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  1. Yes Steve lightning here in Herne Bay heavy rain still showing on radar ??
  2. Distant thunder after frequent lightning flashes here on the east coast of Kent anyone have a link to current radar for us please ?
  3. Is there any storms forecast tonight ?
  4. Forecast for the South East for next few days? Cold Crap lol
  5. Hate cold rain that can definitely [email protected]@s off
  6. Looks like the North scooping the cold and snow for Easter whilst we get ..... RAIN
  7. I like your posts they remain unbiased as much as poss, given your preference for summer and warmth lol hoping gfs comes into line with ECM though for us southerners
  8. Nope that's wrong in afraid zero anyway you had a good dumping we get virtually zilch here
  9. Boo Kent has been removed typical
  10. A disappointment whatever way you look at it. Just goes to show that even though we were well within that Amber zone nothing like what was expected happened. Damn. Worse still the easterly remain tomorrow but just chilling wind and zip else that as gonna be galling East Kent has seen virtually nothing in the last few hours barely a smattering
  11. Steve how's it looking for The region? Will it intensify and settle and by what time is it "game over"?
  12. Can someone please post the met office warning maps and summary for our location as I can't see it on my phone. I'd be most grateful thank you