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  1. still light too moderate snow falling in cheltenham, with a nice 4-5cm covering, out earlier and it is very crunchy compact snow, unlike the wet slushy snow u get from a cold zonal setup?
  2. Snow is slowly but surely getting heavier here now, nice dry powdery snow also?
  3. Lets hope so GL, light snow here in chelts with slight covering, we will be in the game very soon hopefully
  4. Would be nice to squeeze a good few hrs of mod/heavy snow fall out of this approaching band, snow slowly getting heavier in last 5 mins? Starting to pitch fast
  5. Just need to be a tad more patient here in Cheltenham, points west forecast didn't show the main band of snow reaching here until atleast 11pm?
  6. Hello chaps haven't posted for few yrs, hoping cheltenham and gloucester get atleast a couple of cms tonight, but nothing so far apart from a few small flakes blowing around? my location is actually Prestbury cheltenham
  7. I hate this cool breezy benign weather at the moment would of easily traded a cool april for a warm may I hope may is not a write off, it's the last day of the football season we should be basking in warm may sunshine not overcast cool easterly winds. certain posters hoping for a cold northerly wind at this time of yr need to go into hibernation for the rest of the month, you'd think they would learn from the god awful winter we had, but sorry hoping for cold in a traditional mid-late british spring time you must be on a wind up or something.
  8. yet again another phantom easterly apperaring in the charts about a week out leading us coldies down the garden path, only to be watered down again and again by the 3 big models when will we ever learn
  9. A re-run of the november-december 2010 cold spell would be nice, encouraging signs though
  10. Currently very calm here in cheltenham at the moment, light to moderate rain.
  11. wind has died down as of late, and light rain at the moment, nothing of note in prestbury cheltenham just yet.
  12. Wind increasingly starting to pick up in last half hr, heavy squally showers on and off all day here in cheltenham.
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