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  1. I don’t post often but happy New Year to you fabulous lot. Here’s hoping we get plenty of in 2019.
  2. Can confirm - no snow fell for me, nothing lying. Tangential but somewhat related - how difficult is it to accurately model dew points, current or future?
  3. Still interested in this. My dp is already 1° and the Farnham Snow Shield will hold firm but I wonder if others in the region might get something interesting?
  4. So, only -1.8 this morning but everything's white and, as @Lauren says, this is better than last winter. I'm a snow-obsessive, but more important to me is that we get cold weather in winter - mild feels wrong and it can really b*gger up our wildlife, especially insects.
  5. I was only kidding, @SuffolkDan ? You're doing well on the weather front, fair play!
  6. More precip forecast for tomorrow evening. Will be too warm for me but anyone else expecting something wintry?
  7. I hate them. We've got a small amount in the garden and they're a nightmare. If we weren't moving I'd sort them out with grippy paint. Hope your back improves!
  8. Unless people are careful, tomorrow will likely be what's known as a 'good donor day'. I hope people are sensible and cautious.
  9. Have you got a nearby weather station on Wunderground to compare to? Decking boards are a death trap at the best of times ?
  10. -0.7 and dp -1. Could've done with this when we had precip ? The chickens are silent and it feels colder than the temps suggest.
  11. Hey! No fair, I'm an Audi driver! ? Although tbf I'm on a mission to confuse the bejeezus out of people by being the most courteous Audi driver they've ever seen ?
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