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  1. Typical! Another downgrade within the 24 hour mark. Story of this winter ?
  2. Oh no. Please don't tease us like this AGAIN. Can't take another let down ?
  3. I honestly think this band could bring a covering of snow to Stoke. Doubt it will even reach my area (Northampton) but i'll be happy for you guys in the North West Midlands if it does! The intensity is there. Let us know what happens.
  4. I'm pretty sure this band of PPN wasn't forecast to make it that far South! The models had a band of PPN hitting Yorkshire and Northwards. If it carries on at this rate, the whole of the Midlands could see some snowfall this evening! It shows no signs of slowing down ??
  5. You guys in Stoke will be laughing if this hits you! It's heading towards your area at quite a quick rate! Surprise snowfall maybe?
  6. The annoying thing is, it's around 1c out there yet it's raining. That's how close we are to seeing snow! I think that's what makes it worse ?
  7. Well, the rain turned to snow for a brief time about an hour ago in a heavier burst. It has turned back to rain now though as the intensity has died down. What a let down ?
  8. Such a let down tbh. Was hoping for sleet at least! ?
  9. Great. So a further downgrade from the 18z. At T12 ?? Couldn't write it.
  10. What worries me is if the mild sector is a bit further North than first forecast. That would turn any PPN into rain or sleet here in Northampton?
  11. The front is a bit lively ain't it! Already in South West Wales ?
  12. Cheers Steve, much appreciated. Going to be a case of let's wait and see now then!
  13. Steve, what's your opinion on Northampton's prospects? On some models, we look to be in a decent position but we may only see sleet if the GFS is correct.
  14. Leicester maybe... Northampton is in the danger zone ?
  15. What are they saying? That the mild sector will be too far north?
  16. Ahhh! Good old Beacon Hill, classic place ? I bet there is a bit of snow up Bradgate Park as well.
  17. Any updates from Leicester? Looks like the heaviest of the shower is right over them now!
  18. Leicester folk - heads up, beefy shower heading in! Should be of snow. Hope it settles a bit for you as well. Lucky bleeders ??
  19. There are some tasty showers coming down from the Cheshire gap area at the moment!?
  20. Thank you ? I really hope so. I'm so snow starved! Not seen snow since March 2018! Was never a chance of seeing it in Gibraltar! Glad i'm back to be honest ?
  21. Helloooo everyone :) After my brief 18 month stint in Gibraltar, i'm back in the UK now. Living in Northampton. What's this I see for Thursday morning?!
  22. I hope so! I'm visiting the UK for my birthday week, 4-10th of March to watch my beloved Leicester City play? I really hope there is some snow around for that first week of March. Not seen any snow all Winter living in Gibraltar this year, so i'm desperate to see some!!
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