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  1. this low pressure is pivoting , again, looks like it's weakening but again, moisture this time from the English channel looks like it wants to feed it another time.. as it starts a new venture .. this low is one thirsty spinner.
  2. @Jayfromcardiff am I right thinking that there's a low pressure trying to push northeastwards (from tiverton) with the fronts on it, but is also a sub low of the one SW of Cornwall ? The 3 fronts , ~ one NE Cardiff gaining strength slowly, ~ another one pushing towards Bristol, and a final one pushing from the South Coast. Is that sub low actually stalling over the Bristol channel sucking up moisture? ?
  3. looks like its sucking up moisture from the South Coast and back building a front It also looks like another front is trying to build over Cardiff forming a NE front. but very weak . There also seems to be some false reading on the radar between the 2 fronts.. but each could hit us and that low looks like it could be centred over the Bristol Channel.. ~ which is odd it almost seems like there's a low off the main one.. over Tiverton which seems to be gaining strength ~ someone mentioned it way earlier about the possibility of one developing. I need more data!!
  4. nah, this can't be right, that band approaching cornwall is already there , 3 hours earlier than this predicts.. unless it never reaches cornwall
  5. is 10cm in the amber warning or is it for the entirety of the amber and yellow warning ? it'll only take one heavy snow shower to create absolute havoc once this passes through, or may'be it will merge with the main snow band ?
  6. I remember , didn't you say it would be like the yellows that we were seeing over S England , ~ and to be honest, it's nearly there!
  7. you make a good point o,o that may actually be the result of the pivot, ~ anyone get some wind directions up ? it may also be the wind clamping some moisture together ! (so to speak)
  8. well, what does this mean for the next 2-3 days, does the lack of pivot and pace of the system alter what comes after Friday ? Will these showers behind the system make more of an impact on the UK than the main snow ?
  9. any one of those beefy snow showers can cause more chaos than 8 hours of light snow
  10. I'm sure there are also a lot of false echos on the radar o,o
  11. I think I can see a slight wrapping over the far SW of England, it's not much, but it is there.
  12. noone knows for sure. but it only takes a 1/3 of the snow forecast .. for a 4x4 to be handy... especially around Bargoed!
  13. I'm guessing 1:30 is at the end of lunch ? a reasonable time really! Gives the children and parents time to travel before any chaos emerges. However anyone on the coasts needing to come in land are much more likely to be oblivious to the impending snow away from the coasts.. and could get caught in some very nasty rush hour traffic. The same can't be said for the far WSW where snow is already falling according to netweather radar.. and potential disruption could be rather quick setting.
  14. so a warning between 2pm and 9pm for heavy snow, 10cm ? -- given the potential drifts, that could be a whole lot more in some places, and have they accounted for the fact that its still below freezing in the valleys ? Frost still thick, any fine icy snow will soon really drift. I am sure there is already a few smidgens of snow floating around the valleys from some ominous clouds
  15. yep, I am hoping for an amber warning for Blizzards
  16. not even a hint of the frost melting in blackwood area .. it's just waiting for some snow to stick , and yes, if the temperatures don't rise too much, it'll be crazy over Exeter there is some sleet a couple of hours ahead of the main front, well if such a scenario continues we'll be seeing rain/snow approaching midday hitting the costs
  17. I need to get supplies, some popcorn and caramel, then i'll sit in the window and watch
  18. already some precipitation building just SW of pembrokshire. the moisture has arrived!!, will be keeping an eye on that.
  19. it's not easy for the coast as the sea temperatures make an impact, I think the same has been happening for Swansea throughout the night
  20. oooh a fellow Blackwoodian! so -3 ~~ frost is starting to form on the pavements !
  21. Amber warning for Blizzards is my guess Brecon beacons Southward anyone else have a guess ?
  22. looking at the shift to a northerly wind after the snow eventually pushes through, wouldn't be at all surprised if there are ice warnings until Monday and snow showers drifting South from the North East of England through Friday night into Saturday morning before eventually petering out.
  23. I don't know how long it will take to stick tomorrow, perhaps there will be one or 2 showers ahead of the snow Blackwood area currently, I don't know the temperatures, but a frost has already developed on the bins and bus shelter May'be we could be looking at such a thick frost it could help to keep the ground cool all day ? I really wish I had a thermometer .. surely there's one here somewhere o,o --- yes I found a thermostat!! welcome to the family
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