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  1. Just started here in Oundle and it's.... RAIN I expected it to start as sleet or snow here as it's East Midlands but nope, just plain old rain. May well be freezing rain as the temp is still below 0c.
  2. Cost and time of lessons and tests only costs £90 to take a one day CBT and be on the road the next day with a 125cc. So easy really. Hopefully i'll drive eventually though!
  3. You know what, I never thought i'd say this in my life but I won't be disappointed if it doesnt snow. I love snow and always will but the past few days have been challenging and dangerous for me personally as I ride a 125cc motorbike and it does not cope well with snow and ice! I would avoid going out on it in snow and icy conditions but I need to use it for work as I work 20 miles away out in the sticks and public transport links are very poor. I almost came off my bike 3 times yesterday on the way home from Rugby and the roads around Oundle were ice rinks this morning when I finished my night shift. I'm working there again tonight and leaving at 8am. I don't mind if it snows after 8am just not before
  4. Glossop will get at least 25 inches. Calling it now
  5. Not far from those villages that I went through then! Haha I know! I'd love to see a proper Easterly set up at some point this Winter. It probably won't happen as they're quite rare but it would top off what has already been a brilliant Winter for snow in the Midlands and we still have 2-3 months left! Normally we're lucky if we see a dusting.
  6. Really cool! Whereabouts in South Leicestershire are you again? I went through some villages on my way home this morning and they had been plastered. South Kilworth and Welford especially.
  7. I'm surprised by how localised it was last night. Nuneaton which is 10 miles doen the road from my girlfriends house in Rugby hardly saw any settling snow and neither did Coventry which is 20 miles away. This was the scene in Rugby at 10am this morning, a fair bit of snow around...
  8. I think South Leicestershire got plastered in the end! I went back from Rugby to Rushden on my bike this morning and it was very dangerous. The villages around South Leicestershire had fallen trees and snow covering the roads. Some of the trees looked like they'de been struck by lightning, may have been that thundersnow! Managed to get a picture of the road just before the A14 slip road in Leicestershire. Was very dangerous, especially on a 125cc. I almost lost it about 3 times! A14 westbound is a no-go as well. Literally nothing moving.
  9. Oh great! I have to go down there to get back to Rushden from Rugby!
  10. Haha! In the words of Jim Royle... Loud jet my a*se How's it looking in Leicester? Radar suggests the heaviest PPN is slap bang over you now
  11. I knew it! Holy moly. Bloody woke me up confirmed on the Netweather radar
  12. Trust me, I promise you that was thunder. It lasted around 5-10 seconds and was an unmistakable roll of thunder. I just looked outside and it's absolutely chucking it down. I'll be surprised if there isn't a lightning strike detected around here from around 4-5 mins ago.
  13. WTH! Just laid down to go to sleep and there was a big clap of thunder! Not seen thundersnow since 2004
  14. Come up to Newbold in Rugby, a good inch here now!
  15. Size of those flakes! They're like pancakes falling from the sky *ok bit of an exaggeration but still*
  16. I love how Leicester is in the sweet spot. Hardly ever happened when i lived there. it happened once in 2010 but can't think of another time before that.
  17. Absolute scenes here in Rugbeh! Just took a video, there's actually a covering now. 20171227_012451_1.mp4
  18. Really baffles me as the colder air is meant to be digging in from the North. So in theory, it should be colder in Nottingham/Grantham than Leicester and Rugby! I guess that's evaporative cooling in action though. Leicester and Rugby have moderate to heavy PPN at the moment and it must be bringing the temps down just enough!
  19. Very localised tonight. I thought the colder air was digging in though and would already be in the likes of Nottingham but it's reporting rain there on XCweather
  20. Very unlucky! It's cos Nuneaton is a dive mate, even the snow doesn't want to go there! jesting of course. Strange though how 10 miles is the difference between rain and snow though.
  21. That's pretty good quality tbf! It really is coming down now isn't it. Massive flakes! In a right sweet spot here on the radar! So is Leicester
  22. Hammering it down here in Rugby! The road and pavements are in that transitional stage from slush to snow
  23. Snow starting to turn the pavements and road a bit white here now! Temp has dropped to 1c with a dew of 0c! By the looks of the GFS precip charts, this will stick around till around 7-8am and the colder air really digs in after 3am! Could actually wake up to a white scene here in the morning! Big surprise for me as I wasn't expecting it.
  24. No mate, I got my CBT in jan of this year. I cycled for years though haha. Progressing slowly
  25. That's what i've got!! Haha. I know what you mean by then being sketchy. I'm happy with the bike but of course i'd love more power and bigger tyres. Bit hair raising when you're battling it out with lorries on the A roads too but you get used to it Still snowing here too but not settling anywhere yet.