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  1. Neil for us it's Wednesday night when the cold uppers move in they only continue dropping thereafter. Snowfall perhaps after Sunday and throughout following week hopefully Herne bay Thanet area will get loads it's about time
  2. It's seriously hacking me off it absolutely RUINS what would otherwise be a fantastic place to learn why not put the energy into working out what the models actually say instead of being idiots to each other
  3. It's like a pantomime with all the unexpected twists and turns an laughable delivery of Synoptics... You never know if the baddie (mild poor for cold) will appear one minute only to be scuppered by an appearance of bright multicoloured knickers (easterly) the next second - oh look, a crocus ⏰
  4. NO! And that's cause enough to moan if nothing else is .... Boo Paul
  5. Mine was just deleted and didn't appear in here there are plenty of other posts along the same lines in the model thread which have definitely been "overlooked" by the Moderators I think they pick and choose who to delete. It always seems to be that Paul Sherwood bloke
  6. Definitely blizzard81 would u blame me? Time is ticking on this winter
  7. Daniel you're a lad ! Hope GFS continues the way it's going and you'll be quids in
  8. Come on guys please be respectful of each other it spoils the community spirit. Each of you bring something to the table. Let it be snow ice and sledges not slanging matches and unpleasantries
  9. As has been said countless times fluctuations and variations on a theme will be shown by models across the board. tomorrow, as I understand it, will be the earliest we can expect to see anything likely to manifest in the medium to long term. Particularly with reference to the ssw. It comes as no surprise therefore, that they all differ in their outputs
  10. Crazy but we are desperate
  11. I would hazard a guess and say gfs is still finding its feet sorry be so ambiguous just a gut feeling