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  1. But are they right i what they show granted they are never to be trusted much beyond two days but let's face it its been promise tease promise tease the more ssw mjo blah blah in the mix the more Confused. Com
  2. This couldn't have been put any better.. Totally agree.. Very very frustrating....
  3. Thanks Dude. It does make u jaded the constant waiting
  4. Me too Boys so I'm. Glad we. Have somewhere to hang out... Can I join in
  5. I am. Glad you are well again and yes cold weather isn't fun if you are ill or infirm. Which model will pick up. On the easterly first then teits
  6. How do u ignore someone on here there's a button isn't there
  7. This is a. Very good sign remaining cold no matter what then yes??