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  1. Not expecting anything here, perhaps some sleety stuff but I reckon thats about it
  2. So sad to hear that. Until someone you know is affected these are just 'winter storms'. A similar story with drink drivers. You may not think its a problem until you know someone who has been killed by it and sadly I and many others do. Lets hops everybody stays safe tonight
  3. I will admit I was wrong, strong gusts now seemed to have arrived here. My thoughts go out to those affected and there families
  4. Tbh I am not sure why they extended the warning this far south? It never looked like it was going to be too bad down here and at the moment there is nothing more than a strong breeze, am I missing something?
  5. Thats a big mistake you've just made, I wouldn't recommend anyone listening to me
  6. Same here, there was never any real mention of conditions like this on the news, unless I missed it?
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