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  1. very pleasant welcome (not), should have stayed a lurker me thinks !

    Welcome to the forum PJYID, Penguin's joke was actually at OON's expense, and not at yours, so take no notice... :)

    no one ever welcomed me either...they are mostly a miserable bunch :D so think nothing of it!

    Oh dear. Well, in that case... welcome to the forum, cheeky_monkey.

  2. Baa humbug.

    If it was anyone else I'd correct their spelling...

    hi there! my name is Stefan. i'm 18. i live in Karlovac, Croatia.

    i'm a student of metheorology in single metherology school in Croatia.

    i came on this forum because i wanna to discust about metherology with people outside of Croatia.

    that's all from me for now! bye

    Welcome to the forum. :)
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  3. Hey, Im chris a 22 year old from Northern Ireland. I've always had a fascination for mother nature and the weather she bestows upon us, so here I'am, first weather forum I've ever signed up to and hopefully I will be of great benefit and great interest to others on this forum.

    Welcome to netweather, Chris. :)

    I'm Lady P and I'm lovely.

  4. very stupid question but you know the squares under your personal picture what do they represent and mean and the name that comes with it-please help :D

    They equate to the number of post you've made - can't remember the amount of posts required for each square off the top of my head at the moment though I'm afraid.

    What are the rankings??

    Like if you get this number of posts what do you get??

    What do points make??? PRIZES.


    After literally minutes of searching I have discovered this...

    1 square - new members 0 posts

    2 squares - cirrus 1 - 99 posts

    3 squares - stratus 100 - 299 posts

    4 squares - cumulus 300 -599 posts

    5 squares - nimbostratus 600 - 1199 posts

    6 squares - cumulonimbus 1200 plus posts.

    It doesn't get better than that.

    Of course, a lot of people have fiddled with their settings to make their rating rather more personal and slightly less cloudy.

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