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  1. Yea, I had that in March, have a glass table outside and it was collecting the snow perfectly and making a really nice shape (picture attached) then my partners daughter went outside and knocked it all off, was quite annoyed, bloody yobs.
  2. Till I run out of Stella, got a can and a half left, so about five minutes. no doubt won’t sleep well, will be curtain twitching for a few hours.
  3. Would say to them: “got up a bit earlier than normal to dig the car out, got half way down my road and the car skidding all over the show, sorry I did try, bloody snow” - then dig the sledge out and drive to the nearest hill. ?
  4. Missed a good one Catacol, hope it lasts for you... all that effort you put into looking for it, must be frustrating. Thanks for all your insight this winter.
  5. Got about 10 cms here, 4 inches, still coming down fast and forecast to go on till tomorrow afternoon.
  6. Mind you the build up to the beast was a bit more exciting, this has just sort of come out of nowhere, the beast rolled in like clockwork and was very hyped up.
  7. Tend to agree actually, prefer the heavier chunkier flakes, the beast was a bit powdery for my tastes.
  8. Yes have felt that pain many times, if I had a magic wand, I would magic snow for all, but I don’t, sorry. Hopefully you’ll get some soon ?
  9. I really should take the dog for a walk or something, waited months for this and I’m just sat here reading the forum. Perhaps I’ll get some pictures and ask the quad man if I can do a few donuts. Maybe not wise after a Stella.
  10. We deserve it, have been very lucky the last 12 months, Whats M4 snowshield?
  11. Catacol has been chasing snow for months, he is away on a conference, poor sod ?
  12. Have been reading the mad thread for months, feels like years, any potential has always been at day ten and never delivered. Literally on the verge of labelling this winter a busted flush and giving up, then BOOM IT DELIVERS. Funny old game.
  13. Got some bloke on a quad doing donuts on the road outside, looks fun fair play ?
  14. Would be wise mate, specially if you don’t have four wheel drive, easy to get stuck and that would be a complete nightmare. Better safe than sorry...
  15. Have not drunk since Christmas Day, have had a few cans of Stella sat in the fridge from then, think going to have to crack a few open. ?
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