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  1. I hope so! I'm visiting the UK for my birthday week, 4-10th of March to watch my beloved Leicester City play I really hope there is some snow around for that first week of March. Not seen any snow all Winter living in Gibraltar this year, so i'm desperate to see some!!
  2. I know it's not much of a consolation but it looks like Leicester will be hit with a moderate snow shower soon. Heads up Leicester folk!
  3. Haha! 'ajpoolshark' reminds me of a name someone would have on MSN back in the day Tell me about it! I even had a year stint in Rushden from March 2017 to April 2018 So in the past 7 years, I've lived in Leicester, Oxford and Oxfordshire, Rushden and now Gibraltar. Only planning on staying here till July though and then move back to good old England. I am enjoying it here but I miss my friends and family in the UK and it sounds sad but I couldn't possibly live somewhere long-term that has 0% of snow all year round
  4. Hold on, just realised something... You used to be 'ajpoolshark'! How you doing me old mucka? Apart from being snowed in
  5. Showing no sign of stopping for Swindon either A good 4 hours or more to come yet!
  6. Not weather related but... Hollywood Hogan... BROTHER!
  7. Living in Gibraltar at the moment with 0% chance of snow, this is how desperate I am to see snow... I am watching a live webcam of my old stomping ground, Oxford, on my PC Coming down a fair lick there again.
  8. I really do feel sorry for those in Brum and Leicester today. big band of snow to the South west and now snow showers heading into Yorkshire and Stoke area. You're literally right between the 2
  9. There's more bands than a festival for you lot around North London
  10. My cousin is at Reading uni at the moment. Looks like you've done pretty well down there!
  11. Sorry to the Leicester folk for getting your hopes up earlier Honestly thought it looked decent for you guys though. The screenshot I took of the radar shows how close it's been. 30-40 miles further North and you'd have been in business Same for Brum too.
  12. Looks like my old stomping ground of Oxford is getting a decent amount tonight! Oxford peeps... I want to see some pictures in the morning!
  13. If it keeps heading Northwards at the rate it is currently, Corby should start seeing some light snow within the next 30 mins.
  14. Well, well well. This could throw up a few surprises after all I hope it does keep moving Northwards. If it does, there will be quite a few surprised and happy people on here tomorrow morning! I'm at work till 2:30am, so I shall be following it closely, from afar.
  15. How have you done in Witney? Reminds me of that episode of 'Friends'... PIVOT.... PIVOT!!
  16. To be honest, as it's an office job and it's a Friday... They will survive without you I used to work as a carer back in the UK and never took a day off because of the snow. In 2013, when I was a domiciliary carer, I even cycled from house to house with snow on the ground for nearly 2 weeks Different line of work though. Old people were dependent on me getting there so they could have a wash and have hot food cooked for them. I wouldn't risk driving in it for an office job.
  17. Depends what you do for a living. Personally, I wouldn't risk it as it's going to be treacherous tomorrow morning where you are.
  18. Put it this way, you wouldn't want one of the buggers running up your trouser leg
  19. My ex had 3 ferrets. I did like them but they didn't half like to bite me Gits.
  20. Not a scooby. I have noticed this before with other snow events though. Especially if the band of snow is pushing up from the South. Happened in 2009, when according to the radar, Leicester was under light snow for a good 2 hours and nothing was falling It did arrive in the end though, just a few hours late
  21. Looks like Oxford got lucky! I know we can't trust what the radar is saying this evening but, according to that, The heaviest PPN from the whole band is slap bang over there
  22. Jay, I have one question for you mate... Will it snow in Gibraltar?! Looks like you've done well from this, doesn't look like stopping anytime soon for you either.
  23. Go old school and not look at the radar at all Just go by what the lamp post is saying!
  24. Yeah, I wish I was there now and not in Gibraltar. It's currently hammering it down with rain here, with wind speeds of 50mph+ Horrible. On a side note, I see you're a fan of Oxford City... I had a career with them on Football Manager 2017, took them to the championship My cousin Isaac still plays for them but hasn't made the first team yet. He did make the bench once. His mates Tom Carter and Craig Fasanmade have had a few appearances now though! Sorry for the off-topic post
  25. Awesome! Lived on Quarry Rd, for 3 months in 2018. Just next to the coach house. Nice area!
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