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  1. Xray map of the sky by eROSITA has just been released Our deepest view of the X-ray sky | Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics WWW.MPE.MPG.DE Presskit for the eROSITA First All-Sky Survey | Max Planck Institute for extraterrestrial Physics WWW.MPE.MPG.DE
  2. Good stuff Gray-Wolf and good to see you are well. If you were E.T. and looked down on our world, what we are doing to it and the way we are behaving - would you save our Bacon?
  3. Ask them for a written full risk assessment, with reference to your underlying health condition and government announcements at the time of your request, and their corporate negligence policies/insurance.
  4. But they do not use that phrase, PHEIC is the top of the scale, it means exactly what it says a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" aka a pandemic in old money. Once they call that, that's it, they have fired their last warning shot, and they did it back in January! Yet our schools are still open, and we are only just considering the fact we have only 5000 respirators? A discussion of how politics can constrain the actions of the WHO can be found here Policy Debate | International Responses to Global Epidemics: Ebola and Beyond JOURNALS.OPENEDITION.ORG Initial Contribution | The Ebola Wake-Up Call: The System’s Failings in Responding to Outbreaks by Monica Rull Ebola is an extreme example of the collective failure to identify, respond to and cont...
  5. WHO declared a PHEIC on the 30th of January (pandemic is an anachronism). You can take a horse to water but..........
  6. Not sure how the forum works, but the re-introduction of the "thank you" option/icon could be appropriate for this thread?
  7. Yes, entirely agree that is the most probable and would be astonished if it was something else but @Saint coolio said they had a bit of a way out theory, so thought i'd throw one of mine in the ring for discussion purposes.
  8. Seems like a big step change for those aged over 50, possible historic immunity to something that done the rounds in the 60's? Edit - just to explain - there are circumstance where vaccination/historic immunity can result in an "over reaction" of the immune system. 2nd Edit - NB This is just me musing! It is an unlikely theory but thought i'd put it out there for discussion.
  9. If you are not due in until Friday? Phone in sick Friday morning, saying you are running a temperature so you are now having to stay off for 7+ days and self isolate. As you are isolating you are not meant to go to the GP's to get checked for a sick note. You will also not be tested for Covid-19, so no one knows if you have a common cold or whatever? Basically - swing the lead! If you are in the at risk groups and they are treating you in this way, then screw them back. In weeks time, you will probably not be allowed to work anyway. My local college was arguing the same thing on Monday, vulnerable groups had to work, and this is in a college with 6000+ students! Basically. at risk staff were being deemed as expendable! In under 24hrs they performed a u-turn, i suspect because the unions were about to threaten action.
  10. 1) What are the smoking demographics for Germany. 2) What are the demographics for co-morbidities in Germany? Basically is Germany healthier?
  11. 90% ICU occupancy would be about right, as generally it is a 75-90% occupancy for ICU beds in England. I did post a link to the government stats page for ICU occupancy reports (fortnightly) way back at the start of the original thread.
  12. Looking at the figures for China and extrapolating. The difference between an overwhelmed health service (Hubei province) and a functioning health service (rest of China) was a CFR of 5.9% vs less than 1%. Taking that to the UK - Assuming , 90% of China's cases are unreported (WHO view is that was not the case!) and that 50% of the UK population will become infected (bottom end value), that's still an additional (theoretically avoidable) 167,000 fatalities. Any government that gets tagged with that has lost the next election.
  13. Any relatives that they could realistically stay with?
  14. H5N6 Bird flu pops up now and again as it is endemic in the wild. Principle concern is for the industry as infected flocks need to be destroyed for economic and public health reasons.
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