, very similar around the 120m mark
  15. Yes, highest point is between Mastrick and Northfield near the Sheddocksley playing fields at 130m. Although I think some parts of north Sheddocksley might get near to 140m
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