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  1. there's some high topped clouds coming from Abergavenny, too far for my camera to get any good shot, but look to be part of a squall line, - similar but less so than that on the south Coast and Approaching Oxford... let's see if it pops!
  2. 3 different towers growing in this picture one in the foreground , one behind it and the one to the right
  3. going to be one of those days, that the showers are so widespread.. any quick developing.. that by the time we look at the radar the lightning will come and have gone :L
  4. sure it was only last weekend we had thunderstorms about 2am, all the heat had been gone for a couple of days by then.. wonder if the early hours beckons to be a repeat of that , showers already developing and intensifying throughout South Wales, and something more torrential heading into Bristol. Showers look like the spots on my face during a hot day in my early 20s! hehe
  5. Sferic showing up in the mass of torrential rain which has now moved out of Devon. Alot of torrential Downpours showing up around London, Also some moving through Southampton ,. "Thundery Downpours" in the literalness of the word.
  6. Torrential rain for about 20mins a number of strikes,. one almost over head... absolutely beautiful ,. The storms that were around last week while impressive with lightning didn't appear to have such deluges with them... wow this was a beauty !! We're under a level 1 warning for tomorrow according to Estofex .. so more to come ? Must have seen 30 ish strikes from this storm! (time to dry my hair! )
  7. loads of Sferics in Devon.. can't see any of them from here, hoping they'll make it to me!! could be a direct hit (can see them now!)
  8. yes, the rain heading into SE Wales, seemed to develop before main band arrived, there was a strike amongst it... the true definition of thundery rain, the wind is on the very upper edge of mild too.
  9. one of those night I might be able to see distant lightning to the West,.,. may as well try,
  10. Wasnt expecting to see so many Thunderstorms around the Western Coasts !
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