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  1. Been downgraded now, my single flake at 20:00 has been turned to rain. :.-(
  2. Have just been upgraded to a single flake at 20:00 quite excited, shows just how snow starved we are down here - think will go out driving tonight to some higher ground and see if can do a bit better
  3. No we dont like wind and rain south of the M4 - but hey, you kind of get used to it. If we cant get a few grains of snow out of this setup, might as well give up
  4. Forgetting about the cold and snow for a minute - how much potential does this storm have, looks pretty nasty!
  5. 32 minutes ago, Man With Beard said: Many many ECM ensembles take the runner low even further south - increasingly the risk of an M4 SOUTH event
  6. Unlikely, never underestimate the force of the M4 shield!
  7. Bloody typical edit: tuesday looks ok though
  8. Excuse my naivety here, but do the diagonal lines mean snow and the shaded non diagonal mean rain?
  9. Yes lets have a south correction, Northerners get enough snow - need to share ot out a bit. Last decent snow event I remember here was Jan 2010, got pasted, cant remember what caused it? Easterly, nw? Would be interested to know if anyone rembembers that far back?
  10. Yes fair play, i understand and thanks for the explanation.
  11. At least in with a shout then! Ill take that right now, Thank You.
  12. Cant really read the charts, is there any luck for the south west please? Rather snow starved down here, 2010 being the last significant event.