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  1. winds now East now so showers now forming in the n sea will push inland showers getting there act to better.
  2. It is the weakest in 200 years and sun also is undergoing one of its oddest magnetic reversals on record.It should signal the peak of the solar maximum, for some reason The sun's north magnetic pole reversed polarity more than a year ago, so it has the same polarity as the south pole. It's delay between the two reversals is not normal.
  3. While there selling papers they will not care if it far from the truth. It's sells time and time again.There just a few head lines lolGives us something to talk about I guess ! One day they will get it right and we will never here the end of it.
  4. Haha yes .not to different to from now .? High around or on top of uk .
  5. I agree on this day in 62Then late NovemberThen dec 10th 62So having a high floating around like around on charts at the moment carn't be a bad thing at all. Like said few post ago better than zonal .Never know dec 62 might just make a visit lol
  6. Thought it was interesting how before the use of supper computers etc. how patterns from the past was looked at to predicted possible up and coming weather. Point is what ever the charts show in fl a weather pattern in the past can give us a clue of an up and coming weather event!
  7. Morning all I see over last week or two there have been post's on similar weather patterns as years gone by. Well I have came across this. History repeating itself november 1963 V's 2013. Its a good read enjoy. http://www.weather.com/news/history-repeating-itself-november-1963-2013-thanksgiving-20131120?hootPostID=a3a68f098203706bd027f5c9f6884555
  8. Hi all, been following this forum for many years and followed the highs and lows with you all. so I thought it's about time I joined lol. So first of all id like to thank you all for some fantastic reading, So on to the current models , as above^ catacol-highlander said it started on 26th and we had some great winter charts.! Then the models changed course it's far from game over and not even winter yet. Have faith things will change, our winter weather is a lot different now than it was 5yrs + ago. anything from 120hrs + can and often does change very quick in the winter months?Let's see
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