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  1. I'm of the opinion it's better to underlay what is being shown. Then and shock horror charts come into the reliable even then be cautious and underplay them. Then you don't get so gutted when it all. Goes Ts Up
  2. It's been a hugely disappointing winter whichever way you look at it. Cheers
  3. That would be typical and vile at teh same time and I would say not to be ruled out
  4. So you've come. In here to thrill us all with your presence instead ha ha
  5. The gfs 06z is VILE. Why is it when crap shows on the models 9/10 it bloody verifies.
  6. The question is guys, which model is going to call this right?
  7. The gfs however maintains high pressure control. Not amplifying enough just enough to irritate and propogate the cold for elsewhere, as per usual. Signs very late on of cold. We all now by now not to take notice......
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