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  1. Dry cloudy start, with rain setting in after lunch. Temp 9.4c Max Temp 10.5c Min Temp 7.2c
  2. 6.1c for me please
  3. Nice sunny day, with light winds Temp 6.9c Max Temp 10.6c Min Temp 4.0c
  4. Dry clear start, cooler than of late Temp 4.2c
  5. Mostly sunny day after early rain, very windy Temp 4.2c Max Temp 10.8c Min Temp 4.2c
  6. Cloudy misty dull damp mild day Temp 10.9c Max Temp 11.4c Min Temp 9.7c
  7. Cloudy damp mild day Temp 9.6c Max Temp 10.6c Min Temp 8.6c
  8. Cloudy start with patchy light rain, mild again. Temp 9.1c
  9. Cloudy dull breezy mild day Temp 8.8c Max Temp 10.8c Min Temp 8.3c
  10. Been here far to many time this Winter, one last trip up the garden path, or have the models cried wolf one to many times?
  11. Cloudy dull mild start Temp 8.9c