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  1. Sun shining out of my front window & black clouds with thunder and lightning out of the back window.
  2. Dry warm sunny start Temp 15.2c
  3. Foggy morning, clearing mid day to clear sunny skies Temp 14.9c Max Temp 21.8c Min Temp 10.6c
  4. Not sure what's going on with my weather station, reached 21.4c around noon & it's now reading 17.4c. sun is shining, would have thought the temp would be rising, not dropping?
  5. Love this weather, nice to feel the sun on your back.
  6. Another stunning start to the day, Clear, no wind and warm Temp 11.2c
  7. Glorious sunny Spring day Temp 22.4c Max Temp 24.2c Min Temp 14.0c
  8. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I guess they don't make the threshold - you must have better eyesight than me, as I can't see any spots!
  9. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    3 days blank, 65 for 2018, 62% Solar flux is 69
  10. Dry cloudy day Temp 15.4c Max Temp 16.6c Min Temp 12.3c
  11. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    2 days blank, 64 for 2018, 61% Solar flux 69
  12. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    The sun is blank again 1 day blank, 64 for 2018 61% Solar flux 71