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  1. Fingers crossed we get lucky Mr Frost, Inverclyde has dodged the storms as of late so this severe risk has to deliver for us!
  2. Thank you! Is there any easy way to learn to read them, or at least the basic parameters for identifying storms/severe weather? I’ve added the chart for close to my location for Thursday evening for a bit of context ?
  3. Hmm the GFS 12z is doing something different with that low in the Atlantic at +72 edit: quite a difference in the jet too, 12z first
  4. Is there a way I can check for my location? I’ve missed this convective thread ? I stay away mostly because of jealousy because I never seem to get a storm ? as usual the *potential* is there on the models, but as has already been stated today, the risk will almost certainly be shifted east to avoid most of Scotland. It’s good to be back, however! Happy heatwave ?
  5. The GFS is certainly a bit warmer for Scotland on Thursday, mid twenties rather than 21C and some storms to boot!
  6. The low looks a bit weaker on the GFS 12z or is it just me?
  7. I was -24! ? in all seriousness, snow in June is absolutely crazy! Only in the UK climate as they say... Restrictions being loosened in Scotland as of tomorrow means I can get back to playing tennis! The models surely are spoiling us with all this dry weather, and the cool down it’s showing for next week will be welcome after this week’s heat up here! stay safe ?
  8. An upgrade as far as the GFS 12z is concerned for potential storm Dennis
  9. Storm Dennis this weekend? Looking nasty once again across the whole of the UK
  10. Flood warning coastal parts of Inverclyde! I believe this is the first flood WARNING in my area since Hurricane Bawbag
  11. New amber warning but still waiting for the amber wind to be extended into Scotland, been hinted at already on tv a few times
  12. This has confused me too. Sean Batty mentioned the possibility of a sting jet formation so maybe they’re waiting till nearer the time to issue an amber?
  13. This is very true! Storm Ciara’s path is looking awfully similar to one a few years ago which hit Scotland direct west to east, with the winds funnelling through the lowlands peaking 90mph+ widely, with a top gust of 105mph-ish not far from me. Definitely exciting but also worrying...
  14. Come on guys, how many times have we been told to keep it civil in here!! We’re all a little frustrated about the huge teasing from the models over the past two winters, but we need to remember that we cannot attack others for their opinion or posting cold charts from FI, I mean it’s model discussion after all!! I don’t post much here for the simple fact that I’m unsure of how to use the terminology properly some of the time, but also because I’m afraid of being shouted at! I hope the failed cold snaps and spells over the past two winters show us all that we cannot take anything as gospel until close range, and until we have cross model agreement (especially the UKMO!!). Mid teens are possible in the next few days which is pretty exceptional, wondering if we could have another winter temperature record falling like last February, now that was something else! Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020, here’s to a 1947 repeat and/or a blazing summer! ?? edit: forgot to say that it’s only December, still two (maybe three) months of winter remaining!
  15. ICON giving a good spell of snow with some to low levels in Scotland (central belt) and maybe N England
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