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  1. Given how crazy 2018 has been since the SSW, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s still having some sort of effect but not a direct one of course. Good signs in FL, as long as the models hold onto the blocking signal nearer the time then there’s lots to be positive about.
  2. There’s definitely something of note for cold lovers considering that block is forcing the jet south, nice building blocks but no cold imminent which is okay! I’d rather have a few weeks transition if it means a long lasting, severe cold spell
  3. GFS 6z tends to keep the jet away to the south of the uk, but more importantly doesn’t look as strong as it did on the whole in the 0z when exiting the US/Newfoundland. Subsequently this leaves a lot more high pressure around (or at least weaker troughs) with a much greater chance of colder weather, especially in the North. Only one run of course!!
  4. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Hurricane Oscar

    Could be a strong category 2 before it weakens and turns, but does he have a chance of becoming a major?
  5. What’s all this LIA malarkey? Is the BFTE coming for a more permanent stay?
  6. Classic example of get the pattern set in, and the cold will follow. It may seem too early but it’s happened before so it can happen again!
  7. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    It was supposed to brighten up here late morning and into the afternoon according to the BBC, but instead there was a deluge for a few hours (BBC were also still showing the rain to be further east than it was). Definitely doing what it wants, much more rain tomorrow probably than anticipated for my area anyway.
  8. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    I believe Callum could be the deepest October Atlantic storm on record? Seen it on Twitter
  9. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Hurricane Michael

  10. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Hurricane Michael

    What’s 6mb in old money (feet or metres)?
  11. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Hurricane Michael

    So will he make it to cat 5??
  12. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Hurricane Michael

    Almost there!!
  13. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Looking like a non event for us in terms of wind, but serious in terms of rainfall after all that we’ve had lately.
  14. GFS 12z has a monster storm hitting Ireland and NW parts of the UK! Gusts of 95mph+ if that comes off, definitely one to watch since it’s only 5 days away (which is years in the current situation of the models but still).
  15. Nice to see heights up towards Svalbard, heading into Greenland (yellows and oranges ). Low pressure heading into mainland Europe is good too (trying to undercut) If only it would appear in the reliable!!
  16. Nothing wrong with seeing the autumn season rolling in, much better than mild and humid muck if you ask me. It’s been way too warm for too long now, can go and never come back for all I care... But anyway, high pressure really can’t stay away for long can it! Always seems to nudge its way back into the reliable.
  17. That’s a big high pressure for next week! 1040mb
  18. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Storm Ali - Atlantic Storm 1 18/09/18

    Yes glad I did! All routes were cancelled
  19. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Storm Ali - Atlantic Storm 1 18/09/18

    My roof is losing tiles now
  20. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Storm Ali - Atlantic Storm 1 18/09/18

    Thinking of taking the day off Uni tomorrow because of the forecast, really don’t fancy being stranded in Glasgow Central station with 80mph gusts outside.
  21. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Hurricane Florence

    Once that eye has sorted itself out she’s gonna fly to a cat5 surely! Florence is gonna have to be retired as a name after this is over...
  22. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    GFS 0z goes a bit weird with the Atlantic appearing, not sure I believe that. ECM is gorgeous, low 30s in Scotland? ☀
  23. Ross Andrew Hemphill

    2017 Tennis Thread

    Here we are with the 2017 season just a few days away! I begin this thread with the sad news that 2008 Roland Garros champion and former world number 1 Ana Ivanovic has retired from professional tennis with immediate effect. I wish her the best in the future... Tennis is technically back tomorrow, with an exhibition tournament in Abu Dhabi. Most of the ATP top players are there competing, including our Andy! Good luck to him and let's get this season started!!