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  1. Bognor Regis seems to be in the sweet spot, getting a good dumping. Misses said 2 inches so far and still falling heavy.
  2. Sent by my family from Bognor Regis, getting a good dumping there which is rare
  3. Typical I’m away with the military leaving my little girl at home who rarely sees snow, just had a message from the wife saying heavy snow and settling on all surfaces. Hope she enjoys it, shame daddy’s not there to see her have fun in it. Bognor Regis
  4. Sadly for us on the south coast we have to wait for our easterly to materialise for any real cold and snow. Hope everyone enjoys the snow atm ?
  5. Well maybe it’s a case of short term pain long term gain lol, GFS ends with an absolute peach on a greeny high and entrenched cold. Keep chin up my cold hunting pals ?
  6. Evening all just a quick question, during the winters of 47/63/87 etc is there any evidence that these big winter events started after a SSW? Can you get a prolonged wintry spell without a SSW?
  7. Wow bold statement pal, the models flip and change more than my underpants. Things could look very different in the next 2 weeks. Long range signals 2 weeks ago showed northern blocking and a cold start to December.
  8. What a beautiful day it's been at Headley court military rehab facility. Cold and crisp and a slight thaw through the day. Was walking around the gardens and the sun was lovely and warm. Looking forward to a nice warm spring now. The end of winter 17/18 has been memorable ?
  9. Here on the south coast we have a lovely dusting of salt on the roads and naff all else ?.
  10. Anyone else ready for spring now lol? Snow is great but lethal ice is awful. A lot of people will get injurys today
  11. Well after being very impatient all day we finally have our heavy snow. Kids have done there sledging and loved it. Stay safe everyone
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