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  1. Cloudy mild start Temp 7.9c
  2. Cloudy wet day Temp 10.1c Max Temp 10.1c Min Temp 2.2c
  3. just shy of 40mm today, yesterday and today have been particularly grizzly. Something drier tomorrow, so will be able to take the dog out for a extra long walk.
  4. Storm chasing is on my to do list, but until finances are a little better, I'll probably settle for storm chasing around the South west this Spring/Summer. Something I've not done before, but now I have a dash cam I think I'll give it a try this year.
  5. I love snow, but not enough to move house. In all fairness, you're right, this is not a good place to live if you like anything extreme. Poor for snow and cold, not very good for summer storms either. I think I will need to book myself some weather holidays in the years to come, storm chasing for storms and Iceland or Norway for cold and snow.
  6. Currently up to 24mm here and still raining. It's been a thoroughly miserable winter made all the worst with most of the rest of the country seeing snow. Would love to see some prolonged dry weather , and I don't mind if it's of the warmer rather than colder. Unless we see an epic cold spell develop, anything slightly less that involves the words marginal means more rain for the south west. Dry whether it's cold or mild please.
  7. Just plain old rain here, temp 3.4c & 5.1mm so far The hideous winter continues - roll on Spring. Good luck to those who see snow
  8. Another horrible cloudy wet day, made even worse by the fact it's cold too. Temp 3.4c and heavy rain
  9. Cloudy damp wet chilly day....... the worst kind. Temp 4.7c Max Temp 7.3c Min Temp 3.7c
  10. Apart from a shower mid afternoon, the day has been mainly sunny and dry Temp 5.0c Max Temp 8.1c Min Temp 3.2c
  11. Dry sunny mild day Temp 5.6c Max Temp 11.0c Min Temp 5.6c
  12. Love day here in Nailsea, been sunny most the day. Totally out of Winter mode now, searching for drier warmer & sunnier weather.
  13. I'm sick of this Winter, it's been very good for Scotland, Ireland & a lot of Northern England, while place in Central & Southern England have seen snow, Here in parts of the South West and South Coast we've been feeding of scraps of wintry showers. It feels like the only way we would see anything decent snow wise is too get the mother of all cold spells, which we all know are as rare as hens teeth. Looks drier and warmer next week which suits me, it can stay that way from now on as far as I'm concerned