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  1. Different opinions that's all, stick with it as it's addictive reading and fascinating stuff for the inexperienced like me, you learn so much!
  2. Same here, probably because the websites SSL certificate has expired.
  3. Winds now died down with occasional showers. 50 mph + gusts this morning heavy rain.
  4. Happy New Year everyone, I have followed this discussion for a few years now 24/7/365 and still don’t know what your all talking about but I love it!!
  5. Been on the west camper site since 8 this morning, the heat is stifling to say the least, shade gives no great comfort!
  6. Typical but not complaining, first time at Glastonbury this year and I bought the Mrs some stupidly priced Hunter Wellys for xmas for the festival. Never mind, more than happy with the forecast and thanks for the updates!
  7. Hi everyone, been reading these posts for years and been a member for a while, just want to say thanks for all the time other put in to create a great thing to read. And a message to Frosty, keep the faith dude! you crack me up. Happy Christmas and heres to a few flakes here and there over the next few days!