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  1. quite an aggressive ray of showers, no lightning from them as yet. but i'm sure there is a chance
  2. some quite active looking cells in the Neath Valleys stretching towards Aberdare
  3. SE Wales, views to my North , East and South. Some convection particularly to the North, Distant Convection to my East, and Torrential rain to the South.
  4. Some signs of some pretty high convection in SE Wales, multiple towers seen around me.
  5. thunderstorm seems to be quite far off the SW Coast.. quite an active Cell too!! .. Surprised nothing has triggered in Cornwall
  6. I can add another picture to that, does it symbolise thundery skies ? The clouds look rather deep.. and in the same sentence, looks like i'm looking at a land mass made out of clouds.. really can't get any pictures to that draw out what I see
  7. Lots of wavy lines, from the smallest of showers.. i'm hoping to get a timelapse out of a videos i'm currently filming. I would be interested to know why clouds get lines like these.
  8. There was some curiosity I think on 25th or 26th Friday or Saturday about some very torrential downpours across SE Wales , there was no clear direction in which they looked like they were travelling. Here is a timelapse of the same shower .. what should have been a thunderstorm
  9. So a Stagnant low between Monday afternoon and Wednesday night .. brings possibility of storms.. I would hazard a guess these could cause a fair bit of local flooding along with some interesting lightning shows. appears the met office are onto it already https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/warnings-and-advice/uk-warnings#?date=2019-07-30&id=449e1700-3996-4616-a6ce-6bd6adaa86a2
  10. Enjoying this view from the valleys looking toward Cardiff! Quite a formation there
  11. not really expecting anything in SE Wales.. but Iv'e set up my stream -- Big cam is face ENE - little camera SE
  12. not expecting any storms in SE Wales today.. but seems like convection is very much a thing already
  13. Lightning now on my webcam, I turned up the brightness to catch distant sparks, will turn it down once they get closer.. this will improve frame right.
  14. lightning in this portsmouth cam if anyone interested http://www.hmswarrior.org/webcam
  15. that's the one towards Abergavenny, (to my North The one to my West is far closer,
  16. there's a huge Anvil to the West of Blackwood, only showing as light rain.. but looks like a boom stick
  17. one approaching Snowdon, looks very heavy precip, - not Snowdon, heading NE towards Chester. but currently near Aberystwyth one just hitting Cardiff, currently light-mod rain shower, developing quickly and another one coming over from the main rain from Cornwall-Devon .. possible hitting Swansea soon
  18. my live stream is in perfect position for the potential cell just hitting Cardiff
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