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  1. Properly closing in on York now. Low growling thunder and like dusk an hour early.
  2. I watched that cell near Boroughbridge growing then seemingly weakening very quickly. Radar shows it splitting. Can't see the Knaresborough cell from my house as it's behind houses. The closest we'll get I reckon.
  3. That cell is looking brutal as it passes Garforth, heading to york. I can hear thunder from at least 3 directions to the west and south west. Probably missing me in East York though.
  4. Hey Quicksilver, you're in Hull right? What do you make of this... https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/when-thunderstorms-hit-hull-weather-3137009 ? Owain on Look North has just advised thunderstorms moving up throughout the night covering plenty of Yorkshire.
  5. Frequent lightning from the storm towards Driffield (E Yorks), heading north of Brid, Filey, Scarbados area. Some lovely stuff but any thunder isn't audible from 15/20 miles away. Nowt on the lightning maps though.
  6. Big flash of lightning to the south east of York. Maybe that cell heading east of Selby? Another one just now, directly east of me (East side of York), a triple flash with a big C-C. Zero thunder though. Edit - and another.
  7. Big flash of lightning to the south east of York. Maybe that cell heading east of Selby?
  8. I'm sat on a rooftop terrace in Madrid watching lightning in 3 different directions, yet lightningmaps shows it sporadic at best. Same as being at home in York watching the same yet detectors seem to miss a lot of it. Tonight ive watched 2 distinct cells, one from the south one from the north, join up and produce nothing for so long and now theres so much lightning yet minimal thunder.
  9. Now split in 2 with the new one having intesified quickly? Seems to be plodding NE, albeit very slowly. That puts it on a direct line for York.
  10. Just seen a huge flash miles away to my ESE, probably coming from that tiny cell near Market Weighton on the western edge of the E Yorks rain band. Thunder was really faint but prolonged and that cell has popped up very quickly from another decaying cell from looking at the radar returns.
  11. Almost constant thunder for about an hour when I was "sheltering" on the golf course just on the east of York. Retreated to the driving range and saw some odd lightning in the slate grey skies, like a camera going off but no fork. Next batch moving in, it's black as night and thunder getting louder
  12. That storm in the Market Weighton area is following the 1079 towards Beverley so you might see something. Loads of ominous looking stuff from my back garden in East York looking S to SW but nowt showing on the radar yetEdit: not loads, and probably not even ominous now I've taken my sunnies off. Doh!
  13. Deep thunder away to the S&SE of York, quite a way off but more frequent and plenty of lightning. Seems like they're all merging, could get a bit naughty in a minute
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