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  1. Very quick thaw today! On the bus back to Rushden from Oxford and the pace of the thaw has been astonishing. By 1pm, most of the inch of snow we saw over the weekend had vanished completely. Strength of the sun this time of year though!
  2. Chucking it down here in Oxford at the moment! Got very lucky as it seemed to intensify over us!
  3. Sadly I wasn't I feel sorry for people in Leicester, I remember living there for many years and seeing bands of snow miss us by about 20 miles to the North or South. Very annoying.
  4. Personally, I think the northern extent of the band will be Birmingham/Warwickshire but I hope i'm wrong!
  5. What a night! Only just got back to my family's house after a night out in Oxford and it must have snowed around 1-2 inches or so here! I had my beer javket on though so couldn't feel the cold
  6. *BLOBWATCH 2.0* I want to know, is this one genuine or is it lying to us like the last one did?
  7. Inaprop!! I haven't heard that in years. I forgot about that saying amazing. Or was it 'anaprop'? Either way, I love it.
  8. I feel sick. I've been lied to for the past 2 hours! Scrap the blobwatch movement. The blob is dead to me
  9. I don't believe you, you're lying!! The blob has to be telling the truth #JUSTICEFORBLOB
  10. We've been discussing it in the South East thread. Blobwatch
  11. Did HIRLAM actually forecast the blob?
  12. You'll see her on the local weather in a few hours... "some users on Netweather reported there was a blob on the way. Well don't worry, there isn't" *whole of the South East is buried by 6pm*
  13. BLOBWATCH UPDATE! I've just compared it from 8:15am to 9:20am. Look how much it's grown in the last hour... Genuinely didn't expect to see this developing as it is so far. More importantly, is anyone currently under it?! If so, how heavy is it?
  14. That blob is gonna cause havoc on the Murr scale. If that carries on as it is, could be an 8-9 out of 10! Just keeps intensifying.
  15. I think a new thread needs to be opened for that blob alone. It keeps growing with every 5 minute radar update! Lets start a petition for the blob thread... *BLOB WATCH* Where will it end up?! My guess is over the London area in around 3 hours. What does everyone else reckon?
  16. I wouldn't worry, you'll get plenty Murr snow later from that band! (Sorry, that was poor, i'll get my coat and leave)
  17. I was just about to post about that! Holt moly. I don't think any of the models forecast PPN that heavy over that area!
  18. Morning Fizzychops The snow is quite dry isn't it? Thankfully we have -10 850's again for this weekend so any snow that does fall later on today and overnight should start to settle more on pavements and roads!
  19. Bloody windy out there too isn't it?! Can hear it howling. Hoping we see more than a dusting in Oxford this weekend. Some models suggest we will see light-moderate snowfall for most of the evening and overnight. We shall see.
  20. Hope the roads are clear by then! They should be as I think the gritters will be working overtime on Sunday night into Monday. It looks like the worst of it will be over by Monday anyway and the temp picks up a bit too. I worked for 4 years as a learning disabilities support worker so I completely understand your situation!
  21. Well, it was powdery at the beginning when it was lighter but now it's picked up, it's now bigger, wetter flakes but still settling on grass and cars!
  22. In Oxford for the weekend and I can confirm moderate snow is now falling horizontal snow as well due to the strength of the wind!
  23. How you guys in the South east holding up with this on the way? looks like a pretty decent band and it's not moving through quickly either!
  24. In Oxford for the weekend again and it's snowing lightly here. The powdery type again looking at the radar, I bet the people in the South East thread are going berzerk with that band on the way. London goes balistic if they get a dusting