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  1. Not too sure why people are writing Winter off as a terrible one just yet. For those who have seen little or no snow..There is still IMO about 30 days left to play for. If a blocking pattern emerges we could see snowy conditions up till mid March!

    1. Eugene


      Yes but once march 1st hits lots of people lose interest in wintry weather on here , not me just most, runs arent that bad this morning anyway especially UKMO 00Z and i notice GFS 06Z has HP until end of next week too

    2. Aaron


      Tell me about it.. winter weather can and most certainly does occur outside of the meteorological definition of winter

    3. leicsnow


      I certainly agree Andy. If you look back at late February/early March 2005 and to a lesser extent 2004, they delivered some decent snowfall for our location with only slight thaws during the day. Not the best but decent by my standards! March 2006 was also a good month.