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  1. 1 minute ago, MP-R said:

    Just had to tell a load of delinquent yobs to sod off with my neighbour after they shoved a load of snow through the letterbox from the bonnet of my car...

    Dont know why some people feel the need to behave like that ?

    Worst thing is... the drive isn’t pristine anymore grrr!

    Yea, I had that in March, have a glass table outside and it was collecting the snow perfectly and making a really nice shape (picture attached) image.thumb.jpeg.2fedd57e9c6cc8c7fb3fb4f22ca896ba.jpeg

    then my partners daughter went outside and knocked it all off, was quite annoyed, bloody yobs.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Jayfromcardiff said:

    Do I set the alarm extra early and attempt to get the car out to work or get up normal time and just say I'm not coming in?

    Would say to them: “got up a bit earlier than normal to dig the car out, got half way down my road and the car skidding all over the show, sorry I did try, bloody snow” - then dig the sledge out and drive to the nearest hill. ?

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Catacol said:

    Hope everyone is having a ball. Try and make sure it hasn’t all melted by the time I get  home on Saturday..... seriously frustrated at being away tonight.

    Missed a good one Catacol, hope it lasts for you...

    all that effort you put into looking for it, must be frustrating. Thanks for all your insight this winter.

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