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  1. Nice dumping for Western Russia, this is exactly were we want to see it & not heading South to Stans & Iran.
  2. Cool blustery day with long sunny spells Temp 13.2c Max Temp 14.8c Min Temp 9.9c
  3. I'm liking the build up this year, seem more balanced than the previous few years. Snow building in the right areas and advancing ever further West instead of the usual South. Ice is also looking more robust. As you can see, no crazy early falls for USA or China or Mongolia. Eastern Russia has a good covering as does Alaska, these places have previously taken a while to gain snow cover. I might be looking through rose coloured spectacles and probably has little bearing on our Winter, but I think things look a little healthier this year.
  4. Dry sunny breezy start Temp 10.3c
  5. Windy showery day Temp 12.2c Max Temp 14.5c Min Temp 11.4c
  6. Not even windy here, am I missing something?
  7. Cloudy day with sunny spells Temp 13.7c Max Temp 15.2c Min Temp 11.2c
  8. I had some cracking images in my head of you & a Kestrel storm chasing
  9. Have you got a bird of prey as a extreme weather accomplice
  10. Going for 8.2c please
  11. Cloudy wet day Temp 13.6c Max Temp 14.6c Min Temp 9.1c
  12. Totally agree, until ice levels recover to pre 1980 levels, the best we can hope for is a 1-10yr event like 2009 Snow in Winter for Southern areas is a rare beast, bring back the ice & the snow will follow.