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  1. How ironic is this... The advert at the top of the page is for the new film with Arnold Schwarzenegger in, called 'the last stand' I think tonights snow event for some could be called the last stand, in regards to the cold and snowy weather!

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    2. Eugene


      No sign of any cold spell on january 2nd gavin and looked what happened, the models were even worse then i recall

    3. Eugene


      Something will pop up in the models in the next week for cold fans, late feb/early march can deliver so plenty of time left this winter, i would never write off summer in late July with August and September around the corner. august was the best month of the summer last year, felt very warm at times, the zonal isnt particualry mild zonal for next week anyway apart from the odd day or so, it will still feel chilly in the wind and at night, british winters arent full of cold, snowy and icey wea...

    4. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Tuesday and Tuesday nigh into wednesday looks very mild for the south highs of 13c by day and 11c by night

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