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  1. 4 minutes ago, tomjwlx said:

    Hope we don't get rain and it ends up washing all the snow away!


    Looks good for you guys in Bristol tomorrow afternoon, with the caveat its all highly uncertain at the moment. Thats what they just said on the bbc anyway, pinch of salt with that I guess. Better see what Met office say in morning, who have handled this situation with great accuracy. Guess another day of radar watching more reliable than any forecast.

  2. 1 minute ago, rh205 said:

    I must admit I had to bite my tongue earlier in the week as I as did many on here suspected something was going to happen but couldn't say for certain because of the lack of agreement between the models. I'm just glad we got snow as all too often we've seen the GFS forecast snow only for it to downgrade it to rain.

    I took a bit of a risk opening my mouth, my instinct was to stay stay quiet, but had a good feeling on this one, mainly due to Catacol originally and then the bullishness of the met office helped.

    Pleased it came off anyway, had a great day and seems everyone is happy. All good.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, rh205 said:

    It's funny that 24 hours ago in a group Facebook chat a mate was adamant that it wouldn't snow in Portsmouth after I posted a screenshot of the netweather radar and said it's going to snow. He was reminded by another mate that I was the weather buff of the group so was probably going to be right and thanks to all the resources and experts on here I was right.

    *thanks to this forum* told the Thursday night football lads last week, that "by next week we wont be playing because of snow" - was met with a few puzzled looks and a few sniggers, lol, well guess what, no football tonight! Thanks guys :)

  4. 4 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

    Where in Somerset are you Bazray?

    Nether Stowey, must be in some sort of sweet spot lol, woke up at 7am and was already white and literally has not stopped snowing once all day. They don't really grit or plough here, so people will be stuck here until it thaws. saw a few cars stuck down the road earlier. Really not a good idea to even try driving on this. 

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  5. 28 minutes ago, bathweatherwatcher said:

    Yes Ian was rushed tonight. The producers of Points West obviously felt a story about knitted knockers (see Points West FB page) deserved more airtime than the forecast for the potential of quite severe weather in our region over the next few days.

    As always, Ian was a true professional and did his best to fit as much in as he could in such a short space of time rushing through tomorrow’s forecast to get to Thursday.

    Sadly this happens all too often on Points West with Ian given little time to deliver his forecast; even at times of severe weather. I like Points West but sometimes the program can be a waste of half an hour apart from the weather forecast.

    Yea we have amber warnings over our region, and they are chatting about knitted boobs (apparently they use them to teach expectant mothers how to breast feed, I mean it cant be that difficult right?)and KFC running out of chicken! could not make it up ?

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