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  1. Dry warm sunny start Temp 16.2c
  2. Cloudy day with light rain on and off Temp 19.6c Max Temp 21.0c Min Temp 16.7c
  3. Dry mostly cloudy start Temp 18.5c
  4. Dry warm sunny day Temp 23.3c Max Temp 23.7c Min Temp 15.9c
  5. Dry warm sunny day Temp 23.0c Max Temp 26.9c Min Temp 14.7c
  6. Dry partly cloudy start Temp 17.4c
  7. Mostly dry day, but a little rain late on Temp 18.2c Max Temp 22.4c Min Temp 15.0c
  8. Dry day with lots of warm sunshine Temp 21.7c Max Temp 24.3c Min Temp 19.8c
  9. Overnight low of 20.4c, can't believe I'm saying this, but could really do with some rain, been very dry for a while now
  10. Dry hot sunny day Temp 28.4c Max Temp 33.5c Min Temp 16.1c