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  1. Well I do know somebody who got seriously injured from skydiving, that’s why I thought of it as an example, but yea, surfing in these conditions is asking for trouble, I agree. remember a few years ago in a Torquay, there was a pretty bad storm coinciding with a high tide, the waves where crashing over the wall. Some kids, decided it was fun to play chicken with the waves, one got caught and just escaped, didn’t learn the lesson though and carried on. some people are just a bit mad ?
  2. Why do people bungee jump or do sky diving? Some just like the rush. Each to their own, not good when other people have to put themselves at risk to rescue them though, perhaps he thought he was such a good / experienced surfer he could handle it. guessing he won’t be doing it agin in a hurry though!!!
  3. Latest from the met, looks like the south getting hit hard soon. Stay safe ? https://twitter.com/metoffice?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  4. League has called all the games off. Shame was kinda looking forward to it, oh well will have to take the dog out instead ?
  5. Thank you Nick, certainly pretty wild out there, got football at 10:45 and I’m a goalkeeper, so that’ll be interesting to say the least.
  6. Has the storm moved north nick or is it on the same track as predicted yesterday please?
  7. Sat in the garden in t shirt in February, that doesn’t happen very often. Welcome surprise.
  8. Sat in the garden in my t-shirt, it’s very warm and not a cloud in sight, kinda weather you might expect towards the end of April. Lovely.
  9. Yes lovely, really pleased to see your getting loads of snow whilst I sit here with out a flake. congratulations *chokes* only joking, looks great, we had plenty last night so all good ?
  10. What camera is that? It’s very good quality. edit: sorry I know this is not a camera forum, and I should be more impressed with the snow.
  11. All the kids will be talking about you now and pointing, saying “that’s the house where the grumpy old man lives”.
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