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  1. Good Morning Jo, a real pleasure to be posting to you. May I ask, will there be a big squall in the SE soon?
  2. Carol on BBC just said 80mph gusts will occur widely across England over the next couple of hours, not good in rush hour as you say
  3. I just saw a flash whilst standing outside taking in the gusts, although that wouldn't be associated with the possible thunderstorms that may occur with the soon to come squalls!
  4. Ha I remember from my days on the Island, I used to have to gear myself up first, before boarding the FastCat when it was rough out there :-)
  5. I can see an area from Swindon up to Bedford having a big squall and sudden high winds very shortly............
  6. I can imagine! I know it must have been quite an event for you, they can appear out of nowhere and last for just 15 minutes :-)
  7. My mistake, upon zooming, there was a squall of sorts, but probably around the 04:15/04:30 frame; the 05:00 seems to to enter an organised rain band
  8. It is most likely the Cold Front passing through yes, as it passed the Scilly's just under 2 hours ago so that would make sense
  9. No it doesn't mean that for the SE. It's what happens when the main storm gets here and gives us a couple of hours of 40mph gusts, then as it starts to exit, we get 50 to (maybe) 70mph gusts from another direction (NW, NNW), up until 10am (ish).
  10. Indeed, I saw him too. I am expecting 50mph gusts for London and the SE, I am veering away from the 70mph's to be honest though. I think it will be East Anglia that get them, but very briefly.
  11. Don't take it as definite, that is my thoughts and from looking at various sources. I do think you and me will at least get an hour of at least 50mph gusts between dawn and 9am though for sure. Even that will be something for us!
  12. Possibly up to 70mph from 6am - 9am, I am waiting up for it. Don't remember that here for years and years (Crawley). It will be quite adrenaline pumping to see that, once you see it.
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