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  1. Sat in the garden in t shirt in February, that doesn’t happen very often. Welcome surprise.
  2. Sat in the garden in my t-shirt, it’s very warm and not a cloud in sight, kinda weather you might expect towards the end of April. Lovely.
  3. Yes lovely, really pleased to see your getting loads of snow whilst I sit here with out a flake. congratulations *chokes* only joking, looks great, we had plenty last night so all good
  4. What camera is that? It’s very good quality. edit: sorry I know this is not a camera forum, and I should be more impressed with the snow.
  5. All the kids will be talking about you now and pointing, saying “that’s the house where the grumpy old man lives”.
  6. Actually on a second look, it does look like the heavier stuff is moving this way, contradicts what the met snow symbols show though. edit or maybe not, hard to tell, very much a now cast.
  7. That’s what I was wondering, does not seem to moving much at all. the wind is N / NNE
  8. Lack of moisture normally in the powder snow, the type we have had here today has not been powdery, but a lot more moisture in it, has not drifted at all, the stuff in March was blowing all, over the place. edit just noticed you are talking about the second beast. Getting tired and the snow slowed down a bit, on that note bedtime. Goodnight all, thanks for all...
  9. Being a spurs supporter your probably quite used to dealing with that kind of deficit.
  10. Temperature not forecast to get till 1oc until 9am, so whatever you got won’t be melting much. Will be horrible diving conditions, that’s for sure, not worth a risk really, unless absolutely necessary Edit driving, won’t be much fun diving either I imagine.
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