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  1. Dry and cloudy for most the day, rain late afternoon Temp 15.8c Max Temp 18.9c Min Temp 13.8c
  2. Dry sunny windy day Temp 17.5c Max Temp 19.5c Min Temp 13.3c
  3. Dry sunny start, still very breezy Temp 16.4c
  4. Sunshine and showers Temp 16.3c Max Temp 17.9c Min Temp 13.5c
  5. Dry sunny start after overnight showers Temp 13.6c
  6. Dry for most the day with the odd shower Temp 19.5c Max Temp 22.9c Min Temp 15.6c
  7. Dry start after some overnight rain Temp 17.2c
  8. Dry sunny for most the day, clouding over late on Temp 18.7c Max Temp 21.9c Min Temp 11.9c
  9. Mostly cloudy day with rain on and off all day Temp 16.6c Max Temp 20.9c Min Temp 11.7c
  10. Feels like Autumn down here, and will stay that way until March Next year.