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  1. Incidentally the wind is getting quite strong even here now, gusting towards 40mph my guess.
  2. As with any passing deep low pressure system, even if tonight's 1 doesn't live upto the hype there are usually secondary lows brewing behind it especially as the Jetstream would appear to be particularly active at the moment and we are experiencing unusually mild / boarder line humid temperatures at the moment!
  3. All of today's strong winds are just the weather fronts and squall lines ahead of the storm system, so it's a totally separate area of low pressure but the energy being created by the current low will give fuel for the secondary low to feed on. I remember the October 2000 storm, like this weekend the whole weekend was quite windy in the build up to it, then there was the main event which again was on a Sunday/Monday night strangely enough.
  4. All the gust speed predictions on the Met Office website are suggesting widespread gusts of about 60mph inland around the London area with 70 to 80mph on the south coast, so a strong storm no doubt and the biggest 1 for awhile but nothing I'd call exceptional unless of course there's some significant upgrading between now and the event itself.
  5. I heard on the national TV forecast earlier on Andrew Marr that there where 80mph gusts in south Wales last night!
  6. Very interesting how he stated the Met Office are still deliberating whether or not to issue a RED warning, if that does happen then all I can say is start ducking under the table folks lmao
  7. Well all the latest BBC forecasts havn't changed their opinion on track and intensity, still going for 70-80mph gusts across a widespread area with potentially 90mph on coasts and to higher ground etc... so based on their estimations this is going to be pretty severe I suspect, probably on a par with the October 2000 and 2002 storms but not quite on the level of 1987 or even The Burn's Day Storm, the only people who are making those sort of comparisons are cockroaches working at cheap tabloids like The Express, The Mirror etc... (surprise surprise)! The TV forecasts and Met Office experts h
  8. Just like a hurricane the closer you are to the eye-wall or in this case the equivalent of it for a storm depression the stronger the winds will be, I'd say judging by the charts from yesterday that the strongest gusts would be around breakfast time tomorrow around the King's Lynn area as the low centre passes out into the north sea via The Wash, but the latest charts suggest the centre has shifted south a fair bit so who knows (hopefully London and home counties would avoid the worst because of the high population) I do fear for people a little on the East Anglian coast to be honest, somewher
  9. That fax is still a downgrade, it's significantly further south then what was being suggested yesterday sending the extreme stuff up the channel and it has a central pressure of 977mb not 972mb. I'm thinking judging from what I'm seeing from the latest charts and TV forecast that people on the south coast should hunker down and prepare for a wild night 70-90mph gusts anywhere more then 50 miles inland shouldn't be loosing much sleep over it tonight if any, probably just a moderate gale lol
  10. Thanks, I've just added my location I'm from Upminster. So what sort of winds can I look forward to in the next 24 hours or, anything worth mentioning or is it just going to be a standard blustery gale?...
  11. Have to say that chart of wind gusts you posted does look significantly less severe then 24 hours previously which originally suggested gusts of 60mph plus inland with 80 plus on the coast now it's 60mph on the coast and 50mph inland, this is all very confusing. TV forecast I've just watched he stated it won't be as severe as 1987 that I'm quite sure of but the amber warning area hasn't changed at all with anywhere within it likely to see 70-80mph gusts he hinted at possibly 90mph but I suspect that'll be on the coasts. It's weird though cause the wind arrows looked huge in the channel but did
  12. I agree looks chaotic for London and the home counties especially when the centre appears to cross The Wash out into the north sea with some very tight isorbars south of the centre a central pressure of 972mb is seriously worrying! And it's still main headline news, just been all over the Andrew Marr Show; St'Jude is coming!
  13. Hi folks I'm new just joined this morning, why am I getting the impression reading the latest opinions of this so-called storm approaching that's it's not going to have the sting initially thought?... Looks like a lot of the models are downgrading it, hope it doesn't turn out to be another damp squib like that storm they threatened a few years back. There was quite a nasty squall line earlier this morning, some heavy rain and 40mph+ gusts I'd say, I think the media and the national TV forecasters will have egg on their faces if that's pretty much all it turns out to be a brief squall at best!
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