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  1. GFS 06z tightens isobars further through the English Channel, Southern and SE England. I suspect the MetO will increase the area currently under amber warning with regards to the winds tonight with more widespread gusts and stronger - 65mph to 75mph. Lots to observe over the coming hours.....
  2. Today's GFS 12z is an upgrade compared with Saturday's GFS 12z with regards to Wednesday's storm. It's well within the reliable time-frame now at T+80. This really is a storm to watch, with further upgrades possible. Especially so with the rapid drop in atmospheric pressure prior to the storm hitting England and Wales. Bombogenesis!! Widespread gusts inland of 75mph and 90mph arounds coasts and exposed locations if the 12z varifies. One to watch!!!
  3. Some heavy slow moving showers in the southeast right now, continuing into the evening especially through Kent. Certainly not going to help the flooding situation. Then a most welcome break from the rains tomorrow before it all starts again next week! IMO looks like the south and east will bear the brunt of next weeks wind storms, especially monday morning as the squall-line whips through and then again on wednesday with a potentially dangerous wind storm that needs monitoring. Rainfall looks like being the biggest problem though with more flooding problems in areas that really dont need
  4. I wondered what that was fine wine. Blue flash to my south and electric flickered. It's wild out there now! Some powerful gusts!
  5. Strong gusts now..... you can here the roar. The weather is angry tonight......
  6. Heavy rain here in west Suffolk. Rough evening outside for sure! Looking forward to the squall line..... love these Winter storms. I shall be venturing outside when the squall approaches.....
  7. Wow....... If the 18z verifies then battern down the hatches because this is a MONSTER!!!!
  8. Definately worth keeping a close eye on later next week. The makings there for some dangerous wind storms! With a strong jet exiting America and very cold dry air aloft digging south into the warm moist equatoral Atlantic, it's a recipe for exceptionally strong winds.
  9. Some seriously strong winds for south Lincolnshire, The Wash, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk later this morning.
  10. Winding up now!!! BBC Lookeast late bulletin mentioned MetO considering increasing severe weather warning from amber to red for north Norfolk.
  11. Pressure now falling rapidly just north of Bay of Biscay, with sustained winds approaching 40 knots. Interesting and worrying hours ahead...... B.62163
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