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  1. Evening all just a quick question, during the winters of 47/63/87 etc is there any evidence that these big winter events started after a SSW? Can you get a prolonged wintry spell without a SSW?
  2. Wow bold statement pal, the models flip and change more than my underpants. Things could look very different in the next 2 weeks. Long range signals 2 weeks ago showed northern blocking and a cold start to December.
  3. What a beautiful day it's been at Headley court military rehab facility. Cold and crisp and a slight thaw through the day. Was walking around the gardens and the sun was lovely and warm. Looking forward to a nice warm spring now. The end of winter 17/18 has been memorable
  4. Here on the south coast we have a lovely dusting of salt on the roads and naff all else .
  5. Anyone else ready for spring now lol? Snow is great but lethal ice is awful. A lot of people will get injurys today
  6. We're having a period of heavy hail. Very fine but it's making the roads lethal.
  7. Well after being very impatient all day we finally have our heavy snow. Kids have done there sledging and loved it. Stay safe everyone
  8. more snow in my fridge than my back garden
  9. just the words I wanted to here mate, rain on the south coast lol.
  10. What a shocking week for snow where I am, seem to be caught right in the middle ground, heavy snow to the right, heavy snow due in the west. Already on summer count down. Very disappointed
  11. Non event here in West Sussex, little light snow but mainly dry and cold .
  12. Hi nick how do you reckon West Sussex will fair tomorrow?we seem to be on the boarder of the amber warning. Thanks
  13. Has anyone got any idea how West Sussex will fair tomorrow? We're sort of on he boundary of the amber warning.
  14. Had about 2cm here in Bognor Regis, steady snow through the morning dropping the kids off. Will most likely melt in sun but at least my 4 year old has finally seen snow and had a snow ball fight. Can cancel the holiday to norway now lol