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  1. how can two charts be so different and which one will be correct
  2. i like the look of this, i realise its two weeks out but would be great
  3. which is the most reliable charts, GFS or ECMWF, as they are giving different forecasts for next week
  4. Hi All been a while, glad to be back, i see the charts are pointing to a cold scenario from this weekend, lets hope they are true to form
  5. It looks to be pretty cold from the 1st January, i am liking the models, even though i would have liked it to be a week earlier
  6. I really do wish people would stop going on about models, they are useless after 3 days, even that's at a push, models only go where the data that's put into them make them go. As for easterlies, no one had a clue that easterlies where coming in 2009/2010 until a few days before hand, so anything can happen Personally i will take it day by day, these so called forecasters like Madden, Bastardi, Vogan, they know no more than what we all do and that's why they never get it right, and if they do its a fluke, guess work at best.
  7. i find it interesting that people sill seem to think that computer models can predict the weather and what cold months followed by warm months or a warm month followed by cold months, if we look hard enough we will always find scenarios that we want to find but it does not mean anything really. Mother nature will always do what she wants regardless of what the computer says or what warm or cold months there is. My personal view is that two major factors predict what type of weather we will have and that's Sunspot numbers and the North Atlantic Current, and this year i believe we will have
  8. i do believe there are two major influences in the northern hemisphere, and they are sunspot number, and the north Atlantic current, just like2009,when there was the BP oil spill that disrupted the current and the sunspot number was 0 that year, what happened, a great winter. however this year the sunspot number is low, the current is going well which tells me the winter will be colder, but maybe not snowy.
  9. i think we will have a cold Christmas this year due to the low sunspot number, whether it snows or not is a different matter
  10. I see a couple of the charts are going colder going into December, I know its a bit far out but its better than nothing
  11. piers corbyn is never repeated on here because he is nearly always right, and he goes against the grain of the met office, he is a very reliable forcaster
  12. can anyone tell me exactly when the current solar cycle is meant to end, as the sun is meant to go extremely quiet after that, sorry its a bit off topic
  13. apparently we will be heading for a blocking over Greenland heading into Jan, does anyone know if there is any truth in the matter, lets hope so
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