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  1. In Formby Merseyside. Was some strong gusts for about an hour with some very heavy rain and has now pretty much petered out to nothing, bit of a damp squib all round. Temp 9.0 degrees Pressure 975.8 Current wind speed 8.7 mph
  2. This forum cracks me up. All year round you get great people spending their time doing informative posts on what may or may not happen depending on the models. I think anyone who reads this thread know exactly who they all are. Want makes me laugh is as soon things swing away from what ever result has been ‘proposed’, this place fills with all the ‘I Told You So Crew’ I rarely ever see any contribution from any of these people. Please keep up the good work to everyone who informs and teaches me daily!!!
  3. Cloud now clearing exposing blue sky, temp has risen again to 4.5 degrees. Looks like it will drop very cold tonight but not confident on any major showers coming in to this area. ?
  4. Well slap me in the face with a kipper and call me Bernard, it's actually started to snow here. Nothing to write home about but snow nonetheless. Temps drop to 2.9 degrees.
  5. Seriously, did someone get the ruler out to do this weather warning? Looks true though, 4.3 degrees and slashing down!
  6. Formby Merseyside 4.4 Degrees and raining, not expecting any snow here today, possibly Thursday might produce a shower of two.
  7. Stop now in Formby, big temp drops and rises showing on my station. Good to see a bit of snow though as it rarely ever snows here.
  8. Wet snow has turned into surprising heavy snow and now lying, Formby Merseyside, temp has rapidly dropped over the last few hours from 6 degrees to 1.4 degrees.
  9. Just started to 'wet' snow in Formby Merseyside currently 3.6 degrees, temps seems to have dropped from this morning at 6 degrees.
  10. Shut me up! Started to snow heavy again in Formby Merseyside, unexpected but great!! ?
  11. Looks like it's all over in Formby with the snow moving inland eastwards. Enjoy the first taster of bigger things to come (according to the models) ?
  12. Increased again (heavy) in Formby Merseyside, 1 mile from the coast, 1.6 degrees outside.
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