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  1. Saying something like that even though I had not posted for around 2 hours just shows you were trying to bait me, stir up an argument and just 'have a say'.
  2. Having read through the replies sent to me, I find it rather disappointing and rather pathetic that you ask someone to leave because they disagree with you. I didn't feel the storm was noteworthy, it's not like I committed genocide.
  3. I was talking about our region, and so were you until you realised that this was not a significant event in the South East. As I proved earlier, people were saying that this could get close to 1987. Perhaps the wind will pick up now, but if not, this is nothing substantially worse for the South East than other events this winter.
  4. I would say, other than a few isolated incidents in peoples back gardens, judging by this forum on the whole across region the general feeling is that this was over hyped.
  5. It looks as if there has been some issues, however certainly not a historical storm, or anything like what some were predicting. Perhaps if people could just admit they were wrong instead of trying to justify their remarks by bringing up some isolated incidents, people wouldn't get so annoyed.
  6. So saying it could get close to being as bad as 1987 is not comparing to 1987? Is it just me?
  7. I doubt if it will be like 87... it could possibly become close So that was a comparison the 1987. They may not have claimed it will be as bad, but that it will be close. This is nothing near, and never looked to be.
  8. RE all those who have posted the usual "well it's different for everyone, better more warnings than not enough" Of course there will be isolated incidence however some on this forum last night were predicting another 1987. That kind of comparison is very dangerous for the future, as when a severe storm that affects a large area comes, people will not expect it - they will expect just 'isolated incidents'.
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