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  1. 5 minutes ago, ajpoolshark said:

    just 2 more for the full house folks, come on, don't let me down, you can do it!


    Going by the radar and taking into account the amount of lying snow in Devon, surprised parts of Devon did. Did not get a red warning, perhaps thats what Ian was referring to, perhaps the models have underperformed..

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  2. best thing about beast mk1 is that the main event was through the day, iits hard to sleep through a once in blue moon event.

    perhaps will have some gin.

    thought this could be a dream weekend, Liverpool winning, Salah becoming Liverpool highest scorer debut season,  snow and gin.

    just needed United to lose, looks like Moaninho is about ready for another breakdown. Thought my luck was really in, nearly bought a lottery ticket.







  3. 10 minutes ago, kumquat said:

    Ah Coleridge's place, know it quite well as we go to a campsite just out of Watchet (Blue Anchor side) a few times a year. You are right in the sweet spot I would think.

    Fairly low elevation here, but you can drive for a few minutes and be 200ft above sea level. Beast 1 tried to go driving and was pretty clear it was a bad idea! Will keep trying, but the thing with the beast is it cares not if you are up in the mendips or at sea level. wetter snow tonoght and biiger chunks it seems too that was delivered earlier in march, that was to powdery for my taste, looking out the of the window right now. Its more intense now than it was anytime beast mk-1. If thos is just the starter brng it  on.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, Catacol said:

    Yep - been quiet since "Emma" - didnt really think we'd see much more action this season even given a late Spring... but this little blast is going to be noteworthy I think. Just goes to show how much impact an SSW can have on our weather, way above and beyond the impact of pacific forcing if we are honest. The fact that there was a Canadian Warming in Dec 1962 helps explain the starting pistol on that famous year.

    Anyway - let the flakes fall and the fun commence. 2 snow days in one season for Somerset... and we have only just reached the beginning of the interest in terms of the falling solar cycle. Exciting stuff.


    What are your thoughts of what will happen overnight Cat? Do you think the met o predictions are about right?


    On 3 March 2018 at 23:12, karlos1983 said:

    My 4 year old boy is devestated that the snow is disappearing.... he’s absolutely loved it. Made some fantastic memories. Will always remember my girls 7th Birthday for the kitchen sink blizzard! 

     he might see some more over the weekend  looks like the beast fancies another visit, pleasent surprise :D

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