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  1. I don’t post often but happy New Year to you fabulous lot. Here’s hoping we get plenty of in 2019.
  2. Can confirm - no snow fell for me, nothing lying. Tangential but somewhat related - how difficult is it to accurately model dew points, current or future?
  3. Still interested in this. My dp is already 1° and the Farnham Snow Shield will hold firm but I wonder if others in the region might get something interesting?
  4. So, only -1.8 this morning but everything's white and, as @Lauren says, this is better than last winter. I'm a snow-obsessive, but more important to me is that we get cold weather in winter - mild feels wrong and it can really b*gger up our wildlife, especially insects.
  5. I was only kidding, @SuffolkDan You're doing well on the weather front, fair play!
  6. More precip forecast for tomorrow evening. Will be too warm for me but anyone else expecting something wintry?
  7. I hate them. We've got a small amount in the garden and they're a nightmare. If we weren't moving I'd sort them out with grippy paint. Hope your back improves!
  8. Unless people are careful, tomorrow will likely be what's known as a 'good donor day'. I hope people are sensible and cautious.
  9. Have you got a nearby weather station on Wunderground to compare to? Decking boards are a death trap at the best of times
  10. -0.7 and dp -1. Could've done with this when we had precip The chickens are silent and it feels colder than the temps suggest.
  11. Hey! No fair, I'm an Audi driver! Although tbf I'm on a mission to confuse the bejeezus out of people by being the most courteous Audi driver they've ever seen
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