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  1. Dry cloudy start, with the cloud breaking late afternoon Temp 18.7c Max Temp 19.9c Min Temp 12.7c
  2. Dry warm mostly sunny day Temp 16.2c Max Temp 24.6c Min Temp 10.0c
  3. That's one for National Geographic photo competition me thinks!
  4. Dry day with a fair amount of cloud but also some sunny spells Temp 20.5c Max Temp 21.3c Min Temp 7.2c
  5. Totally missed May, so making sure I don't miss this one I shall guess now! 16.9c please
  6. Bit of a disappointing day which was mainly cloudy and wet. Temp 14.9c Max Temp 15.6c Min Temp 7.4c
  7. Cloudy with light showers Temp 12.5c
  8. Stunning day with plenty of sun. Temp 11.6c Max Temp 18.3c Min Temp 8.3c
  9. Dry day with sunny spells Temp 13.3c Max Temp 16.5c Min Temp 7.1c