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  1. Seems to have been a lot of rain in the Angus / Tayside area over the past 24 hours due to the stalled front - would be interesting to hear of rainfall totals in this area?
  2. I've always been fascinated how ash volcanic eruptions cool the planet. The main example that comes to mind is the Krakatoa eruption in Indonesia where the Earth's average temperature dropped 1.2c on average for the following 5 years.
  3. Well it looks like Khan's gonna get his crack at Floyd. He doesn't deserve it though, Maidana would've been a more deserving opponent although he may get his chance in the fall should he defeat Broner again. Khan looked like a semi-shot fighter vs C level Julio Diaz in his last fight should it should be easy work for Mayweather once he begins to time Khan's predictable punch combinations.
  4. For many, this has been a disappointing winter thus far for snowfall. However, for upland parts of Scotland and especially over Glencoe and the Nevis Ranges, they are speaking about the possibility of record breaking snow depths should the current weather pattern persist.I'd be interested to know of winters where low lying areas saw very little in the way of snow with high altitude locations recording heavy snowfalls?I believe 1994, 1957 and also 1951 of good examples of this.Early indications suggest that this may be an excellent year for snowpatch survivals due to the persistent SW'ly gales drifting and depositing colossal depths of snow in the sun shadowed NE facing coires and gullies.
  5. I'm heading to Tynecastle, Edinburgh for the football semi final on Saturday afternoon - a bit concerned about the strength of the wind....coming down from Aberdeen I'd say the Tay and Forth Bridges may be closed or even the game postponed or abandoned! Any thoughts?
  6. Am I right in assuming we have prime conditions for heavy snowfalls? Mild winter so far -> relatively warm North Sea SST's -> bitter cold over the Northern continent and therefore a large temperature contrast as the east winds blows over the Sea giving heavy snowfall - like the lake effect snow circumstances? Cheers
  7. Just looking at the chart archive, white Christmas' didn't seem all the that common between 1992 and 1971...possibly longer. Maybe 1972, 76, 78, 81 looking like possible candidates with the 80's in particular seemingly quite mild on the 25th. I remember my parents telling me about one New Years Eve when they entered a party many years ago with no snow and when they left several hours later, there was deep snow - I'm thinking this would've probably been 1978/79.
  8. Christmas 95 will be unforgettable for me - I remember an abrupt and quite violent change of wind direction on Christmas Eve around 10pm as the light SW'ly breeze became a Northerly gale - woke up to a whiteout and remember all north facing walls and buildings were just plastered white! Heavy, prolonged snow showers continued throughout the Christmas day but I think the wind must've dropped somewhat compared to the night before. More heavy and prolonged snow showers (or maybe just 1 shower) continued into Boxing day but became less frequent with time but by the time they died out on the 27th, a reasonable depth had accumulated which also included a few inches from the cold front on the 23rd I think it was.
  9. Does anyone remember this snow event in Eastern Scotland? It was a Saturday, cold, clear and frosty with temperatures well below freezing into mid evening. I remember looking at the rainfall radar and seeing a huge area of precipitation moving in off the North Sea from the SE and knew this had to fall as snow once it reached landfall, and indeed it did. I'm not sure of snow totals but I remember leaving my house (only 33m) and feet burying in the almost powdery snow with the snow still falling - a real whiteout!
  10. With the charts hinting at a Northerly for later next week, March 2006 illustrated that winter still has plenty snow potential even at this time of year. The cold actually arrived during the last days of February and persisted for the first week of March. An epic snow event here in Aberdeen that produced around a foot of snow; even in modest low lying areas around the city centre. Heavy, prolonged snow showers were the order of the day. A strong High over Greenland (1055mB) ridging south kept the block intact
  11. Weather-history - do you have stats from Aberdeen for this cold snap? Snow totals etc. We tend to do quite poorly in a setup like this with the wind sweeping off the relatively warm North Sea, another reason why I'm not sure if we'll get snow this Friday, maybe rain/sleet. Thanks
  12. Remember this month fairly well since it was kind of contrasting to August when on the 21st or 24th Aberdeen broke it's all time temperature record of nearly 31°C which was a day of hazy sunshine. The September was incredibly wet, perhaps the wettest in NE Scotland since records began. I think there was much flooding since the ground was so hard after a hot, dry summer that all the water couldn't seap into the soil and just lay on top.
  13. Weather-history - do you have any forecasts from the incredible cold snap of October 3rd 1994? I clearly remember blizzard conditions in Aberdeen city centre which was amazing to see so early in the year even though no snow settled
  14. I believe December was very mild too. 1994 was a remarkable year for snow patch survival in the Highlands with unusually huge totals by the end of October. Usually lasting snows arrive by mid October but many of them suffered during Nov and Dec mild spell which made it a unique year
  15. Was it an easterly that produced this snow??? If it was then that is strange.
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