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  1. Cloudy wet day Temp 10.0c Max Temp 10.4c Min Temp 7.7c
  2. Cloudy damp start after some overnight rain Temp 8.1c
  3. Dry day with the on bright spell, fair breezy all day. Temp 10.5c Max Temp 12.8c Min Temp 5.1c
  4. Don't know if it just happens to me, but when viewing the strat thread, as you get near to the bottom of the page - the page seems to want to start scrolling up again. Basically the page doesn't seem to want to stay at the bottom of the page by it's self. This seem to only happen on the strat thread!
  5. Dry cold cloudy start, eventually clearing to sunny spells Temp 9.4c Max Temp 12.1c Min Temp 2.2c
  6. Coldest night of the autumn so far with a low of 2.2c Temp 3.6c
  7. Dry sunny day Temp 9.7c Max Temp 14.8c Min Temp 3.2c
  8. 24.1mm recorded this month so far. Been very dry which I must admit has been much better than the wet Autumn and Winter we had last year.
  9. Dry day with good sunny spells Temp 11.6c Max Temp 13.2c Min Temp 7.2c
  10. Dry day with good sunny spells Temp 11.9c Max Temp 14.9c Min Temp 9.3c