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  1. From Corby eh? I'm not far from you now, I live in Rushden :)

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    2. pegg24


      Or a bit of a battle ground. Strange northants is can get a pasting of snow but sometimes miss out.

      Oundle is nice very expensive 

    3. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      Nice to see some folks living where I was born and worked for many years.
      I'll keep an eye on your snow reports  :)

    4. Mokidugway


      Bought a trouser press there :closedeyes:

  2. Cheers Nick! West Brom now my 2nd team :D boing boing!

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    2. andy_leics22


      Cheers mate! I know, if we actually do this, I will party so hard! :rofl: planning on going up to Leicester after Everton at home in 2 weeks time to party in town afterwards. Leicester City centre will be incredible that night if we've wrapped it up by then!

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Shame that Vardy has got an extra game ban though!

    4. andy_leics22


      Yeah we could have done without that :( still, we proved that we aren't just all about Vardy when we played Swansea. Hopefully Ulloa can put in another big performance against Utd!

  3. What is going on! Leicester 1 win away from the title and we just had a dusting of hail at the end of April! Madness. Definitely a West Brom fan tonight :D boing boing!

    1. Daniel*


      Dusting of hail? I think you mean snow 

  4. Wow, what a day. Saw Leicester win away at Watford to put us 5 points clear at the top of the prem. Perfect end to my birthday :D

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      come on leicester!

    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Hope you guys win the league a breath of fresh air this season I honestly didn't think Claudio would do this good

    3. Daniel*


      Happy birthday pal

  5. On my way to Watford. Cmon Leicester!!

  6. We should have beaten you last night Nick :( credit for defending well and Foster pulled off some top saves but we spurned SO many chances

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      I'm one of the very few Albion fans who want your lot to win the league, the rest of them are delighted we've thrown a spanner in the works...

    2. andy_leics22


      That's kind of you mate! The Albion fans were a bit fiesty last night. At the end of the game, quite a few of them came up to the barrier between them and the Leicester fans and were giving it some! :rofl:  

      It was a good game though, West Brom looked dangerous at times but we should have taken our chances better. Hoping for a West Ham and Swansea win tonight, haha.

  7. We need to bank that 18z run. NOW!

    1. Daniel*


      The 12z was as good if not better 

  8. Can't see this band sticking around long enough in the Midlands and Central areas to see back edge snow. At 6pm the band is further South and East than the models suggested! Will probably clear away before the cold can get here :(

  9. R.I.P winter

    1. DisruptiveGust


      Good riddance to bad rubbish!! 

    2. Mokidugway


      Perfect  winter for watching mod thread de toy ...

  10. Sadly I think the upcoming cold spell will be a case of close but no cigar. Unless you live around 500m asl in Wales, then you may see something...

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      not really a cold spell, just a toppler, frost Sun night, then back to normal by monday night, 10° tuesday

    2. snowangel32


      Yh 12z indicate that great Synoptics but no cold to tap into. Looks like snow for Welsh mountains and Peak District depending on ppn. If the pub run doesn't upgrade I fear this will be another missed opportunity.:wallbash:

  11. I really fail to see when the next cold spell will arrive. End of Feb maybe? Not much use then though, stronger sun and longer days.

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    2. Stormyking


      Ahh,, im on the IOW we manged to get 8inches plus in parts, which lasted on the ground for about a week or 2 :), didnt realise you had none :/, just saying that its certainly not useless even in March :)

    3. andy_leics22


      Aj... We did actually see about 3 inches overnight in Leicester in April 2008 :) maybe I am being a bit pessimistic but the last few Winters have been rubbish down here :(

    4. A.J


      yep, they have been a bit crap

  12. Mate, have you won the lottery?! You're on a world tour by the looks of it!! Haha

    1. WillinGlossop


      I wish..... Hehe... In washington but hopefully flying out of washington back to heathrow thursday night.... Luckily on a european airline.... Us ones like to close up shop when a snowstorm is a coming.... Missing snow by a day but will gladly watch it online from home.... Ie alternative sat at airport for 48 hrs..... ❄️☃

  13. Just realised how long i've been on this forum for. I was 16 when I joined and i'm 28 in 2 months!! Scary, where have the years gone?! Have loved coming on here for the past 12 years though :)

    1. matt_in_dudley


      I've been here 11 years on Feb 18th. Flown by!!

  14. If it carries on like this, we'll be sunbathing on Christmas day and having BBQ's outside! Looks exceptionally mild next week.

    1. lassie23


      Depressing winter so far even though it is only weeks old.:cray:Can you barbecue a turkey ?:unknw:

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      more like mopping up after the floods

  15. Well, if the current model runs are anything to go by, people who enjoy cold and snow, look away now...

    1. DisruptiveGust


      Looks kinda what you would expect for the time of year, with the expectations some folk have they might be better off emigrating to somewhere like Lapland.. lol :p

  16. GFS likes to make things interesting by throwing in a big fat mild sector for tonight/tomorrow morning. We've been here before...

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    2. A.J


      still, I remember lots of times when the models went for rain/sleet and we had dumpings of snow....that's the great thing about marginal parameters, the not knowing until it happens

    3. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      I somehow cannot see how we're going to get loads of snow across the country this weekend. It's 7°C here with -2 uppers soon to be -7 uppers so we'll see.

    4. A.J


      well, sadly you're very unlikley to see any down on the devon coast....I was born and bred there and snowfall was like finding hens teeth

  17. Hey, great to see someone from my neck of the woods on here! I live in Oxford, work in Didcot but I am over in Wallingford occasionally as the company I work for is based over there. Lovely little town

  18. Darius!! Lol, You're up in Manchester now then. You've done a fair bit of travelling by the looks of it! Hope life is treating you well

  19. Must be that time of the year again!

  20. Oxford snow shield is well and truly BROKEN! :D

    1. Mark Neal.

      Mark Neal.

      After 2 years hehe. (2cm here in East Oxford)

    2. Snowy Easterlies

      Snowy Easterlies

      just a bog standard frost here

    3. D.V.R


      snow shield broken here too

  21. Will it snow in Oxford? ;)

  22. Leicester through to the 5th round of the cup : mad day for results though!

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      The football world literally as just turned upside down. Might be a reaction to Adrian Chiles leaving ITV. haha

    2. andy_leics22


      Haha!! Could well be

  23. Alright TEITS! Good to see you still here mate. I notice you haven't been on PSN for ages, I bet you've gone over to the dark side of the Xbox One haha

  24. kazzyyy! Long time no speak!

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