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  1. Dry hot sunny day Temp 32.7c Max Temp 33.9c Min Temp 17.7c
  2. Max Temp for me yesterday was 32.2c, I'm not sure if we will get any higher today! BBC having London area highest again today with somewhere reaching 34c
  3. Dry hot sunny day Temp 32.2c Max Temp 32.5c Min Temp 17.8c
  4. Got to 29.5c around 2pm but since then the temp has dropped off, currently 28.9c
  5. Another hot day, 27.9c and rising. Will the South West be the hot spot tomorrow?
  6. Yes sounds totally un -inspiring and a waste of high Summer. Plenty of time for wet and windy weather in Autumn/Winter & Spring Even though I'm sneezing constantly with Hay fever & and getting very little sleep due to the heat, I would still take this weather over what the EC46 is saying any day of the week. Small price to pay for this glorious Summer weather.
  7. Another glorious start to the day. Temp 18.8c
  8. Hot sunny day Temp 31.6c Max Temp 31.6c Min Temp 17.4c
  9. Dry hot sunny day Temp 28,9c Max Temp 30.3c Min Temp 14.3c