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  1. 1 minute ago, Steve Murr said:

    The snow clearing through now is it for today -

    the big clump of snow pushing up from france will hit the SW this eve but then overnight the energy will pivot & spread back SE down the channel & up into our area tomorrow morning as snow - ( maybe im the extreme south coast rain )

    The GFS wants to push the front through but other models like the UKMO / hirlam want to slow it down over london / SE

    😂😂😂 just the words I wanted to here mate, rain on the south coast lol. 

  2. Afternoon folks

    looking forward to cold week ahead and hopefully some snow. After looking at the latest GFS I think we can expect which path the low will take. Was hoping it would take a more northern France path but the models seemed to all be singing off the same hymn sheet. 

    With low heights in the med I couldn't work out why the low was heading straight for Blighty. Checking then jet profile I found the answer. Still going to be cold for most but snow will be restricted to northern areas. Still time to change fingers crossed. Hope everyone is well 



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