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  1. left picture ~ Clouds to the East of blackwood, towering some what but a lot further to go mid picture NW ~~ and final picture is SW which is looking somewhat more aggressive.
  2. flash flooding looks like a very real possibility today - not much to report in SE Wales yet , ~ other than to say some quite fast developing showers just to my west, ~ very slow moving. ~ More focused on the radar between Salisbury and Westbury ~
  3. the SE Wales Valleys are out of the warning, but very slow moving heavy showers, looking like a thunderstorm is possible for sure!
  4. 22 minutes later , only very slowly moving away and with plenty of ferocity.
  5. fascinating seeing the same storm from 3 miles away and probably 30miles too from your pespective
  6. ~~ to the right of the picture, another developing storm can be seen in comparison to the first picture. this is about 5 minutes apart at most.
  7. any guesses to how much elevated lightning isn't being picked up by detectors ?
  8. some oddity of storms developing in West Wales, - hoping such storms can develop Eastwards too
  9. I had a look, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to find o,o I ran the sequence
  10. thanks, FPS is a low, but I can see frequent lightning on this cam from the site you linked Penzance Harbour Webcam WWW.CAMSECURE.CO.UK Penzance Harbour in Cornwal live webcam showing the beautiful and very interesting views of the slipway, harbour wall and general boating area around the sailing club. You can also just see the church in the back...
  11. do we have any live Cornish Cameras ? Might be able to pick up that lightning
  12. what are the prospects for more home grown storms today ? Similar to yesterday ?
  13. Looks like there's quite a sizeable Storm toward the North of England ! ~ if lucky a couple of treats for Manchester and Leeds ?
  14. No thunder yet from this beauty moving through the Welsh Valleys
  15. I wonder if we're in a bit of a convergence zone if that's the right term, ~ checking the satellite I can see cloud moving Northwards from France, and also clouds heading southwardly from North Wales/ Isle of Man
  16. incredibly thundery looking here in SE Wales, ~ yes there are some torrential showers 50-70 miles west of here but not a drop of rain here. I wonder if something is building up ?
  17. Does it look like high top clouds from where you are ? pretty intense, room dark for a good while now.
  18. line of torrential downpours SE Wales and the borders. ~ nothing thundery, though the sky has looked thundery for hours
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